Film Session: Jackson State

  • 11/24/2021 8:17 pm in

Geronimo and Durr are again on opposite sides of the lane as this play starts. Geronimo is thwarted from coming to set a screen initially for Johnson, but as Johnson gets the ball back, Geronimo comes up for the ball screen. He passes to Kopp in the left corner as Geronimo rolls down the paint. With nothing doing there, the ball is swung around the perimeter and finds itself with Durr who is pushed out from the right block.

Kopp is open in the opposite corner and Durr tries to find him after he doesn’t pass to a cutting Geronimo. But the skip pass is stolen by Jackson State. While Durr had four assists in 13 minutes of action in this game, this particular pass is a tough one the Tigers had sniffed out.

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