Film Session: North Alabama

  • 12/14/2020 5:04 pm in

Indiana’s lackluster 3-point shooting has been a weakness of the Archie Miller era. And this season hasn’t exactly inspired confidence that things are going to turn around beyond the arc.

But against North Alabama’s zone on Sunday afternoon in the second half, the Hoosiers moved the ball and found a number of looks from distance, catching fire in the process. Indiana hit 9-of-20 from deep in the final 20 minutes of the contest with Rob Phinisee, Armaan Franklin, Khristian Lander and Anthony Leal (Leal’s being the lone 3-point make to come against man defense) all getting into the mix.

And Indiana’s hot second half from beyond the arc is actually a trend this season. In the first half, Indiana is shooting 23.1 percent (12-of-52) from deep. But after the break (including OT against Florida State), the Hoosiers have now sunk 40.7 percent (22-of-54).

It’s still a bit of a small sample size and it might be nothing more than a coincidence. But it also might mean Indiana’s simply needed to work into its outside shooting so far this season.


Indiana worked the zone in a couple different ways to free up shots on the perimeter. Both of Phinisee’s makes came as a result of Indiana working the ball to the middle to bust the zone and he hit from both corners. Franklin and Lander were also beneficiaries of Indiana finding the middle of the zone. Jerome Hunter screened at the top of the zone to free Franklin for a couple of his makes. Leal was in ready position to fire once Franklin got into the lane after some wheel action. And simple passes around the perimeter also freed up the Hoosiers.

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