Film Session: Louisiana Tech

  • 11/27/2019 9:54 am in

Indiana played a sloppy second half in its win against Louisiana Tech on Monday night, turning the ball over 12 times. The miscues contributed to Indiana’s worst turnover percentage of the season (21.8 percent) through six games.

So what went wrong?

A look at the film reveals a majority were self-inflicted. The Hoosiers made poor passing decisions that were intercepted or knocked away. They sometimes simply lost control of the ball. And in the case of Devonte Green, some behind the back work and dribbling into disadvantageous space let the Bulldogs feast.

We’ll group the turnovers into two categories and take a look in the latest edition of Film Session:

Bad Passing

These were the main culprit, as seven of Indiana’s 12 turnovers came via poor passing. The Hoosiers made entry passes they shouldn’t have. Indiana continually threw to heavily-covered teammates. Sometimes, a Hoosier was heavily-covered himself, resulting in an off-kilter pass that was taken away. IU typically hasn’t had these type of issues so far this season, but several times in the second half lackadaisical passes happened.

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