Film Session: Maryland

  • 01/12/2019 2:56 pm in

Fernando sets a ball screen for Ayala:

Fernando gets the ball up top off it and Morgan has him sized up:

Fernando swings the ball to Serrel Smith Jr. on the right wing:

Fernando appears to be going over to set a ball screen for Smith and Morgan is lulled into beginning to look to hedge, but Smith instead passes it to Ricky Lindo Jr. in the corner:

Fernando sees his opening to the basket and takes it. He gets the pass:

And has room as no Hoosier challenges him at the rim:

He dunks it home for two:

While Morgan had some great defensive possessions against Fernando in this one, he was a little lackadaisical here and Fernando made him pay.


Continue to page 6 to see a post score from Fernando:

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