Langford preparing for next step in his basketball career

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NEW ALBANY, Ind. – Friday, May 11 was a special day for Romeo Langford and his family.

In a ceremony at the new Kevin Hammersmith Park off of Charlestown Road, the Floyd County Parks and Recreation department unveiled plans for a court that will be named in honor of Langford.

The park and the court court are scheduled to open on July 14.

“It’s a great, great honor,” Tim Langford, Romeo’s father, told Inside the Hall. “This doesn’t happen every day. This is a very, very special moment and I’m a very proud father.”

Langford, who only recently learned of the decision by Parks and Recreation department to name the court after him, is Mr. Basketball for 2018 and is the state’s fourth all-time leading scorer.

“It makes me feel good because I remember going to (Sam Peden) Community Park and playing on that court,” Langford told Inside the Hall. “And now kids can come play on this court, it’s pretty cool.”

With his high school career complete, the five-star shooting guard has taken some time off in recent weeks after suffering a head injury in the Jordan Brand Classic last month.

That injury forced Langford to miss the Nike Hoop Summit at the Moda Center in Portland. Langford is scheduled to play in the Indiana All-Star games against Kentucky next month in Louisville and Indianapolis. The Indiana All-Stars will also scrimmage the junior All-Stars at New Albany in early June.

“The last three weeks – counting the Portland trip – he’s just been taking it easy,” Tim Langford said. “He just started really working out this week. Monday (on court), Tuesday (off court), Wednesday (on court) and Thursday (on court). And the other three days are just stretching and relaxing. We’ve got a little system going.”

Langford continues to work with his longtime trainer, Dion Lee, as well as another trainer who helps him with off court training.

Part of the off court focus, according to Langford, is putting on some muscle before taking off for college next month. With Lee, Langford is focused on drills that will benefit him once he arrives in Bloomington.

“He (Dion) watched some film of IU to see how the offense works,” Langford said. “And he has me doing drills to fit that.”

Langford said that he’s remained in regular contact with the coaching staff and is planning to talk with them this week to finalize plans for his arrival on campus. He’s also stayed in regular contact with one of his future teammates, Robert Phinisee.

While he hasn’t set specifics on goals or expectations for next season, Langford said that work ethic is his top priority.

“I just want to be the hardest worker when I get there,” he explained. “One of the hardest workers out there in practice. I don’t want to get out worked.”

Beyond his work on the court, Langford continues to make an impact in the community. On Friday morning, both Tim and Romeo Langford were at Grant Line Elementary speaking to students.

“This morning, we went to an elementary school and they called it ‘Pro-Fathers.’ We just went and spoke about how important it is to have a father in the house,” Tim Langford said. “We’d already done it for Mt. Tabor and we did it for Grant Line this morning.

“There are a lot of requests and it’s hard to fill all of them especially when it is during school hours. This is his last month of school and we don’t want to interrupt that. One that we’re going to do is at his elementary school. They’re having graduation and we’re going to make sure he’s there for that.”

One question that Romeo Langford no longer has to field is where he’s going to college. He said things have been “pretty chill” since his announcement, a sentiment that his father agreed with.

“It never was a problem or overwhelming,” Tim Langford said. “But at the same time, it’s a relief because we know what school he is going to and we’re looking forward to that.”

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  • Ole Man

    Great 1st post.

  • Koko

    I think he will make the court quite a bit for his defense.
    But he has not displayed a desire to score 10 points a game nor will he have to this coming season.

  • Koko

    Smitty?….who is Smitty?… you mean Justin Smith?
    Or is his name Justin Smitty? No it is Justin Smith.
    Stale nick names don’t fit him. Try something original like
    Justin or maybe JS.

  • coachv

    i think he deserved it when he was 15. i hear they are renaming the road that runs along the court “the langford way”

  • coachv

    ok ok. smitty is just awful. why do folks insist on making up horrible nicknames that will never catch on? leave the nicknaming to teammates, family, and friends.

  • coachv

    i have never played an nba video game but i imagine you can choose the characteristics of your players. so let’s take two guys we will call troy and smith. we will start out making them both 6″7″ and outstanding leaping ability. after that, everything else about their games are about as opposite as you can make them. of course, there is a lot left to see about smith

  • coachv

    savory? now you’re just making me hungry

  • Tyler D

    Agreed 100%. I think averaging 4-5 PPG is McBob’s offensive ceiling, along with making hustle plays, grabbing o boards or keeping them alive for his teammates with his hustle which is extremely valuable with the team’s upgraded perimeter shooting.

  • Tyler D

    None of those accolades would surprise me in the least. I was pretty surprised as well when I looked at his stats. I thought he was taking 13 or 14 a game. Extremely efficient from 2.

  • Tyler D

    Who really cares?

  • Tyler D

    Yeah, coach ya got me. I’m looking for some big time notoriety in coming up with a super original nickname for Smith.

  • PocketHoosier

    Can he become undeserving in the future? Sure; so he shouldn’t do that.

    No need to be abundantly cautious with the award. They’re not naming a civic building for him, or commissioning a statue in his likeness for the New Albany town square or declaring “Romeo Langford Day” in Floyd County. This is a basketball court at a public park named for a prominent basketball player who is active in his community. Children will count down “3-2-1 NNNNNNNNNGGGG” as they let their buzzer beaters fly while trying to be him on a court named for him.

    That’s just cool, and something to be happy about.

  • Allen

    Thank u

  • Allen

    Thank u for the welcome

  • Allen

    Thank u

  • Allen

    I been trying to find an answer to my question. Does anyone know if brayton Bailey is getting a look from BNL. I know he freshman but he pretty good it is it one of those we will wait type thing.

  • david r

    Does anyone else think it’s odd to name a park after someone, anyone, when they are still barely old enough to DRIVE to that park? I’d prefer honors like this go to someone with a lifetime of noble accomplishments.

  • coachv

    is there another type of discipline besides mental? and i agree, tyler needs to be more chalant

  • VanPastorMan

    It’s always great to hear how people became avid fans of IU. I am from Washington IN, and we had a Mr. Basketball named Steve Bouchie who went to IU and was on the 81 championship team. I started watching because of Steve and have been a fan ever since the 79-80 season

  • Tyler D

    Walk us up to the gallows together, Nick’s. We’ve gone too far with these outlandish nicknames!
    Agree to disagree on Troy and JUSTIN SMITH. Just because one guy plays a little smarter doesn’t mean they have different skill sets/abilities. Just my 2 cents.

  • Ole_man_lovespurdue

    Welcome! I think the park naming is a great idea and honor. I grew up in Anderson and I’m 46. I think you and I understand what h.s basketball can do for a town. In ‘84 Anderson had the highest unemployment rate, per capita, in the U. S. That year was also the Sr. year of Troy Lewis and I think there were over 7k season ticket holders. I remember those times and mostly I remember high school basketball!

  • allen

    Thank u for the welcome. Ya I understand that Muncie doesn’t really have anything going for it a bunch of bars etc n places nothing but trouble wanna be gangs n drugs. They could use a special player like Romeo to rally behind I think Bonzi Wells was well liked in Muncie when he went to bsu but they didn’t do anything special for him.

  • John D Murphy

    They didn’t name the park after him. Thus the name, Kevin Hammersmith Memorial Park. The are naming the court after Romeo. If naming a basketball court after the best basketball player in the history of the city seems odd to you, we’ll have to disagree.

  • Lt. John McClane

    Well put!

  • coachv

    then they could have done that when he was 14. what took them so long?

  • coachv

    bob knight ruined bouchie. and mike giomi. and marty simmons

  • coachv

    they would be a lot more excited if he were a fireman or a cowboy

  • david r

    The best player in New Albany history, you say? You mean, a 1956 US Olympic Basketball Team Alternate, a member of the College Basketball Hall of Fame & Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame? Truly the best and most accomplished basketball player in the history of New Albany is Joe Dean. I hope Romeo gets there. And more.

  • John D Murphy

    My uncle Mike was Joe Dean’s best friend growing up. Interesting story: I was watching LSU game (Joe D was the athletic director at the time at LSU). As Joe was a former broadcaster, he was often interviewed before the game or at half time. This game was in the days following the death of my grandfather. Joe said his condolences regarding my grandfather at halftime and mentioned growing up with Mike…and said Mike was the best athlete he’d ever known. Certainly a stretch, but pretty nice none the less.

  • Doug Wilson

    He is in the class of 2020. Umm he deserves a scholarship, even if he is a future role player at IU. He goes alright. Only player to make him look bad is Romeo. A Senior Romeo at that.