Romeo Langford to announce college decision on Monday, April 30

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Romeo Langford has set a date to announce his college decision.

Langford, a class of 2018 five-star guard from New Albany, will announce his decision on Monday, April 30 at 7 p.m. in New Albany’s gymnasium.

The announcement will be open to the public.

The date for the announcement was first reported by Evan Daniels of 247Sports.

The 6-foot-5 shooting guard is the fourth all-time leading scorer in Indiana and is currently at the Nike Hoop Summit in Portland, Oregon, which takes place on Friday, April 13.

Langford, however, will not play in the Hoop Summit after being elbowed in the face at the Jordan Brand Classic.

New Albany’s season ending banquet will take place on Thursday, April 26 and the Indiana Mr. Basketball announcement will take place on Sunday, April 29 at the Indiana Sports Awards Banquet at Butler University.

Langford is still considering three schools: Indiana, Kansas and Vanderbilt.

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  • Here’s the point of my immediately previous comment: you’ve argued elsewhere that the announcement was delayed to avoid a negative reaction at the Mr. Basketball award. That doesn’t jive with a narrative that the Langfords don’t care about a potentially negative reaction at the announcement itself.

  • RonMlarkey

    I’ve simply argued that either scenario is a possibility. Obviously I have no idea and I am not trying to claim I do. But seeing so many people claiming that because he is opening up the gym to the public means IU is a done deal is a little ridiculous. Personally my expectations are a little more tempered as to not be completely blindsided should he go else where.

  • Sure, if you want to argue either/or, that makes sense. And I’m just talking logic here — this whole thing could end up entirely illogically, I get that. And I’m not 100% convinced that Romeo will pick IU — heck, I’m not sure if I’m even 50% convinced. But I suppose I’m just a stickler for logical argumentation, at least on the facts that we know. And the Langfords simply can’t both be worried about a negative reaction and not worried about a negative reaction at the same time.

  • Fozan Masri

    Hello to all.. I am new here but been following ITH for the longest time and I love the content of this site and the discussions of informed iu bbl fans. Went to IU between 84-88. Crystal ball prediction @247 sports has IU at 65% now

  • VOXAC30

    Much better to discussing this. Yes I saw that and it appears things are trending out way. I just hope it continues with a signed LOI

  • Mark Bando

    Is it a coincidence romeo picked an announement date rignt after the kansas news broke?

  • RonMlarkey


  • Kendall Polston

    Morgan entered his name in the 2018 NBA draft…still assume he will be back.

  • VOXAC30

    I read it Ron it is a very nice Article thanks for noting it.

  • HoosierFan08

    Actually, if he isn’t choosing IU, why is he even staging it, just make a decision and tweet it. I’m convinced he’s wearing the candy stripes for a year

  • Everything!

  • ImYourHuckleberry

    The way I look at it is these were two consenting adults that should know the consequences of engaging in unprotected sex.

  • VOXAC30

    My point is it’s gross and not worth discussing on such an upbeat board.

  • Donnie Vick

    Well I’m in Greenville. Miss my Hoosier state very much.

  • ImYourHuckleberry

    Well anything pertaining to Purdue is gross. Sorry if I offended you with my crude sense of humor. Have a good day Vox!

  • coachv

    further proof people need to get a life

  • coachv

    i always thought using nasty look and wife in the same sentence is redundant

  • VOXAC30

    Have a good one as well… I’m not offended and I agree most things related to Purdue is gross.

  • coachv

    but then why open it to the public? they have to know that more than 1000 iu fans will show up. the reaction won’t be anything he will want to have fond remembrances of. i don’t think the timing has any importance at all.

  • Mark Bando

    Maybe not. Maybe he had narrowed it to Kansas and IU, and the Kansas story took them out of it and so he made his decision to go with IU.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Hey coach, l think it’s Richmond Heights. Correction: Williamsburg,,,man oh man did I get a nasty look when I asked her again for the inth time.

  • RonMlarkey

    Then why schedule the announcement for 3 weeks later?

  • RonMlarkey

    I will be thrilled and rejoice if he chooses IU, what are you going to do if he doesnt? Be devastated because you thought he was 100% IU just because he opened his announcement to the public?

  • VOXAC30

    This is kind of sleazy really not worth making fun of because there are other people are involved who are deeply affected. Really it’s just gross and not worth posting on an upbeat article.

  • Mark Bando

    Because he wanted to do the team banquet and mr indiana thing first.

  • Koko

    I will of course be disappointed but not devastated by any means….we have a good group coming in Romeo or not.
    There are many positives if he does choose IU. But really if he doesn’t there aren’t any real negatives.
    I see your comments more of a intention to dampen others enthusiasm at the recent news and events. Why that would be is only something you know.
    If 247 has him at 65% chance of coming to IU that is exciting for many people….no need from you to try and dampen that excitement. Let us have our excitement. Also the posters on this blog can deal with a disappointment just fine without you mocking up all of the bad things that can happen before it does….as I said there are no negatives for our program if he doesn’t choose IU.
    All we really know right now, is he is announcing on the 30th in the New Albany HS gym with it open to the public.
    Unless you have some inside information that is all you know as well. You can speculate towards the negative all you want but you aren’t going to change the outcome in either direction.

  • RonMlarkey

    There was a long article on Romeo released by bleacher report today that I think many people here would enjoy. I was not able to post a link to it but it is titled “Unassuming indiana basketball phenom Romeo Langford just wants to play ball” and was a great read.

  • RonMlarkey

    Fingers crossed!

  • Koko

    Actually I think you are reading way too much into his announcement. And really once again you are doing nothing
    more than trying to stir the pot. If he chooses IU what are you going to do then?….eat crow?…or just continue on being a debbie downer?

  • VanPastorMan

    I’ll explode when I find out he is IU bound. It will remind me of when we got Cody.

  • VanPastorMan

    I moved to North Central Pennsylvania back in Dec and was surprised they didn’t know what a tenderloin was. So I took a week’s vacation last week and got a tenderloin. Then I took a couple of pics and sent them to folks in Penn. I don’t miss Indiana a whole lot except my two adult sons live there.

  • And, as long as we’re speculating, to give people plenty of time to plan to attend. That’s why I think the 7pm start time is also important — it’s late enough that more people have time to leave work and make the drive.

  • 3AM Burrito

    The way I see it:
    Vandy – don’t see this happening. Not close to home, not a basketball power, not contending for anything next year. Yes has Garland and Shittu, but would he want to play on what would be looked at as Garlands team? Maybe, but I don’t see it. Drew is also IMHO the weakest coach of the three.

    Indiana – close to home, chance to be the feature on offense from day 1. But I think Archie packline, slower offensive style is not as attractive to a 5 star, one and done phenom like Romeo. Also Big 10 is down and IU is no lock to even make the tournament next year, let alone contend. Romeo is also all ready an Indiana legend no matter what, going to IU won’t change it. Romeo also doesn’t seem like a kid who really has a passion for IU, I beleive he was pretty much a Louisville lock before their scandal, not really on IU.
    Kansas – Bill Self plays an offensive style that really showcases guards and wings. Kansas will be contending for a national title next year and will be playing against good competition in Big 12 and with Vick and Newman leaving, Romeo can step right in. Distance from home is a drawback, but if the end goal is the NBA lottery in one year, Kansas is the best route of the three as they are not only a lock for the tournament but likely a lock for a top 3 seed in tournament

    The announcement open to public at New Albany does appear to lean it to IU, but I think it will be more of a thank you for getting me here, show love to the state and community, and he will sign autographs and leave his Indiana legacy there and go to Kansas. Hope I am wrong as I would love to see him at IU but best of luck whereever he goes!

  • jaywiz