Video: Highlights of Romeo Langford’s final high school game

  • 03/21/2018 8:53 am in

Class of 2018 five-star guard and IU recruiting target Romeo Langford scored 35 points on Saturday afternoon as New Albany fell 64-62 to Warren Central in the Class 4A semi-state at Lloyd E. Scott Gymnasium in Seymour.

Check out highlights from Frankie Vision and InTheGymHoops from Langford’s final high school game:

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  • MrNobody

    He doesn’t have JM on the inside kicking it out of a double team for a wide open THREE BABY ( cue Dick Vitale voice). things will change when there are other capable players

  • VOXAC30

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  • Guyton25

    There’s only one thing that makes me hesitant…Archie is trying to build his long term team and he is in the middle of the 1st stage. I just don’t know if having a 1 year guy be the focus of our team next year is good for anything but that season. And most people don’t think we’d even have BIG champion hopes next year with him anyway. But apparently it’s part of Archie’s long term strategy he talks about all the time if he’s been recruiting him so hard. Also it might cause more top level talent to take IU seriously in the future.

  • Q46

    Yeah I agree with most of that. Romeo would be a nice to have (check that, great to have) for next year but I’m more excited about what it would mean long term for Indiana recruiting. Not only for Indiana talent staying in Indiana but also for five star prospects taking us seriously.

    That being said I’m more excited about the core CAM has put together that will be here for the next 3-4 years. I’d rather be a Villanova than a KY or Duke. Well, a Villanova with a few five stars sprinkled in.

  • steelhoosier

    That is probably my strength, it’s the other parts of the game that I am lacking.

  • Lynn

    Living in southern IN just across from the Ville, i keep hearing those fans say if they hire the right coach, he could be a cardinal. ACC school 15 mins away from NA.

  • Remy

    Warren Central was ranked #1 going in to tourney and majority of the reg season 31-0.

  • Lynn

    How could you even be possibly hesitant in signing a 3000 point high school player who if went to IU would most likely become a legend? Even if it was only for 1 season. Then the other 5 star hoosier kids will think, ya, IU.