At the buzzer: Ohio State 80, Indiana 78

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Quick thoughts on an 80-78 loss to Ohio State:

How it happened: Things looked bleak early on for Indiana. Ohio State jumped out to a 4-0 lead early and led by as many as 12 at the 5:55 mark of the first half. The Hoosiers, however, would respond. After a jumper by Kam Williams gave the Buckeyes a 26-14 lead, Indiana answered with an 8-0 run. And by halftime, Indiana had tied the Buckeyes at 33. But the second half would begin much like the first. Ohio State was crisp offensively and Indiana was not. The only IU bucket in the first four minutes of the second frame was a Zach McRoberts 3-pointer. Ohio State’s lead grew to seven. But on senior night, Indiana would not go without a fight. The Hoosiers claimed their first lead of the second half on a Josh Newkirk layup with 3:55 to play. Both teams buckled down defensively in the final minutes of regulation and the Hoosiers had a chance to win it in closing seconds of regulation, but Robert Johnson’s shot came up just short. The game wouldn’t be decided until double overtime when C.J. Jackson hit a 3-pointer to lift the Buckeyes to a two-point win.

Standout performers: Juwan Morgan finished with a team-high 18 points and seven rebounds and Robert Johnson had 17 points.

Statistic that stands out: Free throw shooting was once again an issue as the Hoosiers hit just 13-of-23 from the line in the loss.

Final IU individual stats:

Final tempo-free stats:

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  • inCMitrust

    There is a fine line between flopping, class and getting calls. Agreed that I want our team to play with class.

  • inCMitrust

    Still a little ticked myself, but I’m really looking forward to the B1G tournament. These kids don’t have quit in them. I believe we can win some games in the tourney.

  • eljay

    Haven’t been a huge fan of the FSN announcers this year, but I did chuckle after Freddie fell to the floor during a play and the announcer said, “I hope that the floor’s alright!”

  • eljay

    The only thing meriting anger is if a player appears to be giving less than 100%.

    That’s not been an issue with this team—and certainly not with JM.

  • Koko

    So have you heard of Wilt Chamberlain? If so do you
    understand the point he was making?
    PS….I will give you a clue….Chamberlain was before 1980.

  • Koko

    Yes that was funny. I didn’t mind the announcers last night.
    I thought Elmore’s comments on the recent “junk” going on were spot on. The younger announcer was non intrusive and called a decent game.

  • coachv

    relying on freshmen guards to come in and save the day is dicey at best. i am more hopeful that durham, mcroberts and smith become consistent outside threats. green i don’t expect to be here next year

  • IllinoisHoosier

    Agree this was a tough loss but these young men didn’t give up. Should have won it at the line. Not a good feeling losing by 2on last second shot considering they missed ten foul shots. Defense has improved tremendously. Offense looks like and offense and has also improved. Just need some reliable shooters and this team has promise for years to come. I was down on johnson early in the year but he responded down the stretch to close out his senior season. Our freshman received valuable minutes and have improved a lot. Smith has potential to dominate. Aljami showing promise. Needs a little size.

  • coachv

    i don’t care if he is all-american. i only care if he makes all big ten

  • coachv

    can i be angry at green? on his last intercepted pass he just stood there staring while his defender sprinted downcourt. what, green thought he was going to jump 20 feet in the air and steal the pass that went flying over his head for an easy layup? never try to steal the ball in the open court. get back in transition asap. reminded me of blackmon’s d. don’t think miller played green another minute after that

  • inCMitrust

    It is rather obvious from my comment that I know who he is, understand his point about ft shooting and I’m adding that he is one of the best ever.

  • Mark Bando

    Best to you too #34.

  • StudentHoosier

    way ticked off!

  • Great game and great effort. Free throws…jeez.

    2 bad calls against Juwan really hurt, too.

    These guys left it all on the floor, gotta love their effort. Great group of guys.

    Looking forward to causing a raucous in NYC.

  • PalmettoHoosier

    Absolutely even Priller! Not his fault CTC gave him a scholarship. Besides who do you think has been the stone while our starters sharpened their tools?

  • calbert40

    I’ve really grown fond of this team. This team competes…hard. I truly love the brand of ball they [try] to play each game. Outside of a last second heave from 25-27 feet, they win that game.

    I’m excited for the future of IU basketball.

  • Koko

    Cool….sorry I missed your point in your comment.
    And I agree he is one of the best ever.

  • Chappy Dan

    Great analogy!

  • eljay

    As happens in every game, there are great plays and there are bonehead plays. I can understand being upset with bonehead plays. Singling out one player for scorn after a game such as last night’s doesn’t make sense to me.

    As best I can tell from your comments recently, “preening” (your characterization) DG can do nothing right.

    Here’s hoping our team (…including DG) makes some noise in this week’s tourney.

  • Marek Wojciech?ugowskiLugowski

    raucous, adjective
    ruckus, noun