The Minute After: Nebraska

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Thoughts on a 66-57 loss to the Cornhuskers:

Despite a sloppy, ugly, lackadaisical night for the Hoosiers, they remained in striking distance of Nebraska in the final minutes.

But down five with 3:22 to go in the contest, Josh Newkirk got up in the air near the paint and made a terrible pass out to the perimeter. Evan Taylor stole the ball and laid it in on the other end to put Nebraska up seven. On Indiana’s ensuing possession, Robert Johnson stepped out of bounds for another Indiana turnover. After that, the Cornhuskers got a dunk from James Palmer Jr. to put them up nine. After a Devonte Green missed layup on a drive, Isaiah Roby splashed a jumper to give Nebraska an 11-point cushion with 1:51 to and essentially put the Hoosiers away for good.

So despite leading at half and for a decent chunk of the second half, Indiana saved its worst for last, scoring just six points in the final 6:47 of the contest and turing the ball over four times during that stretch as well.

“We didn’t take care of the ball from the opening tip,” Archie Miller said after the game and he was right. The Hoosiers had a number of horrific turnovers at the start of the contest and they could never quite keep away from them for long, turning the ball over 29 percent of their possession this evening. The Cornhuskers turned those miscues into 26 points, accounting for 39.3 percent of their entire scoring output.

Devonte Green had a forgettable performance as he racked up six of Indiana’s 19 turnovers, a number of them of the head-scratching variety. Miller was unhappy with his team and he let it be known on several occasions.

Indiana didn’t do itself a ton of favors otherwise. After shooting over 50 percent from 3-point range over the weekend in Iowa City, it hit just 3-of-14 (21.4 percent) tonight. The Hoosiers got to the line just nine times as well. After it looked like Juwan Morgan would have an advantage in this one, Nebraska did a solid job of keeping the ball out of his hands or having him catch further away from the rim. Morgan scored 13 points tonight, which marked just the fifth time he’s scored under 15 points in conference play. Zach McRoberts couldn’t stay on the court and fouled out in only 12 minutes of action. The Hoosiers only mustered .87 points per possession.

It’s never easy winning on the road in conference play, but Indiana’s absolute and utter lack of care for the ball made it that much harder tonight. After picking up its 12th conference win in this one, Nebraska is now 15-1 at home this season. Pinnacle Bank Arena remains one of the better atmospheres in the Big Ten.

Indiana entered this contest playing some of its best basketball of the season, but leaves Lincoln with its tail between its legs thanks to a disjointed mess of a game.

Slip ups like this can happen, even to the best of teams. But it makes it no less frustrating to a coach, his players and the fans.

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  • Ohio Hoosier

    IU has the lead and ball as the 1st half winds down and commits a
    stupid turnover. That play kind of sums up the whole game for IU.

  • dennis powell

    It certainly was DG’s worse game. It was a step backwards for a team trending upward.

  • SCHoosier

    Hoosiers court awareness has to be worst in the B -10. Even our 5th year senior three times made a pass to a teammate at the wrong place on the floor which allowed NEB to immediately double team and force a TO. Not smart b-ball. Couldn’t win an intramural game with 19 TO’s.

  • iubase

    Zach’s 5 th foul was a head scratcher. The game was physical and I did not see a foul or anything close. Otherwise it was TOs and inability to get a 3 rd scorer.

  • sarge

    Could have had the last shot of the half and added momentum. Instead we gave them some life, and even though they didn’t make their shot it seemed to change the course of what otherwise was a half in IU’s favor. Tough to win on the road when you beat yourself.

  • sarge

    It seems as DG goes so goes the team. When he plays good he is great and the team hits another level. When he’s bad it seems as though the only consistency we have are RoJo’s defense and JMo. DG could really help his team if he could just become more consistent.

  • IdahoHoosier

    Thus the power of a good PG. If a team has a good PG, they will stay in games and have a chance to win. Hard for me to name a successful team in history that didn’t have a really great, or at least super steady PG.

  • IU_theoracle

    An absolutely fantastic performance from Justin Smith last night. Another solid performance from Juwan Morgan who should be 1st Team All Big Ten. This loss was based on turnovers and the lack of consistent play at point guard. Green was horrible and Newkirk was nearly as bad. I cannot wait for next season when we bring in an actual point guard that values the basketball.

  • ImYourHuckleberry

    This season as a whole for the team is comparable to DG’s season as an individual player. A lot of highs and lows with a tremendous upside riddled with inconsistencies.

  • coachv

    while juwan is fantastic, he is not going to make first team. too big men with even better numbers

  • coachv

    johnson got doubled on the baseline and turned it over trying to pass out of it. remember when players used to slam the ball off of a defender’s shin and out of bounds. still works

  • coachv

    at least 2 fouls on mcroberts were b.s. the block call was unbelievable. how long does he have to be stationary for crying out loud? and the last one, the guy he was guarding, probably palmer, was in a triple threat position, stumbled making a jab step, and came up pushing his forearm in mcroberts mid-section. wtf

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    ok, so we lost, and the game was painful to watch. it was like watching two mediocre teams on a bad night, with horrible officiating. however, i sure did love the sideline antics of their bench players! hilarious!!! thanks b1g network for not only capturing every single choreographed routine, but also for replaying them over and over!

  • IU_theoracle

    I know he’s not going to make it but he should and he would actually be the 3 if we had size on our team. He has the stats of a 1st team All Big Ten player.

  • coachv

    yeah, i really love watching him play too