Phinisee leads McCutcheon to fifth straight win

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Throughout the season, we’ll be keeping track of how Indiana’s four class of 2018 signees fare throughout their final high school campaigns. In addition, we’ll also be keeping tabs on several key recruiting targets in the class of 2018 and 2019.

Here’s our latest update, covering games played the week of Jan. 29-Feb. 4:

Class of 2018

Robert Phinisee, McCutcheon: Indiana’s future point guard finished with 16 points, six rebounds and six assists as McCutcheon picked up a key conference win, 65-55, at Lafayette Jeff on Feb. 1.

Damezi Anderson, South Bend Riley: Anderson and Class 4A No. 1 Riley stayed unbeaten with a 63-43 win at Penn on Feb. 1. Anderson finished with 13 points and eight rebounds.

Jerome Hunter, Pickerington North (Ohio): Hunter finished with a team-high 17 points in a 58-35 win at Lancaster on Feb. 2. He followed that up with 15 points, also a team-high, in a 56-49 win over Grove City on Feb. 3.

Jake Forrester, Westtown School (Pa.): Forrester had 14 points in a 71-57 win over Timber Creek on Feb. 3.

Romeo Langford, New Albany: Langford poured in a career-high 63 points in a 102-52 win at Jennings County on Feb. 1 and then had 44 points in a 89-60 matinee victory over Columbus East on Feb. 3. Langford is now fourth on the state’s all-time scoring list with 2,696 points.

Class of 2019

Trayce Jackson-Davis, Center Grove: Jackson-Davis finished with 14 points in a 50-42 loss to Warren Central on Feb. 1. Several members of his family attended Saturday’s game at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall against Michigan State.

Keion Brooks Jr., Fort Wayne North Side: Did not play last week, but Brooks Jr. visited Bloomington for Saturday’s 63-60 loss to Michigan State.

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  • mharv2631

    Anyone know the free throw percentages of IU’s recruits?

  • Arch Puddington


  • TomJameson

    Phinisee highlights from the Lafayette Jefferson game, was a game that Robert was having a bad shooting night. Still, 16 points and 6 assists. He is going to be a floor general his first day, and between him and Juwan, there will be no question of leadership. This 2018 class is kicking it!

  • SteveBrooklyn777

    My hoped-for starting lineup next year: Phinisee, Langford, Morgan, Davis, Smith. How about your’s, Tom?

  • TomJameson

    Your lineup is just fine, I’ll go with that one. You almost can’t go wrong with any lineup that includes Romeo. 🙂

    Without Romeo … I think that the “for sure” starters will be Phinisee, Devonte, Juwan, and De’Ron. After that, you can make an argument for anybody. For sure, we’re going to be deep.

    To start, Devonte has to become the “good DG” consistently. Looks good so far, but 2 games in a row isn’t quite there yet. For a bigger lineup, you can have Race for that 5th guy (or 6th guy).

    One can go on-and-on … so many good choices. Still need another guard or two. Want that to be Romeo, but not counting chickens yet. lol

  • marcusgresham

    Pretty sure Romeo’s is over 80%

  • Steve wallsmaddee77

    Was Mason Gillis down for the MSU game?
    Need to get on this kid big time!!!!!!!!

  • Ivan Renko

    gonna jump into this convo.

    DG has certainly been coming into his own as a primary ball-handler the past few games. but i think with Phinisee running point and with DG as the shooting guard, DG will be able to contribute to his potential and mitigate his “bad devonte” mistakes. DG will be able to focus on scoring instead of initiating the offense, and that’s exciting to think about. if Phinisee is struggling or needs a breather, DG or Al will still be able to step into that PG role for limited minutes.

    I think McRoberts will still be a starter or 6th man next year if we don’t get Romeo. but it’s very intriguing with the incoming class and Race Thompson becoming available. We’ll have a lot of talented kids competing for playing time!

  • inLinE6

    I’m a big critic on DG but I’ll still put DG ahead of Phinisee to start at 1. I’ll probably also start McRoberts ahead of Smith, assuming his shooting also improves over the summer.

  • TomJameson

    A lot of talent competing for playing time. What a problem to have. Hope Archie can juggle everyones egos about playing time. I think we are on the cusp of some very good years.

    As far as the guards go, let’s face it, all guards will initiate the half-court offense at times. But the one true point guard will be Phinisee (IMO). Like you, I think the more natural position for Devonte is as a 2-guard. He has a great handle, and is probably the teams best passer, but still better as a 2-guard.

    The best thing about it is … IF we get the “good-DG” from this point on, the combo of Phinisee and Green will be absolutely fantastic. That almost smacks of a final four backcourt combo. Good news is … that combination can possibly be around for 2 years.

    So adding the rest of the 2018 class with the 2019 class, could bode very well for the 2019-20 season.

  • And what we now know for 100% certain is that whomever is practicing best will get the start, and then whomever is playing best will get the minutes. That’s why I actually hesitate trying to predict who’s going to start next season, because we have so many new players who will have to show Archie what they can do heading into the season.

  • SteveBrooklyn777

    I was torn about those guys, iLin, but think that Green is too inconsistent. If he continues to improve, I could see him starting. McRoberts ditto.

  • steelhoosier

    DG just keeps getting better. If he has the same kind of improvement as JM from his soph. to junior year I definitely could see him running the point allowing RP to ease into it. Let him get his feet wet and then best man wins. I think DG has a bright future and speed of the game is getting a lot easier for him.

  • IUbball81

    RP has a natural stroke at the FT line, uses his left hand on left side of the rim layups with same ease as he does his right hand on right side of the rim. Very Very excited to watch him develop his BIG10 game next year at IU.

  • IUbball81

    It will be fun to see Justin Smith, Jerome Hunter, and Race Thompson battle for playing time, we will be deep at the wing position next year for sure.

  • TomJameson

    Man, I’m not torn at all about Phinisee vs Devonte. Believe me, I really like Devonte, but I’ve said the same thing before he even played his first game in an IU uniform, he’s best as a 2-guard. And Phinisee is a true point guard, more in the likes of Yogi. Not comparing their skills (just yet), but Robert will be a four year starter at the point. I am positive about that one.

    Like I said, those two playing together will be a fantastic combo, but the 1-2 punch will be RP-DG. Just foreseeing the future here, with all the skills of any fortune teller.

  • Ray Hallett

    McRoberts starts, especially in a very offensively talented lineup. Someone has to play defense and do the grunt work. The guy has earned his spot until someone beats him out decisively.

  • TomJameson

    I know exactly who will start, every single game. It will be the players that work the hardest, and that Archie thinks will play the best. If that’s a “so-called” walk-on, then so be it. If a senior has to sit for a freshman to play, then that’s just the way it will be.

    And that’s one of the things I like about Archie. They players earn their playing time … no exceptions.