Film Session: Wisconsin

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In Wisconsin’s win against the Hoosiers on Tuesday night, Ethan Happ dominated.

While Happ was hard to contain and led all scorers with 28 points, it was the little stuff he did with skill and precision that also aided the Badgers to victory.

We’ll take a look at Happ’s passing and defense in the latest edition of Film Session:

After scoring on Wisconsin’s first possession, Happ also gets the ball on their second possession:

Happ has the ball near the left low post. Juwan Morgan has come down on the double, leaving Nate Reuvers on the left wing:

Morgan does a good job of not over committing, so Happ stays patient and brings the ball out a bit as Morgan sinks back toward the perimeter:

But as Happ comes back to the post area, Morgan fully commits and tries to get a hand on the ball. Happ decides to make the pass this time around:

Reuvers has space to fire up the 3-pointer and connects:

The patience of Happ here ensured his teammate would have more time and space to shoot.


Continue to page 2 to see a Happ steal:

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  • Mark Bando

    We telegraphed our passes into the post. I forgot Happ is only a junior, we’ll see him again next year.

  • Sandra Wilson

    #1 – Morgan NEVER fully commits. He has to make it tough for Happ to pass it out. The other three players can’t just simply play their man. It should be a short term 3 man zone until Morgan recovers. #2 – The pass is way too late and Morgan never tries to seal him off using his feet. The refs always give the call on this type of battling to the offense. #3 – Just reinforces what I’ve said before. These are the worst passing guards in I.U. basketball history. #4 – Green NEVER moves. If you’re going to help, the other players need to rotate. Why not have RJ help and AD drop inside leaving number 20 as the only one open. He isn’t much of a shooter and it’s a tough pass if Happ is pressured. What we did here (#1 – #4) was not any better than the Crean defenses. You can label it anything you want, but I’d just call it poor defensive strategy or poor execution or both.

  • Molon Labe

    A lot of Happ’s steals are fouls that aren’t called though. He pushes thru his man and never gets called for it. On the other end, if we breath on him wrong we get whistled. Not taking anything away from Happ. He is a great player. I just hate it when good players get even more help from the refs. He is already going to get his numbers without their help. Just let them play and call it the same on both sides of the ball.

  • Mark Bando

    It is not poor strategy. As has been posted on this forum many times, virginia and arizona use the packline and have two of the best defenses in college hoops. And as also been posted on this forum many times, it may not get better till archie gets his guys here.

  • Tcuomo

    #3 is a great example of this. For Happ its a steal, but about a minute or two later RoJo basically makes the same play and gets called for a reach in or blocking foul. Maybe my blind hate for Wisco makes me biased, but it just looks like the refs are calling it one way on one end and another on the other end. Either way, I didn’t think the refs jobbed IU like in the past. Poor effort and bad 3pt shooting did them in.

  • SCHoosier

    Happ seemed much better coached on how to defend the entry pass than we are on h ow to execute it. go figure.

  • Mark Bando

    Happ has a high basketball IQ. Wisconsin puts a high value on basketball IQ when recruiting players. Crean did not. I hope archie does.

  • Arch Puddington

    Also worth pointing out that Wisconsin has had one of the most stable and consistent programs in the country for 20 years. Bo built up a culture and an identity around his system, and recruited players who typically stuck around for 4 years. Gard was Bo’s assistant for 23 years, and the system he is using is largely the same. Happ himself was a Bo recruit, and he is now in his third year with a program that has been to at least the Sweet 16 five of the last six years.

    We, on the other hand, have gone through multiple coaches, wild ups and downs, and lots of early departures in just the last 10 years. We are now playing with a group of players who have missed the tournament two of the last three years, and who are now learning a new system. I will admit that it is even worse than I thought it would be, but the basic fact that things are bad right now should come as no surprise. They will be again next year, too. Nearly half the team will be freshmen, none ranked higher than #73, and I won’t be a bit surprised if we lose one or more of our veterans to transfers. It’s just a grim time for IU basketball, and not soon to improve.



  • Ms hoosier

    Your sick and need help!!!!!!!!!


    Learn to write properly, you dumbass NI GGER.

  • Mark Bando

    Yep, all true about wisconsin. For next year, im just hoping archies recruits make an immediate difference. It would not be the first time a freshman heavy team did well. But the odds are you are right, it will probably take a year, at least.

  • Colt

    Instead of “help” D maybe IU should have played “Happ” D.

  • Jethro Jones

    I like when they show set plays that IU runs.