Film Session: Youngstown State

  • 12/30/2017 1:03 pm in

After a rough first half, Indiana put its foot down against Youngstown Sate early in the second half, busting out on an 18-4 run to pretty much put the game away from good.

While the Hoosiers got some scores in the half court, their quick work in transition — often one small thing (a long rebound, a steal) leading to an easy scoreĀ  — really turned the tide of the game.

We’ll take a look at four such scores in the latest edition of Film Session:

Cameron Morse gets some separation on Josh Newkirk and puts up a shot:

On the loose rebound, De’Ron Davis tips the ball out:

Newkirk gains possession and slyly goes behind his back with the ball, dropping Braun Hartfield in the process:

From there, Newkirk has only Morse to outplay as Robert Johnson streaks down the right side of the court:

Newkirk tosses the pass just past the outstretched Morse:

From there, it’s an easy bucket for Johnson:

Nice opportunistic work from Newkirk here.


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