The Minute After: Tennessee Tech

  • 12/21/2017 10:28 pm in

Thoughts on an 87-59 win over the Golden Eagles:

This is what happens when you’re locked in from the tip, when you play with high effort, energy and intensity. You beat a team like Tennessee Tech at home with ease.

And so Indiana followed up its clunker against Fort Wayne on Monday night with a great game against the Golden Eagles this evening, an end-to-end performance that was desperately needed.

Tennessee Tech had the profile to perhaps give Indiana fits like the Mastodons did, a team that plays a little bit more uptempo and could hit some 3s. But the Hoosiers made sure a repeat wasn’t about to happen by bringing it on both sides of the ball. Indiana had strong ball movement for much of the night, often passing up a good look with an extra pass for a great one instead. The Hoosiers assisted on 17 of their 30 made baskets. And after a mess of turnovers against Indiana State, Indiana improved in that department, as it turned it over on just 14 percent of its possessions tonight. It was also a somewhat respectable outing from distance, as Indiana pumped in 8-of-24 (33.3 percent) from beyond the arc. Add it all up and the Hoosiers scored 1.21 points per possession.

On the other side of the ball, Indiana’s ball pressure and overall activity was strong. It held the Golden Eagles to just .82 points per possession, the lowest total its held an opponent to this season. It also forced Tennessee Tech into 16 turnovers (22 TO%), which the Hoosiers converted into 18 points. Indiana also got back to its blocking ways, recording 10 swats on the evening. In addition, it held the Golden Eagles to just 27.8 percent shooting from distance (5-of-18).

Individually, Josh Newkirk had his best performance of the season, as he pumped in 20 points (16 in the second half). Newkirk hit 3-of-4 from distance and had a number of scores at the rim. He also added six assists to round out his performance. De’Ron Davis got back in the mix a little more tonight, posting nine points in 12 minutes of action. Davis might have had more, but a groin tweak kept his minutes down a bit tonight. Juwan Morgan had a quieter game by his newfound standards (nine points, six rebounds), but led the team with three blocks.

Perhaps most encouraging on offense was the play of Zach McRoberts. Last season, McRoberts was hesitant to shoot when wide open, preferring to look for a teammate. But as he asserts himself into the rotation as an important player on defense and with his nose for the ball, it seems clear Archie Miller is also empowering him to be more confident on offense, too. McRoberts got up five 3-point attempts tonight and had no issue stepping right into them. He knocked down two in the second half. If the walk-on can find confidence and a little consistency with his shooting, he becomes that much more valuable to this team.

Good to see Justin Smith get some run tonight, even if it was limited minutes in garbage time. Smith hit a long 2 and then came down on defense to swat two consecutive shot attempts.

It was a good win tonight for the Hoosiers, a sign when they bring it for a full 40 they can dispel of teams they should.

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  • Marek Wojciech ?ugowski Lugows

    Moar defensive intensity was good.

  • TomJameson

    Good defensive pressure for most of the night. A few lapses, but a really good consistent night in that department. And hitting some threes really opened up the lanes. You could see how they would lay way the heck off McRob, but when he started making a couple, they had to start defending him.

    Even though they did better, I would still like to not find myself holding my breath every time they shoot a free-throw. And man alive, never seen a team miss so many layups.

    Keeping the turnovers down, and getting all those extra possessions, really paid off. Overall a great game tonight IU. That much energy, focus, defensive intensity, and taking care of the ball will serve us well the rest of the season. Please, keep it up.

  • Ben thorne

    Ryan, great comments on McRoberts and so very true. Some additional offensive threat from him will change the team dynamics. I hope AD goes through the same process.

  • This is what we should do against a team like that, they are not as good as Ft Wayne but the overall effort was good.

  • Sandra Wilson

    Much better effort tonight on the defensive end. It also seemed that we did a lot less switching, which leads to less mistakes. RJ played a solid game. If there was just some way to allow him to throw only safe, sure passes. I thought our entry passes to the post looked like last year. That part of the game still needs work. It was good to see the bench make a positive contribution tonight. Happy holidays to all ;~)

  • timamac

    Not impressed.

  • Ron Cordry

    I was there. Great game & a lot of fun. I just love McRoberts, Mr. Hustle.

  • slim

    win by 30 and not impressed. sound like a yUK fan,

  • Andy Curts

    Night and day difference between Monday and Thursday. Amazing how playing hard changes things. Need to have this effort every night.

  • Ole Man

    Sounds like a troll doesn’t it.

  • Donnie Vick

    We never threw the ball into the post last year 🙂

  • Kiddo2050

    I wonder how good this team TT actually is though. It’s easy to look good when a competitor isn’t good.

  • Koko

    I’m not impressed either…..that is I’m not impressed
    by you. Have a bah humbug Christmas Mr. Downer.

  • Koko

    I guess you didn’t bother to watch the game if you are asking if TT is any good or not. Kind of a silly question at this point. And of course your slight
    of our win is duly noted…..but hey some people just feel a need to be “real”.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Bball!!! How are you? If you Google: Will Allen Neuqua Football, you can then go to his Twitter and see his commit to IU. His size is actually 6ft 187lbs. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  • Koko

    Okay…but did you watch the game? You didn’t like my sarcastic attitude? How is “it is easy to look good when a
    competitor isn’t good” not sarcastic when it appears you didn’t even watch the game?

  • Michael Bebout

    Just curious can anyone please, give a “Guess” why Romeo doesn’t commit ? Just cannot see why he would not want IU. His family could see him play AND He would get MORE exposure (sp ? ) on tv ?

  • dennis powell


  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    He has a lot of work to do but he’s not afraid of the challenge. The coaching staff is wonderful and we are delighted how everything turned out. He received many offers to play at Universities but IU is special to us . He could care less about me playing there which is a good thing. Take care.

  • Neil

    This was a much better game by Archie and the players. I noticed they switched on the pick and roll. Had this minor adjustment been made against IPFW they would have won that game. The TOs were minimized as well and number 11 DG was under control. DG has the potential to be the best defender on the team. Just needs the coaching to understand how good he can be. Much better game. That’s all.