Film Session: Notre Dame

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Juwan Morgan willed the Hoosiers to victory on Saturday afternoon at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. The junior pumped in 20 points over the final 3:29 of regulation and overtime to almost single-handedly pull out the win for Indiana.

The bulk of Morgan’s scores came out of post ups, as Notre Dame had trouble stopping him once he got the ball or simply fouled him before he even made a move to send him to the line.

Beyond his play on offense, Morgan also made key plays on defense, securing rebounds to end Irish possessions and bothering Notre Dame at the rim with his length to ensure shots didn’t fall. From there, he’d go on to score on the other end.

We’ll dive into a super cut and chart out Morgan’s performance in the latest edition of Film Session:

Video of second half scores:

First score (3:29): Morgan hedges to stop Matt Farrell and recovers back to thwart Bonzie Colson at the rim. He then secures a defensive rebound to grab possession for the Hoosiers. On the other end of the court, Morgan gets position to snag an offensive board off a Devonte Green miss. He’s fouled on the ensuing made putback, but misses the and-1 opportunity at the line.

Second score (2:30): Morgan receives the ball on the right high post with his back to the basket, makes a move to the middle of the paint and scores over Martinas Geben.

Third score (1:49): TJ Gibbs fouls Morgan as he tries to get position on the right high post again. He made one of two at the line with Indiana in the bonus.

Fourth score (1:35): Morgan’s second missed free throw at the 1:49 mark was rebounded by Zach McRoberts — sound familiar? — to keep the possession alive for the Hoosiers. From there, Robert Johnson eventually receives the ball on the left wing. Johnson has a mismatch on Geban and takes it to the hole. Rex Pflueger helps on Johnson, leaving Morgan room on the left block. Johnson makes the pass and Morgan scores and is fouled by Geben. He hits the ensuing and-1 opportunity to pull Indiana within four points of Notre Dame.

Fifth score (51 seconds) : Morgan helps out on defense to make Gibbs’ shot at the rim tough. It doesn’t fall. He grabs the defensive rebound and brings the ball up the court himself. He backs Colson down from the right wing to the right block and is fouled by Colson. He made both free throws at the line to pull Indiana within two points. This was a do-all sequence from Morgan on both ends.

Sixth score (13 seconds): Morgan secures the defensive rebound off a Notre Dame miss. Indiana calls a timeout with 21 seconds to go. Green passes to Morgan out past the left high post near the top of the key. He waits, then makes a move across to the right side of the lane, down to the right post and scores up and over Austin Torres to tie the game.

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  • TomJameson

    Ryan, that had to be a lot more fun going through that game to find the clips you wanted. Thanks for another one of my favorite sections, film clips are the best.

    Although, the first one seems to be missing?

  • sarge

    JMo did dominate on both ends of the floor down the stretch for the winning plays. The plays we lacked against Seton Hall, Duke and Louisville that those teams made. He was what we missed in crunch time of those games. But as many others stated it was a team effort. Collin made two 3 pointers in the first half to close the gap before halftime, senior leadership. RoJo got it going with his long range ball coming out of half and was absolutely huge, senior leadership. Those makes space the floor, as he was the focus of Notre Dame early in the second half. Without him, things are much tougher in the post later in the game. Zach McRoberts was simply amazing with his tenacity and hustle and played with a similar effect on the game with huge rebounds, defense and making those winning plays in crunch time, Redshirt Junior Leadership! DGreen never waivered and made huge plays. His perimeter defense was almost as good as RoJo and he passed up the 3 in regulation to get it to JMo, only to knock down a similar shot in OT without hesitation when they gave it to him. His free throws show how clutch he can be and highlight his intangibles. I thought the other guys on the roster had some tough breaks within the game, but gave great effort and played within themselves while they were out there. If we can get this kind of effort consistently, we are dangerous. Notre Dame is a good team and really tried to put us away several times. I can’t wait to see this team play tonight!

  • N71

    Nice analysis, has me looking forward to this evening’s game with IPFW. To that, I’m looking at dropping cable TV and going to Roku, does anyone have problems getting the IU BTN games using internet TV? Sorry, I’ve been wondering and figured this group would be an authority if there ever was one.

  • sarge

    Not sure about Roku, but I occasionally stream games from internet websites. It is probably risky, but I don’t care. I google watch basketball online free and then check what games they have. I have heard good things about Hulu, AppleTV and others though. Hopefully someone else has better feedback;)

  • dennis powell

    I also love the film session and hope it continues. The defense is becoming fun to watch again. JMorgan playing with such confidence is fun to watch. ZMcRoberts is the funnest story of all. You just never know where he’s going to come from or what he’ll do next. The one thing that amazed me was how high he went up for some of those rebounds. If we continue our defensive intensity shoot a little better and cut down on TO’s we are going to be tougher then most had expected. I love to win as all of us do but I’ll tell you this, playing good hard nosed Indiana basketball is what I have been craving for quite some time. Thanks Archie! Go IU!!

  • sarge

    I agree, I have watched the game multiple times now and I noticed ZM skying for those as well. He has some hops! It’s almost like he wills himself to get up there before others can.

  • Tommy Morrsion

    Fox Sports app has an agreement with and carries BTN. I’ve been using it this year and have had no problem. Obviously you have Watch ESPN for those channels. Those alone will carry 90% of IU games

  • IU Cal 1809

    I have the roku and with PlayStation vue I can watch all IU and pacers games.

  • Lance76

    You may have to be a certain age to remember this, but maybe he will become the next Dennis Rodman!

  • IdahoHoosier

    Timing is everything in rebounding. ZM is right on time for tips, rebounds, deflections, etc. Very impressive guy playing well above his pay-grade.

  • sarge

    Loved Rodman’s game. Defense and rebounding. No offense, but he only attemped layups so he wasn’t a liability. Definitely a few similarities in their game.

  • sarge

    He has great timing, but he is a lot more athletic than he looks too.

  • TomJameson

    That’s for sure. He looks awkward and clumsy as they come. lol

  • TomJameson

    Zach will have to get some tats and piercings, but other than that …. no, not another Rodman. 🙂

  • Oldguyy

    YouTube TV is the cheapest that has all the relevant channels ($35/mo.); I’ve just had it since the beginning of basketball season this year, but have no complaints so far.

  • Nimbi63

    KenPom said IU won’t win any games in January. They have the Wisconsin game as the first of 12 straight losses. I’m expecting a update to their prognostication at any time now.

  • IUBizmark

    Do you get ESPN U with that?

  • IU Cal 1809

    Yes it has pretty much all sporting channels if do get your need antenna for local channels.

  • HooshWin

    IU looked bouncy and engaged from the first tip against ND. Warms my heart to see a team that always plays hard on the defensive end of the floor. On the boards too. If one more consistent outside shooting source reveals himself, this team could prove to be very pesky in the Big 10.