At the buzzer: Indiana 80, Notre Dame 77

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INDIANAPOLIS – Quick thoughts on an 80-77 overtime win over Notre Dame:

How it happened: It appeared Indiana was going to let another opportunity against a marquee opponent slip away. But after trailing by 14 in the first half and then by eight with just over two minutes to play, Indiana found a way. It was a team effort in the comeback in the final minutes of regulation and Indiana needed a pair of missed free throws by Austin Torres with less than a second left to force overtime. In overtime, Juwan Morgan took over down the stretch and a rebound and pass to Morgan by Zach McRoberts off a missed free throw led to the go ahead basket with eight seconds to go. Notre Dame had a chance on the subsequent possession, but Matt Ferrell’s 3-pointer came up short and Green secured the ball and was fouled. He knocked down a pair of free throws to push the lead to three and then a Bonzie Colson heave from midcourt just missed as time expired.

Standout performer: After going scoreless in last Saturday’s loss at Louisville, Robert Johnson bounced back in a major way on Saturday. The senior guard scored 20 points on 6-of-13 shooting from the field. Juwan Morgan, though, came up the biggest for Indiana. The junior forward finished with 34 points and 11 rebounds in 40 minutes, including eight in overtime.

Statistic that stand out: In a stunning finish, Indiana scored the game’s final six points over a span of 11 seconds, which included a pair of Morgan baskets and two Devonte Green free throws to push the lead to three.

Final IU individual stats:

Final tempo-free stats:

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  • TomJameson

    Exactly, just need to keep on doing it. Like RJ’s shooting, eventually it’s going to get good.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Tom, Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

  • TomJameson

    Thank you, and to you too. Merry Christmas to you and yours, and a very happy New Year to boot. Take care of yourself.

  • Ole Man

    Amen, what a win!
    (Not amen I am great. LOL!)

  • HoosierDom

    I can see how you can look at a box score and say that, but I don’t see how any one could have watched that game and think that. He played hard, he took advantage when he was guarded my small, nonathletic players and he was in the right spot at the right time. But, he did not shoot from the outside, finish above the rim or beat capable defenders off the dribble.

    He did all of the things that make you a great college player and none of the things that get you to the NBA.

  • cbags05

    His impact on this game was incredible. You, sir, are the one in denial.

  • Mark Bando

    Really good point about CH providing spacing for JM

  • Mark Bando

    I think you are probably right.

  • AndyCapp

    I’ll second that if they can limit it to just the remainder of this bball season!

  • Monument Parkour

    Agreed. He’s a tweener. He’s not going to the league, as he doesn’t really fit any position there. Alas, he could be a monster for us next year.

  • YoungHoosier

    Wish I could up vote this more than once

  • jayrig5

    This might be a meathead take but I wonder if he was thrown off by the NBA line.

  • Calbert_

    I’m glad some people are coming around to the idea that Alford wasn’t the right guy for the job.

  • Calbert_

    I would say he’s definitely a top 20 coach in cbb.

  • Calbert_

    He was out on the first one but his heel definitely never came down on the second one. I think the travel right after that was a solid makeup call, though.

  • Vernon Aldrich

    I’m not denying anything. Overall Rob is a plus, but I know he wants to go pro, and he certainly won’t be if he doesn’t get his career turnover issue under control. Sorry if that’s to REAL for you.

  • Vernon Aldrich

    That’s much more palatable. I’ve always thought that Rob is a great asset with a humble character; an outstanding Hoosier. He has been going through a lot of change and pressure, and my intention isn’t “piling on”. I’m just very frustrated – and I know Rob is too – that turnovers seem to plague him; Not outweighing his contributions by any means, but a blemish on an otherwise stellar record. However, I think you’re right in saying it is “unnecessarily negative” to mention it.


    Juwan is for sure having a great season, so far, and is having a season that pretty much no one thought he’d have. I know you said at the beginning of the season that you thought he would have a good season, so props due to you on that predication. I might be wrong, but not even you thought that he would be having the season that he currently is. Hell I don’t think even Archie thought he would be having this kind of season, especially right off the bat.

    Where as almost all of the team has had their problems adjusting to a different style of play on both ends of the court, I think Archie and his philosophies have been EXACTLY what JM needed for him to suddenly have a much better game and that is strongly evidenced by his play this year. I have not been keen to read comments that some have made bad mouthing Crean up one side and down the other, and at the risk of some saying that I’m doing exactly that, I’ll just say that I don’t think we see JM have anything near the season he’s having if Crean is still the coach at IU. I’m not necessarily saying that Crean is a really terrible coach, but rather that he has a really different approach to the game of bball and that it’s one that didn’t allow JM to show case his best attributes like Archie’s approach has allowed him to.

    As far as JM going pro next year, I don’t think he does it, not successfully anyway, unless he develops more of an outside game. What he is doing at this level, and what is working really well for him at this level, will not make him successful at the next level. It is the quin essential, works well at the college level, even the high major college level, but will not transfer well to the next level, example. The rest of the B1G has to be hoping like hell that he doesn’t successfully add that to his game, or that they can get to their game with us before he does, but if he does the other part of your predication will come to pass.

  • Ole Man

    Takes a real man to say what you just said.


    Was one of those, you can call that kind of foul every time down the court, fouls. Your really good refs do not call a foul in that kind of situation unless the defender just absolutely mugs the other guy.


    Yep, exactly what I said when it happened.


    The second one, it looked like his heel was over the line but never came down on it, thus he’s not out of bounds. Think the ref anticipated that one. However he was out on the first one. He had not completely established himself back in bounds before touching the ball, making him out of bounds. But you’re right, there were more than one time that there was a BS whistle.


    To McFloorburn (credit to Ole Man) credit, I don’t think he could devote himself any better than he already does. If Jones’ scholly could be given to him for the rest of this year, I’d be 100 percent for that happening, but I don’t know if they can do that at this point in the season or if they do they would, ethically speaking, be expected to let him have the rest of his time at IU.

  • cbags05

    Then say that in your first reply. Coming out being all negative nelly off the bat, after a big win in which he made some great contributions is a major turnoff. Sorry if I misunderstood, but your first reply sounded like denial that he had a good game.

  • randy

    If one was to watch highlights of Hartman’s entire IU career, then one would notice nearly all of Hartman’s fouls come by way of ridiculous calls. Seriously, he seems to be called for the most ridiculous calls…and he always has been. He can stand straight with his hands reaching directly for the ceiling and be called for a foul. He also makes some silly fouls that should be called and you can often tell immediately when that happens by looking at his facial expressions…he knows when he committed a dumb foul and deserved to be called. However, more than anyone else I’ve seen, Hartman is called for fouls far more often than he actually commits them. My entire extended family agrees, and I wasn’t the one to point this out to my family…I just said, “No kidding!” when I heard someone else bring it up (I believe his sophomore year).

  • randy

    I don’t believe there is really any system where Juwan would have trouble adjusting to. He comes from a military (drill sergeant) family and he is so extremely disciplined. I don’t believe it is Archie’s system or Crean’s system. I believe it is JM’s high IQ (just listening to him speak tells you he is a very smart kid), his high basketball IQ (again, listen to him break down a game), his disciplined upbringing, hard work ethic (I read an article where he chose to do military drills as a youngster), and more than anything…the fact he is finally playing 100% healthy (he’s played through an amazing amount of pain so often that we may forget, or not truly understand his grit and the determination of his mind and heart). I expected him to be the smart, physical, aggressive, and disciplined basketball player he has been since arriving, but I also worried it would take much longer to come back from all his physical woes. The kid is a beast this season, but one could say he was a beast last year to considering he played quite well and very physical for a player with a separated shoulder (one that has been a problem for him since his senior year in high school).

    I think he makes it to the NBA next year after a dominate senior season where he places his name in contention for team’s more prestigious than All Big-10). He’s a rebounding force for his size, and I believe he takes great pride in that. The confidence in his physical limitations and his ability to score on the offensive end this season will translate into a senior season where he comes out of the gate with a very definitive goal to dominate.

    Then again, this is just my opinion of Juwan Morgan…ha!

    I hope I am right, and I don’t think he’ll do anything to let me down. He is having a great season, but he’s been plagued by injuries up until this season. He might fit better into one system over another, but he would excel in any because of the aforementioned attributes…again, in my humble opinion.

  • IllinoisHoosier

    Juwan continues to impress. Mcroberts is mr hustle. Don’t need his offense but him being around loose balls is great. Glad johnson seems to be finding his shot. Just need a little more from dd. Newkirk needs to settle down a bit and this team can surprise some teams. Like hartmans leadership and he’s shooting a little better as well. Go iu.