Film Session: Michigan

  • 12/03/2017 7:37 am in

Justin Smith’s putback attempt gets stripped by Brooks. Turnover Hoosiers:

Brooks brings it down the court with shooters to his left again. Indiana has two defenders ahead:

It’s again another move into the paint with both Durham Jr. and Johnson covering the ball, leaving¬†Abdur-Rahkman open in the left corner:

He catches with room:

And connects with Durham Jr. getting bodied out of any attempt at a closeout:

Smith’s turnover here was one of nine for the Hoosiers in the first half, and this triple helped the Wolverines carry a double-digit advantage into the half.


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  • Oldman

    This was one of the worst defensive games I have seen from IU. It seemed as M passed the ball around the perimeter the IU defense moved more and more to the center until close out was impossible…..

  • Here’s what I saw in the first clip: the problem started because RJ wasn’t in the gap where he belonged, he was too far outside on the perimeter guarding his man as if he wanted to deny the perimeter pass. That’s not how the pack line works — he was supposed to be in the gap, which would have allowed him to pick up the drive past AD. AD actually did what he was supposed to do — didn’t allow the straight line drive but rather forced the ball into the gap where RJ was supposed to be. Then, because RJ was late in picking up the drive, JM had to come over and help, which left his guy wide open. And to add insult to injury, RJ just stood there in the post and watched the shot. He didn’t even make a halfhearted attempt to rush the shooter and cause any kind of disruption.

    That one was mostly on RJ, I think, with a little help from JN and DD who were slow in helping.

  • The second clip seems to show a complete breakdown, I think starting with AD chasing #55 along the perimeter (FM was already pressuring the ball). Not sure what AD was doing there, he should have dropped back into the gap which would have allowed him to recover immediately to #12. JN wasn’t in a good place to recover on that shot, I don’t think by any fault of his own.

  • I have no idea what we were doing in clip #3.

  • Not sure what could have been done in clip #4, that was just really good transition offense.

  • KingofKentucky

    In clip #1 Rahkman had more options to choose from than a Sizzler’s buffet.

  • Dr Dave

    I agree Mich executed the break well, but I think this play was lost at the other end of the floor–
    In the first freeze frame, five Wolverines are below their own foul line; by the 2nd, three Hoosiers are trailing the play. Some bad luck that ZR came up for the loose ball and missed, but FM and JS flat out got beat down the floor.

  • Bud Jenkins
  • Makes sense.

  • GHG

    Giving up 31 threes(most of them wide open) was embarrassing… IDK what happened to hard nose defense, but it certainly wasn’t there this game. Really hope the team bounces back vs Iowa.

  • IUBizmark

    I know RJ has been asked to guard a lot of teams’ best shooters, but he seems to get smoked on D with regularity. Seems like his mind is just a tick too slow OR he’s overconfident in his physical ability to stay in front of guys.