Film Session: Duke

  • 12/01/2017 10:04 am in

Allen tries driving right on Johnson, but he hangs right with him:

Allen pulls back and shoots a 3-pointer which Johnson is all over:

It’s a miss and a long rebound that Johnson recovers:

Johnson’s on the move up the court:

He’s got daylight to the rim as he hits the paint on Duval:

He scores the bucket on the break:

Johnson’s tight defense on Allen here was the reason for the long rebound, which he used to his advantage for a transition bucket.


Continue to page 4 to see some more of Johnson’s defense on Allen:

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  • Arch Puddington

    Arguably his best game as a Hoosier. If he can find his 3 point stroke, he could really impact the course of the season.

  • Kwang

    I love how RoJo plays. We need some more of his great stuff.