• Jethro Jones

    It could just be me, but i felt like coach k gave some genuine praise to IU. It wasn’t the cliche “they’re a good group and i knew archie would have them ready, blah blah”

  • Jermhoosierfan

    He sees John Laskowski at the front of it was great. I think Laskowski was playing when Coach K was on the staff.

  • HoosierOne

    What were they chanting about Grayson that Coach K didn’t like?

  • Outoftheloop

    I learned more about basketball from this interview with Coach K than from listening to 7 years of interviews with Coach Crean! I even now have respect for Grayson Allen. Coach K has all of Coach Knight’s basketball knowledge and none of his personality imperfections! What a man!

  • Outoftheloop

    If you are a 5 Star recruit and can not crack Coach K’s top 6 players, you had better be patient for years 2-3-4, or go to IN and play now!

  • david r

    Coach K is awesome. Love that man. Yet I hate Duke, and root against them every game. Am I weird?

  • Scary Larry Richardson

    Sounded like “‘Try the Ground Chuck, You’ Grayson” but I may be mistaken.

  • HoosierConsumer

    Most of them will be in the NBA next year. Duke is becoming another Kentucky — but with a better coach.

  • HoosierConsumer

    Probably something to do with tripping that player last year. He deserves it. Also, per the announcers, he got away with a travel and a push-off. Wouldn’t have changed the outcome, but he’s not the most upright guy in the game.

  • HoosierConsumer

    What a left-handed compliment, “My team is exhausted, but we still beat you.”

  • Tommy Morrsion

    I didn’t take it like that especially after he gave some genuine praise to IU. Also if you’re going to “quote” someone make sure he actually says it. Must have missed the quote. “but we still beat you.”

  • Tommy Morrsion

    Agree that the chant from the student section towards wasn’t necessary nor reflected well on Indiana University. I was in attendance, but my wife said she could hear it on the tv broadcast.

    Don’t mean to patronize and this comment is useless as no students will change. As much as I don’t like aspects of Grayson Allen, I don’t think that chant should have a place at AH.

  • hardfoul52

    I have been a Duke fan since the late seventies and watching this team my conclusion is that with this level of talent. If the evolution of the team includes team defence things like weak side rotation all though wonderful things that smart teams play.

    If Duke does this they will be amazing.

    It just takes time.