Film Session: Arkansas State

  • 11/24/2017 9:57 am in

Al Durham Jr. looks to enter the ball on a baseline out of bounds play. Morgan is in the right corner as Marquis Eaton hangs near the right high post:

As Morgan curls to the right wing, Eaton has his back to him and Morgan begins heading downhill to the rim:

With plenty of space in the paint, Durham Jr. begins to look for a lob to Morgan:

It comes:

And Morgan nearly slams it home. He’s fouled on the play and hit both free throws:

Stephen Bardo on the call: “I like that. I mean, just throw it back at Arkansas State. Get to the rim, act like you’re gonna hurt somebody’s hand if they’re up there. Juwan Morgan going after it.  I’m okay with the miss because that sends a message. I’m coming and when I come I’m coming hard.”


Continue to page 3 to see Morgan’s work in the post:

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  • TomJameson

    Very nice Ryan, thanks. You must go through a ton of video to get what you want. I appreciate the effort, and skill.

  • Was Al actually skipping back to high-five Juwan at the end of that play (second video)?