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Thoughts on an 84-68 loss to the Pirates:


After 80 minutes of ho-hum basketball from the Hoosiers at home, Indiana shook off the cobwebs in its first road contest of the season and got after it on the court. The Hoosiers came out playing hard. They played with effort. They matched Seton Hall’s energy.

A play that perhaps exemplified this all best? Devonte Green’s one-handed steal … with a shoe in his other hand. Indiana again was far too careless with the ball in the first half, posting a turnover percentage of 29 percent. But Seton Hall’s was worse (32%) and the Hoosiers shot it pretty well, including a 4-of-9 mark from deep — all of which came from Green (4-of-5). Indiana trailed by just one at half (33-32).

This one felt like it’d be a blowout heading in but if Indiana could keep this play up for another half, they’d at least be able to keep it interesting and have a shot at the upset in the closing minutes.

But a blowout it became.

The turnovers, several of them ill-advised, continued as Indiana turned the ball over on 26 percent of its possessions for the contest. Its simply too high a mark in this department, no matter the opponent or the venue.

“It was devastating,” Archie Miller said of the turnovers after the game. ” … When you look at your senior backcourt and they had seven of your 18 (turnovers), that’s something that they have to take more pride in.”

Indiana’s defense also broke. The fouls piled up early and Seton Hall got into the bonus just over five minutes into the second half, where they’d outscore the Hoosiers by 11 for the game. De’Ron Davis fouled out in just 15 minutes of action.

Indiana had trouble containing Desi Rodriguez and Angel Deladgo after the break. The pair combined for 24 of Seton Hall’s 51 points in the second half. As the Indy Star’s Zach Osterman tweeted, this is the third time in as many games the Hoosiers have given up 50-plus points in a half. Not good.

Beyond the spirited play in the first half, there were some other positives.

Freshmen Justin Smith and Al Durham Jr. started this evening and backed up their strong performances against Howard with two more. Smith continues to look like an experienced player despite this being just his third college game. Some more strength could help his game, but he pumped in 10 points (5-of-11) tonight and looked good in the process. Durham Jr. continues to show no hesitation or fear and had a couple nice scores in the paint en route to 10 points (4-of-6) of his own.

Robert Johnson attacked the rim in the second half and it helped him get to 10 points on 5-of-10 shooting. Green had a team-high 16 points, returning a bit to the promise he showed in the exhibition contests.

It’s a loss and a double-digit one at that. But Indiana showed some signs of life tonight. They can build on this one.

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  • VAHoosier

    One of the funnest things about this season is seeing the unlikely kinship developing between odd couples like myself and bball at nick’s. Or, even more so, Ole Man and bball at nick’s.

    Some of us see the future, and like what we see.

  • mharv2631

    I’m glad he called out his senior guards.

  • Ole Man

    Well said!

  • Fifty-fifty ball

    I have to say I’m somewhat content tonight. Dont get me wrong, I wanna win every time but after watching the first four i see progress. Get rid of some sloppy ball handling, hit few more free throws, remove the first 5 mins of second half, be ready to catch a pass, be the second to jump during closeout on a shooter, and throw away a couple silly calls by zebra’s and you have good effort on the road. A wise man once said, Patience Grasshopper.

  • TomJameson

    This is going to sound familiar, but cut down the turnovers and play better defense. Will also add … hit your free throws.

    First half was pretty good, except for the turnovers. They shot better, which is a good step in the right direction. The defense is better, in spots, than last years defense, but it just isn’t consistent. They can’t just let the other team get to the basket that easily. And at times it looked just to darned easy by both passing, or driving the lane.

    Still encouraged though. I think I see progress. I’m most definitely not giving up on this team.

  • beppecolo

    First time I’ve gotten to see them this season and I was disappointed in Davis. From what I had read on this site, I expected to see a more physical and mobile player in the paint. From last night I would say the team has some serious issues under the basket and desperately needs to add at least one big to next years recruiting class.

  • IUDan

    Remember we have Race on the bench as a RS – I think he’s going to help a lot next year coming in with a year under his belt

  • weitrhino

    The true turning point came when DeRon Davis picked up his third silly foul and had to sit. That changed the entire complexion of the team, how they executed offense, and how looked defensively. Davis command the attention of a defense and with him out and McSwain in the middle opposing teams know Freddy won’t be the big scoring threat that Davis is.

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    I thought the first half was a pretty good too. We were taking punches (0-8 SH run at the beginning) and giving them right back (8-0 IU run towards the end). I don’t know if I’d classify it as “progress,” but I did see a bit more fight in the team. They’re not boys, but they’re certainly not playing like men either…probably somewhere in puberty? lol

    Gotta cut down on the silly and unnecessary TOs. I lost count of how many lobs and other rushed passes soared out of bounds–at least 4 or 5.

  • Ivan Renko

    Race AND Clifton! I think both are going to help a lot next year. Clifton looked a little lost and shaky when he got some limited minutes against Howard, but he is going to develop into a very valuable frontcourt player over the next few seasons with proper coaching and adding some weight/strength. I’m not sure what Archie’s plan for Clifton is yet (like using him as more of a wing or bang more down low), but he definitely has a knack for blocking shots

  • Outoftheloop

    That can’t happen, there aren’t any out there. We have Jake Forrester, he will be 6’10. We have this year Clifton Moore, 6’10. We have this year as a redshirt Race Thompson, 6’8-9. If We get Romeo, life will be good!

  • Outoftheloop

    Hit 50%+ on FG, hit 42%+ on 3’s, hit 77%+ on FT, 3/1 Assists/TO’s, + rebounds, strong defense, and confident winning plays in the last 5 minutes to win games. These are the goals. They always are.

  • IdahoHoosier

    Basically it is a surprise anyone can get along with bball at nick’s? Kidding! I really appreciate his and all your comments. Fun to debate and discuss something we all love.

  • TomJameson

    Man, those are some pretty lofty numbers, but not totally unreachable. Would love to see them come together all at once …. in the Duke game!