Film Session: Indiana State

  • 11/13/2017 8:12 am in

On Friday night, the Sycamores dropped 17 3-pointers on the Hoosiers en route to a comfortable 90-69 win. It was the most 3-pointers ever made by an opponent inside Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

So how did it happen? The makes fell into three buckets. Several came because Indiana lost their men or failed to pick up shooters in its half court or transition defense. A few came as a result of Indiana State’s pick and pop game on the perimeter. And a healthy host came on a night when the Sycamores heat checked and connected.

Via the help of some supercuts, we’ll take a look at the Sycamores’ 3-point shooting prowess in the latest edition of Film Session:

Indiana State got it going early thanks to some poor defense from the Hoosiers.

In the first play below featuring Indiana’s State’s first triple of the game, Devonte Green commits to the ball far too early and he completely loses his man Qiydar Davis, who sinks down into the corner to hit a triple. This set the tone for more to come.

There are a host of other miscues below: Josh Newkirk has his back to Jordan Barnes and by the time he realizes it, he’s steps behind and has to fight through a screen, which allows Barnes an open look from the right wing.

A post double teams goes awry. There’s no communication on a baseline out of bounds play between Robert Johnson and Newkirk. The Hoosiers fail to pick up a shooter in transition and Green continued to show a lack of awareness on defense, leading to more open looks for the Sycamores.

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