At the Buzzer: Indiana State 90, Indiana 69

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Quick thoughts on a 90-69 loss to Indiana State:

How it happened: A 3-pointer by Qiydar Davis opened the scoring on Friday night at Simon Skjodt and it was a sign of what was to come. After a Bryson Scott 3-pointer put Indiana State up 25-11 with 12:52 to play in the first staff, Archie Miller called for a timeout. But Indiana didn’t get closer than 11 the rest of the way. The Hoosiers allowed 17 3-pointers in a blow out loss to the Sycamores, the most ever for an opponent on Branch McCracken Court. Some of the shots were contested, but many were the result of defensive breakdowns against an in-state foe hungry for an early season statement. Indiana State, with a pair of exhibitions against Big Ten opponents already under its belt, never let off the gas. The lead ballooned to 30 at the 14:31 mark of the second half as Indiana lost its home opener for the first time since the 1984 season.

Standout performer: Sophomore De’Ron Davis finished with 14 points in 21 minutes, but also had four fouls. The Colorado native was 6-of-7 from the field.

Statistic that stands out: In addition to allowing a record 3-point performance by an opponent in Assembly Hall, Indiana allowed 1.26 points per possession and had 19 turnovers for a turnover percentage of 26.5.

Final IU individual stats:

Final tempo-free stats:

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  • TomJameson

    Of course, 3-point shooting is the biggest weakness to a pack-line defense. Those closeouts must get better, which I’m sure they will. And one more point, that Indiana State team is a very much better, faster, stronger, senior-led team than IU has faced in the two exhibitions.

    They’re going to take their lumps early this preseason, the next game will show us how they recover from a whipping. A whipping, I might add, that cost IU $90k in payment to ISU.

  • Not even mad. It was a bit frustrating to watch basically every ISU shot to go in, and was expecting that to end in the second half (it didn’t).

    Main point: better now than in January. Getting their butts kicked, that is. Hopefully a lesson was learned.

    Also: how about a little offense?

  • pretty much this

  • Collin would have helped here. DG needs to figure it out quicker, too. Al is working on it, but he’ll need some time. Upperclassmen need to step the f___ up, pronto!

  • Al needs some time to get it together. Beyond that, I actually agree with you on him. I was surprised by him in the last exhibition and now see a lot of potential. He’ll be playing a lot this year if the seniors keep sucking. Al is going to be a fan favorite by the end of his career.

  • best that it happened very early in the season, instead of a couple cheap wins over really bad teams that would have masked the reality. They’re going to take some lumps (but didn’t expect a blowout at home, geez). Upperclassmen need to get it together.

  • “This team is low on talent.”

    Not really, unless by “talent” you mean offense. Plenty of talent (and experience) to hang with any mediocre team and beat a few decent teams. The offense however…simply is not there. Gotta figure that out.

  • Ole Man

    Unfortunately not, John.
    That’s his typical post.
    And when IU wins, he rarely shows up.

  • david r

    Lets blame it all on two things. First, the new system they are ALL learning, just as Arch learns new players. And two, at some point this team will learn to be as mentally tough and competitive as their head coach. It takes time. The lack of fight we showed is part of the reason Crean got fired. You can’t teach heart. I think Arch was shocked at his players lack of fight and heart.

  • david r

    Mad no. Disgusted at the effort? Absolutely.


    Simply put…spot on.

  • William Stephens

    Very disappointed with almost the whole group. I do believe this bunch would have been better with Crean coaching. It appears that Archie’s system is not being picked up as expected. Defense was non existent, turnovers were just like normal. Only thing was they didn’t push the ball as much so they ran offense and then couldn’t throw the ball in the ocean. The experienced players quit or did not show up. The back court was embarrassing, poor shooting, no defense and turnovers. If it is that difficult to learn Coach Millers system, I see several transfers soon. I can’t believe his system is that difficult to learn! Robert Johnson…4 turnovers, Juan Morgan…..35 minutes, 2 rebounds, Devonte Green….no field goals. How did these kids get Division 1 scholarship’s? Archie is a young coach but this group doesn’t have enough time to learn everything it is clear they don’t know as of last night. I realize Archie is a defensive minded coach, but you sure couldn’t tell that last night. 90 points by a Missouri Valley school in Assembly Hall! The entire team played little if any defense! I’ve seen street ball played that was better organized than what I saw last night. I don’t think anyone expects this bunch to do much but a little effort or playing with some pride is something that every fan expected. Yes, they will get better…how in the HELL could they get worse?

  • Arch Puddington

    FYI, from Greg Doyel: “One college coach who would know tells me Archie Miller has had teams at Dayton with more talent than the one he has now.”

  • Wow that’s interesting. He’s going to have to earn his pay this year! (I still think there’s plenty of talent (and experience) on the team to put together a respectable season).

  • Arch Puddington

    I think its actually much worse than a “this year” problem. As things stand, next year we will have more players who were not ranked in the ESPN 100 (8) than were (4). Only one, CuJo, was ranked in the top 50 (#40). After that its DD (51), Jerome Hunter (73), and Justin Smith (91). That is not a B1G roster, even allowing for the fact that some will outperform their rankings.

    The cupboard is bare, or nearly so, whether we want to admit it or not. Even a commitment from Romeo won’t do much to change that. Had he and Darius BOTH committed, we might have had reason to be more optimistic. Two elite guards along with the solid supporting pieces might have done well. But that isn’t going to happen. So while the reclamation isn’t as steep as it was under CTC, things won’t turn around any time soon.