• iugradmark

    Enjoyed the comments from the players. Both mentioned team goals v. individual. It is probably drilled into them but still nice to hear. Also Deron stated several times he wants to have fun playing ball. I think that is important to play with a sense of joy. We have great kids on this team.

  • Too many times, I think a really intense coach can suck the joy out of playing the game. Clearly Archie is managing to both push the players hard in practice but still keep it fun. That’s a fine line to walk, I think. One of my favorite bits from the pressers.

  • Looking forward to the start of the season under new coach, Archie!! Looking at the roster, my biggest question is what should, we as fans, expect from TP this year, if anything?

  • Donnie Vick

    Lots of off the ball screens.

  • TomJameson

    I’m hyped, and very much ready for the game. Some of my quick takes.
    1) Archie –> “Defensively, our base is in” …. Really liked to hear that.
    2) Al and Colin may not play … Really hated to hear that. (still precautionary though).’
    3) Archie seems to have a lot of confidence in where the team is as a whole. “I like where we’re at, I like their buy-in”
    4) Freddie wants to focus on being a defensive stopper and rebounding. YES!!!
    5) They are most definitely ready to play another team. lol

  • TomJameson

    He’ll see some time in the two exhibition games. That (I think) will go a long way to determine playing time after that. I think that Archie is open to giving the minutes to those that really deserve it. Pretty sure TP won’t be part of the regular rotation, but wouldn’t be surprised to see a few minutes here-and-there in relief for DD.

  • Lance76

    I want to see Archie when the first “bad call” comes against the Hoosiers. I am willing to bet there is a bit of fire there. Doubt he throws a chair, but I suspect that he will speak up quickly.

  • Justin Beard

    He’s the closest thing to Bob Knight since he left.

  • sd chuck

    How exciting, if Archie likes where they’re at then I’m happy with it.

  • HoosierBballNut

    Did anyone catch the approach to earning minutes?? My like the change 🙂