State of the Hall: October 26, 2017

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It’s been 366 days since our last State of the Hall post and plenty has changed with IU basketball and the site in that time.

As we prepare to cover our 11th season of Indiana basketball (and seventh from press row), we want to thank those who have been reading us since June of 2007 as well as every reader who has joined us along the way. The community continues to grow and we’re on track for our biggest traffic year to date. Thank you for the support.

Our staff for the 2017-2018 season will consist of editors Alex Bozich and Ryan Corazza, photographer Jamie Owens and IU senior Josh Margolis, who returns for his second season with the site.

In the early years of the site, our “state of the hall” posts were a call for donations as we attempted to provide more comprehensive coverage by traveling to road games, the NCAA tournament and various grassroots basketball events. We stopped accepting donations in 2012 with the launch of the premium forum.

Those who regularly visit and use the forum know that we did a complete design overhaul earlier this fall to make it more modern and provide a better experience for mobile users. Forum users were instrumental in that process and we were able to use a lot of the feedback received to continue improving the look in the weeks after launching the new look.

We encourage anyone who covets more in-depth discussion and interaction with the Inside the Hall staff to give the forum a try. Not only does supporting the forum allow us to continue to do things like travel regularly to road games and various AAU events, it is also a passionate community of knowledgable Indiana fans.

In addition to the forum, there are other ways to support the site with the start of the season just 15 days away.

We are now partnered with for Inside the Hall t-shirts. These shirts are super soft and are made from 100 percent cotton with the exception of the heather colors, which contain polyester.

If you’re in the market for tickets to a game this season, our schedule page has links to the Seatgeek marketplace for nearly every game. Through an affiliate deal with Seatgeek, using the links from the schedule page to purchase tickets via Seatgeek will help directly support the site.

For Podcast on the Brink listeners, we ask you to consider leaving a review on our iTunes page. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel, which offers free IU basketball video content.

We’ve also partnered with The Assembly Call for a weekly newsletter, which you can sign up to receive for free at this link.

And finally, we again wanted to share a few brief thoughts on the state of our industry. The reality is that it’s become harder to survive as an independent publisher and one significant challenge that all independent publishers face is ad blocking.

We are able to continue to provide all of our content for free on the main site because of advertising, so it’s important to us that our readers understand the potential impact of ad blocking on our sustainability.

While we understand that it is an individual’s choice to block ads, we also ask that you seriously consider adding us to your whitelist if you are using a tool to block ads. Many publishers are moving to strategies like blocking content for those using ad blocking, which is not a course of action we want to take.

Again, thank you for reading Inside the Hall and we look forward to bringing you the best IU basketball coverage possible.

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  • TomJameson

    I would highly recommend trying out the Premium Forum. There are lots of discussions going on right now that are fantastic. Being able to start your own thread of a discussion is pretty cool as well.

    Alex, Can’t tell you how much appreciated this forum, and the Premium Forum, is by myself. I really need a one-stop place for IU basketball, and most everything gets to the Premium site one way or another.

  • PBzeer

    While I can understand why some folks use ad blockers, particularly on sites that seem to exist primarily to sell ads, blocking them here (and on other such sites) seems rather short sighted if they want the content to remain free.

    Like the basketball program, ITH seems to be on a good, and sustainable path, and as someone who lives far away from any local coverage, is something I rely on to keep up with IU Hoops.

  • StudentHoosier

    Year 11 baby!! Let’s do this!

  • Geoff_85

    I’ve been thinking about coming back. Kind of just waiting for the right time at this juncture. We’ll see how the exhibition games go lol.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    congrats on 11 years, glad the hard work is paying off. found this site while following the CZ recruitment, can honestly say it continues to get better.

  • Fivelefts

    I used to visit the public site everyday for 2 years.. Finally, I became a premium member! I’ve been extremely pleased with that decision! There is always interesting content and discussion in the forum! There are very knowledgeable IU fans in the forum, I practically learn something new about the team or IU history everyday!

  • calbert40

    I joined the forum this past year, and while I’ve not been very active lately due to being in full Cubs baseball mode, it is a great way to get even more info on the team. But I still like mixing it up on the public site too. ITH is easily the best IU basketball site around, IMO. Keep up the good work, Alex and co.

  • VOXAC30

    I plan on joining the premium not sure when I though. I am on this site way to much not to be a premium member.

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    Can’t recommend the forum enough. Good discussion, less trolls, less yelling. Only 35 bucks for the whole year. That’s one less Starbucks a month. (Why does everyone use cups of coffee as a unit of currency nowadays?)

  • Jermhoosierfan

    Ads themselves don’t bother me, but it is the pop up windows that come up and take over the screen that I was half way through reading. As long as those don’t show up, I am perfectly fine with as many ads as you want to put on the page.

  • Jermhoosierfan

    You could also say 2 or 3 soft drinks a month depending on where you get them.

  • Nothing should be taking over the screen without a user action. In other words, unless you hover over an ad or click on it, then it shouldn’t be taking over your screen. “Bad ads” do get into the rotation – that is the nature of how it works when you’re working with ad exchanges – but we are not purposely putting anything on here that takes over your screen. If there is an instance where this is happening, I welcome anyone to email me (insidethehall @ gmail) with a screenshot so I can work to try and get it fixed.

  • Drew

    Thank you for all the years of hard work and dedication to Indiana basketball! I discovered you in early 2011 and I have been an avid reader of your content ever since that day.

    And for anyone who is not a member of the premium forum, I encourage you to give it a try. Although I rarely comment on the main site, being an active participant in the forum is 2nd to none. I recommend it to anyone. Amazing content, incredibly cheap subscription, and a great community.

  • Drew

    We miss you, Calbert. As a diehard Cubs fan myself, it’s time to come back.

  • Jermhoosierfan

    I haven’t had that experience here which I am grateful for, but I have noticed quite a few websites are going to this now. I am just stating that I have no problem with ads unless I get those separate page ones. I probably could have expressed that better. Thanks for responding though and great work on the site.

  • There is a delicate balance for publishers to consider. A lot of more intrusive ads pay better. It costs money to create original content. It is a complex system, but ultimately, without ads, we aren’t in business and there is no site. For that reason, I feel it’s important to raise awareness on the issue.

  • TomJameson

    I tell you the truth, this is the right time. A new era in IU BB, and a ton of things going on. Just the recruiting threads alone, are well worth it. I kid you not, I spend more time on the forum now than I ever did, and that’s just trying to keep up! lol

  • TomJameson

    OR you could say … less than 10 cents a day. Shoot, you can almost find that in the couch seat cushions. LOL

  • I’ll confirm what some others are saying: if you’re not a premium forum member and you’re a serious IU fan, then you’re missing out. If you enjoy these main site forum discussions, then you really need to sign up for the premium option.

  • Kwang

    I like that, Tom. Also: one beer a month. Best value on the interwebs.

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    I’ve actually abandoned the third-world child I was “adopting.” The letters and pictures he would sent were nice and all, but ITH is a better value and I’m a bargain shopper lol

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    If my skin was so thin that I allowed an anonymous person’s single post on the internet to actually hurt my feelings, I should probably stay off the internet, especially areas that allowed such posts. Or grow thicker skin before venturing into those areas.

    To answer your question about how I would feel… I probably wouldn’t feel anything really. It’d be someone I never met personally and don’t know their credentials well enough to have any sort of real admiration towards them. So if they posted something I didn’t understand or didn’t agree with, I’d have no real feelings towards it at all. I’d probably just chalk it up as some random guy on the internet and keep it moving (like I do all the time).

  • calbert40

    Gotta give me a bit of a break after the long season. I’ll be back around shortly. 🙂

  • Justin Albers

    Congratulations on another year, Alex! I know many have already mentioned the Premium Forum, but I can’t recommend it enough for the IU basketball diehards. Unlike most forums, the members are interested in thoughtful conversations and debates and not attacking or trolling other members. I’d have to say it’s the best collection of IU basketball fans anywhere on the web.
    My time with ITH is something I look back on with great fondness. I’m honored to have had the chance to work for such an incredible brand and a terrific leader in Alex. Best of luck to the site going forward, and again, congratulations on the current state of the site. It looks outstanding.

  • Thank you Justin!