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As we fast approach another season of coverage here at Inside the Hall, we wanted to make you aware of an exciting change to our site newsletter.

Those of you who subscribe to our current newsletter may have noticed that it has gone dormant this offseason. We’re happy to announce that going forward, we’re partnering with our friends at The Assembly Call for 6-Banner Sunday. The newsletter will now be powered by both sites.

Here are the details of the change:

Every Sunday morning in your inbox, you will receive an email with 6-Banner Sunday in the subject line. This email will include a fresh, hand-selected batch of the most important IU basketball links from the previous week — with additional insight and context added. This is a change from our previous format, which simply included a roundup of links from the previous weeks.

In other words, 6-Banner Sunday will do the leg work of curating the links so you don’t miss anything important. All you have to do is kick back on Sunday mornings, read up on your Hoosiers, and become an even better, more informed IU fan.

You can sign up below, for free:

(If you sign up for the newsletter before the end of August, you’ll be entered to win a free one-year subscription to the premium forum. Existing forum subscribers can also sign up and will have an additional year tacked on to their subscription if selected as the winner. We’ll contact the winner in early September.)

And just so we’re clear: we respect your inbox. By entering your email address here and clicking the Subscribe button, you are signing up for only the weekly 6-Banner Sunday emails. We’ll send you a welcome message, but you won’t be added to any other lists.

Note: If you don’t see the field to submit your email address, it’s probably because you’re already a subscriber or member at But if you don’t see the field and you also haven’t been getting the 6-Banner Sunday emails, let Jerod know.

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