Indiana ranked No. 65 in initial KenPom ratings

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The new ratings are out for the 2017-2018 season and Indiana will begin ranked much lower than a season ago.

IU will begin the season at No. 65 in Pomeroy’s ratings, which is just the tenth highest rating for a Big Ten team. Last season, Indiana was No. 16 to start the season in KenPom and finished the season at No. 44.

The rest of the Big Ten is ranked as follows: Michigan State (10), Purdue (17), Northwestern (18), Wisconsin (31), Michigan (32), Minnesota (36), Penn State (40), Maryland (41), Iowa (54), Ohio State (78), Nebraska (98), Illinois (104) and Rutgers (125).

The Hoosiers sit at No. 45 nationally in offensive efficiency in the preseason, according to Pomeroy, and at No. 92 in defensive efficiency. Indiana finished last season ranked 104th nationally in defensive efficiency.

Pomeroy projects IU to finish 8-10 in the Big Ten. The overall record projected for the Hoosiers by Pomeroy is 16-14. Last season, Pomeroy projected Indiana to finish 11-7 in the Big Ten and the Hoosiers went 7-11.

The highest rated non-conference opponents on IU’s schedule according to Pomeroy’s ratings are Duke (6), Louisville (16), Notre Dame (22) and Seton Hall (28).

Indiana also plays just one opponent ranked 300 or worse in Pomeroy’s preseason ratings (Howard, 344). Last season, four Indiana non-conference opponents were ranked 300 or lower in Pomeroy’s preseason ratings.

Other non-conference opponents for the Hoosiers this season include Indiana State (203), South Florida (242), Arkansas State (200), Eastern Michigan (146), Fort Wayne (159), Tennessee Tech (237) and Youngstown State (255).

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  • sarge

    I didn’t want to be the guy to say the T word!

  • crimson_chas

    I don’t know if the ranking is correct. But, I do know I’m excited to watch this team compete and get better. My measure will be, does the team look better at the end of the year? (Ok, plus I do expect to make the NCAA).

  • I’d love to see the stats on how accurate these predictions have been over time, specifically regarding the first years of new coaches. How can they possibly know what to look for? The critical issues are qualitative, not quantitative here. How can anyone know how this season (for IU) will turn out? There are so many moving parts and unpredictable variables.

    I’d be more than happy for a winning record and a trip to the tournament. Perhaps more importantly, the real battle is going to be just holding everything together, establishing a new system, landing those recruits, and putting IU in a great position to contend for the title the following years. I’d still like to make the tournament this year though.

  • Big surprise, we’re basically in agreement again.

    It’s all going to depend on how the team gels, in my opinion. Plenty of talent and experience, but the new coaching staff and system makes it impossible to gauge and predict anything.

    The key point you made is the early non-conference schedule. It’s unlikely they’re going to win many of those big ones, which makes the tournament bid a tougher climb, no matter how well they play later. That said, I’d still think they might shock a few people early. Stranger things have happened, plus “beginner’s luck” and underdog status are on our side. Fingers crossed.

  • Aren’t there 68 teams in the tournament now? Just sayin’.

  • or sexually repressed

  • Ole Man

    Good statement, Clyde. Right there with you.
    BTW, didn’t I see you recently in the paid forum?
    You need to post more often.

  • Yeah, thanks, I need to renew. I basically pay just to support the site and go to the premium side occasionally as a lurker to see the new gossip.

  • Only the Sith deal in absolutes.

  • TomJameson

    Of course we’re all extrapolating results based on Archie’s past performances at Dayton, AND predicting the future isn’t something anybody can do with accuracy, but I think that a logical extrapolation of Archie’s past results to a future result is not only reasonable but totally appropriate.

    What that means is that 1) Archie’s teams always seem to get better as the year goes on. 2) He tends to get the most out of his players (the team is > than the sum of it’s parts). 3) He maintains consistency on both offense and defense (focus on defense). There’s more, but that’s the gist of it.

    Put all of those parts together and it is my belief that the team will be peaking at the right time, and they have a great chance to succeed whichever tourney they go to. Of course there will be different levels of success because of the different levels of talent in each tourney.

    If they make it to the NIT, there is (logically) a much better chance to have a higher level of success. I don’t think it’s out of line to think IU can win the NIT if they go down that route. Mainly because like you said, IU will be one of the best teams to not make the NCAA. I can even see the NCAA selection committee snubbing IU, when they should be going to the big dance.

    We’ll all have the answers sometime in March. Just hold on for the ride. 🙂

  • Right, there are the two initial play-in games. I’m just saying that going by today’s KenPom rating, IF we don’t get in the NCAA, then we’ll be at the top of the NIT heap.

  • First game this weekend, even if ti’s just an exhibition. Can’t wait.

  • Ole Man

    Understand. But your posts are more insightful and less “fanboy” than a lot of posters, so I really appreciate them here. Really adds to the “conversation” on the paid side as well.
    You’ve seen that genuine debate/opinion is far more open and welcome in the paid side.

  • TomJameson

    The BTN network is replaying the Marian exhibition game via the “Student U”. It will be playing at 7:00 pm central time, on 10/31. Yeah, we’ll all have the results and talked the game to death by then, but if the streaming service isn’t doing it for you (or anyone), that’s a good opportunity to watch the game.

  • Thanks for the info, that’s good to know. My son has an event at 5:00pm PDT on Saturday, so I was planning on watching the replay on BTN+ whenever it pops up (usually midnight EDT, I think). But knowing it’s available via BTN (and DVR!) on the 31st is great, will make it easier to break the game down a bit..

  • Outoftheloop

    Only 2 B1G Titles!

  • TomJameson

    Yes, you’re right loop, thanks. ONLY 2 B1G outright titles.

  • Outoftheloop

    But other than Yogi there was no shooter for Noah to pass it to.

  • Outoftheloop

    Good call Ole!

  • Outoftheloop

    I had enough of the NIT last season to last a decade.

  • Outoftheloop

    Back when only 16 or 32 teams made the NCAA. IU beat Purdue in Madison Square Garden, at the buzzer!

  • Outoftheloop


  • HoosierStuckInKY

    According to the Alex’s Scholarship board, Race uses that scholarship. Players using the redshirt year still use scholarships for that year.

  • Fifer39

    Indeed, all the more reason why I don’t understand it other than for medical reasons and/or if a player is pretty much guaranteed to stay 5 years in total.

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    Plenty of reasons to redshirt freshman year. If he does stay for 5 years total, then he has 5 years to do 4+ years of college work, meaning a lighter load each semester or has the opportunity to earn masters degree on the company dime. It also allows him to gradually get used to the speed of the game. It allows his body to develop too. Remember, he moved his graduation date up a year. He was supposed to be a high school senior this year. Basically substitute his last year of HS for a year of college. That’s a good thing.

    I suppose you could argue that without the redshirt, he could play this year. But I don’t think he would have gotten substantial minutes this year. Just my opinion. Plus, which year would you rather have to play–Archie’s first year as head coach when everyone is learning a new system (and likely won’t make much noise in March) OR Archie’s 5th year as head coach when he has the program operating at a high level (and could make a bunch of noise in March)?