Archie Miller comments on college basketball recruiting scandal, relationship with adidas

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Indiana coach Archie Miller spoke for nearly 30 minutes on Thursday afternoon at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall to tipoff the program’s media day and made three separate statements in regards to the recruiting scandal in college basketball.

We have a full transcript of Miller’s comments, with context given before each quote.

Miller’s comments about the topic that were a part of his opening statement:

“I’ll address the college basketball setting, right now, that way I think we can get some things out of the way. I’m as surprised as anyone, just like 99 percent of the basketball world about what is going on. I’ve had very little information other than what you guys have. I’ll probably stay away from commenting on the actual facts. When it comes to Arizona, obviously very prideful there with my family and I’ve been able to talk to Sean only one time very briefly, to add my support. That brings it back to Indiana. Obviously as a staff and myself, we’ve met with Fred (Glass) multiple times and we’ve talked about a lot of things and have no reason to think that Indiana is involved in anything right now. We’re focused on the task, so to speak at hand, of running this program, which was clearly defined on day one as doing things the right the way. With that, we’ll kind of put that to bed.”

On whether the scandal changes how things are working on a day-to-day basis:

“We’re business as usual here, I think in regards to our staff. We’re business as usual. We’re approaching things very similar to how we do things day to day. Everyone is probably taking a step back and is obviously a little reserved or a little guarded, but as you look at your own players and what not, you have to remind them with great urgency to do things the right way and I think they are.”

On what he’s talked about with Fred Glass regarding the scandal and the assurances he’s given Glass and Glass has given him that Indiana has been a clean program:

“Fred and I have discussed things from the first day, our conversation on the telephone. They’ve always been the same. Our relationship with adidas, not only over the course of his tenure, but my short tenure, has been great. We look forward to continuing it. But we have no reason to believe anything else.”

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  • Mr. Shep-dizzle

    Very please to hear Coach Miller and address the situation. Obviously it doesn’t alleviate all the concerns but it’s better than sitting in the dark and wondering. Kind of how the A. Luck has handled his whole situation. CM also didn’t jump directly to his brothers defense and act like there’s no way he was involved and that shows me that he knows how it is in the business and he won’t speak on things he doesn’t know about. Of course he’ll show support like any brother / sister would. I think our current and former coach do things the right way, just my opinion. Still outside variables out of their control could come to light. I have season tickets this year for the first time and this doesn’t hurt my excitement at all. Go Hoosiers!

  • I hate purdon’t

    Who’s ready for the other Kentucky school to get outed!!

  • Speed

    It is unfortunate but not unexpected that this scandal has arose. A lot of money involved. I had no idea that there were “shoe” schools. This issue extends all the way to AAU teams which Jay Williams stated in his ESPN interview. It will be interesting to see how far reaching this issue extends before the smoke clears.

  • Hoosier4life

    The more 5 star studs a program typically is reeling in, the more likely it is that somewhere, sometime, something shameful has taken place.

  • Ole Man

    Where does he address his relationship with Adidas?

  • VAHoosier

    Last sentence of the article:

    “Our relationship with adidas, not only over the course of [Glass’] tenure, but my short tenure, has been great. We look forward to continuing it. But we have no reason to believe anything else.”

  • TomLS

    One thing I haven’t seen anyone address.

    We have an upcoming series with Louisville. Assuming, as we all do, that Indiana was not involved in any wrongdoing, the school is doing business with a shoe company that was favoring one or more of their clients over many of their other clients. Adidas was actively assisting Louisville in gaining a competitive advantage over Indiana.

  • INUnivHoosier2

    I’d say we’re on the better end of that effort at this point.

  • Ole Man

    Thank you. I guess I was looking for something more substantive.


    I’m not positive about a whole lot of things, but I”m pretty positive that those are three words, I like #%^(, will never ever come out of my mouth. Pretty much the only thing associated with that Big Blue Cess Pool that I don’t hate, is some of my friends that, for whatever reason, haven’t been able to see the light and come to their senses yet. lol

    Kinda hate it for UL and Pitino as I”ve pretty much had them as my second team living just a half hour from them in southern IN, but if he’s guilty of the things that some are saying, then I’d have to say that he is reaping what he has sowed.


    Cough…pUKe…cough cough

  • Denver McDaniel

    What scares me is him saying he’s completely surprised. Really? RMK complained about this stuff decades ago. Pitino was completely shocked too.

  • Ole Man

    IU is an Adidas school.
    Archie signed a contract with Adidas (I assume) when he signed as coach at Indiana.
    Anyone know the amt. of that contract?

  • inLinE6

    I didn’t see the Adidas part in his contract, but admittedly I didn’t get the chance to read through the whole thing. But none of his bonuses will be Adidas related. Unlike Pitino’s, which I believe part of the compensation was actually from Adidas directly year-to-year.

  • inLinE6

    Not surprised on the dirty side of the business, but I guess he may be surprised that Pitino get caught (again) while on probation, Arizona is involved, and FBI is leading the charge.

  • inLinE6

    I don’t believe that necessarily means “favoring one over the other”. Louisville does business under the table so they have different approach to different clients. We almost lost 100% when competing recruits with Louisville. Raymond Spalding and Donovan Mitchell came in mind. Now we know why.

  • VAHoosier

    I agree, Archie seems (understandably) a bit guarded on this and didn’t really say much.

  • TomLS

    Favoring might not be the best word, but either way it seems like they were assisting Louisville in gaining and advantage. My only point is that if I were Archie or Fred Glass I wouldn’t be happy about that, and might not consider it a great relationship.

  • VanBurenBoys

    Great point. I hadn’t thought of that angle. At the very least, IU should use this to negotiate a better deal.

  • Doug Wilson

    Funny that is your opinion. Bob Knight ran a clean program. Right down to firing Dakich and another assistant for making calls to recruits on the same day without communicating. (~story from Dakich Show)
    Bob Knight actually (at one point) liked Rick Patino. I believe Calipari would have driven Coach Knight nuts.

  • Ole Man

    If true, that is good news.

  • HuntinHoosier86

    Archie Miller is IU basketball’s new coach–>IU is an Adidas school–>Adidas is a German based company–>After WWII, Germany was occupied in part by Soviet forces–>Russia was formerly known as the Soviet Union–>Russia has been (allegedly) tied to rigging the 2016 US Presidential election…………….sooooo……….


  • I hate purdon’t

    I don’t think Calapari is brilliant coach imo. I don’t consider Pitino a good coach all you have to do is look at his track record. A good coach takes responsibility for his or hers actions and doesn’t try to belittle the fans thinking that we believe his crap. Pitino would make one hell of a politician. Coach Knight was under the microscope and if he was doing something wrong he would have been called to the carpet just like he was when he was fired at I.U. These are just my thoughts. On a side not I used to be a fan of Pitino because we are alums of the same fraternity…lol

  • adam

    wonder what romeo thinks of all this


    Totally agree with your comparison between those two attitudes, especially Knight’s, buttttt….if we pulled the curtain back and looked behind that folksy, chummy attitude I feel confident that we would find a perfect example of the Jekyll and Hyde syndrome. If you remember the whole Trey Lyles saga, it smacked of what is currently going down in college bball right now. The best example may be that of Anthony Davis ending up at pUKe. While there is no federal investigation to unequivocally prove it happened, I totally believe that one could remove the Bowen kid’s name and replace it with Davis’ and swap out pUKe for UL’s and the story would be correct. His father shopped him to the highest bidder almost as blatantly and openly as Cam Newton’s dad did him. Oddly enough even the numbers that were connected to the winning bid for Davis’ services were rumored to be the amount that the UL coach was putting forth.

    As far as “him” never having been actually caught, well let’s just say that if he had the Feds investigating him rather than the toothless ncaa, who has a long history of treating one school one way and others a different way, he might have a whole lot more to worry about. When someone that has sat and watched while Rome burned, so to speak, and twice none the less, is wed with a school with pUKe’s long and storied history of cheating, it’s awfully hard to believe both of them all of a sudden change their ways so completely. I didn’t forget to mention I don’t like pUKe and Criminalapari did I ? LOL

  • Larry Brown

    Actually the company obviously was looking for a willing partner to do stuff like that. I assume and hope that they recognized that Indiana was not a willing partner whereas Louisville was. Sure makes me appreciate Tom Crean all the more. That is assuming that IU big not found guilty of anything .

  • Larry Brown

    Especially when you consider that these days 5 Star recruits are just NBA first round draft picks in waiting. Some of them resent having to even attend college and I suppose cannot pass up the temptation for big money. What do they care if they are declared ineligible? They can go to Europe for a year and get the same result they would have had if they attended college for a year

  • Larry Brown

    It just seems really strange if a head coach did not know what his assistants are doing. For example, if I’m an assistant and I want to do something illegal, I can tell the recruit not to tell the head coach but I have no guarantee that the recruit will not say something, especially if the head coach is intimately involved in the recruitment and they have a good relationship. I suppose it could happen but it seems more likely that any assistant would know that anything he does or says to a recruit has a high chance of getting revealed to the head coach . So if this stuff is going on for years at a particular school, it just seems to me that the odds are that the head coach must know something about it

  • AndyCapp

    LOL, but shhhhhhhh 😉

  • AndyCapp

    Makes me wonder what other coaches around the country are partially compensated by those kind of sponsors. If I was the FBI, that’s where I would expand my investigation.

  • Veritas238

    I dont see an assistant telling anyone else, especially if he was getting paid under the table from someone not related to the university.

  • Seth

    The good thing for IU is Dayton never had anyone good enough or worth paying so it’s very unlikely Miller would be involved in any of this.

    For the most part it’s the same thing under Crean. So IU probably has little to worry about.

  • Michael Moeller

    Read the book …”Raw Recruits “…Knight is spoken about any number of times… was stated the both Indiana University and Purdue under Keady were both clean programs…..this pay for play business about drove Knight out of his mind…..Sonny Vaccaro’s rise to power with Nike virtually mirrors Bob Knights fall from grace at Indiana…Vaccaro climbed the ladder at Nike in the mid to late 1980s and Knight had his last really good Indiana team in the early 1990s…Henderson…Chaney…Baily…..had Henderso not hurt his knee in the first game of the NCAA Regionals Indiana might well have gotten that 6th banner…..the shoe companies were the reason Knight could not get players like Buckner…Benson…Wittman…Thomas…Abernathy…Kitchel…Chaney…Henderson…Woodson…Wilkerson…Tolbert…Alford…Turner….Knight used to get guys like that all the time… the end all he could get was guys like Neil Reed…and some of the others that got tossed out for grades etc

  • Michael Moeller

    the book…” Play Their Hearts Out “…also deals with the subject of the shoe companies in a big way…..

  • Michael Moeller

    Tom Crean is a good man and a class act… Knight…he was simply unable to compete with the Louisvilles…Kentuckys…Syracuses…Connecticuts…etc because the playing field was not level…..he could scrape together enough good players to compete…but when he lost them to the NBA or graduation he simply couldn’t reload like a Louisville or a Kentucky could and the fan base here was unwilling to be patient which was most unfair to coach Crean…..kind of like sending a guy with a switch out to do battle with a grizzly bear and on top of that tie one arm behind his back

  • Michael Moeller

    read …” Raw Recruits and Play Their Hearts Out “….both deal in depth with AAU basketball and the tennis shoe companies…..what goes on will turn your stomachs and you will never view NCAA basketball the same way

  • Michael Moeller

    Here are dome coaches that Knight despised and much of it had to do with this tennis shoe cheating scandal and AAU basketbal…..Joe B Hall…Eddie Sutton…John Claipari ( see a trend deveoloping ? )…Bill Frieder…Lou Henson..Jim Boeheim…Steve Fisher…Jerry Tarkanian..Denny Crum..Rick Pitino…Dale Brown…Jim Valvano….read the book ” Raw Recruits “… will be amazed what you will find out

  • Michael Moeller

    much of Knight’s problem was he knew what he was up against with these other schools and knew the playing field was not level…..that would drive anyone crazy