Top 30 guard Luguentz Dort wants to visit IU

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SPARTANBURG, S.C. – The first July evaluation period for Archie Miller as Indiana’s head coach was one to remember. With significant roster turnover looming at the end of the upcoming 2017-18 season, Miller and staff faced an uphill battle to fill out a roster with multiple openings and a short time to fill them.

So when Indiana received commitments from three frontcourt players in the span of 24 hours earlier this week in Race Thompson, Jerome Hunter, and Damezi Anderson, it was a major step in the right direction.

Now, though, the focus for Miller and staff will likely shift to supplementing the Hoosier backcourt. There are several players Miller has been tracking through the summer to do just that, including Luguentz Dort, a 6-foot-4 combo guard who plays at the The Conrad Academy in Florida. Dort is a native of Montreal.

Dort, the country’s No. 27 overall player in the 2018 class according to the 247 Composite, recently wrapped up play at the adidas Gauntlet Finale in Spartanburg with the Brookwood Elite program.

Throughout the tournament, the Indiana staff made Dort a priority and was on hand to watch him pour in a team-high 19 points to go along with five rebounds and six steals in Brookwood Elite’s 87-80 win over Dream Vision.

“That tells me they really want me and I’ve got to give them a chance,” Dort said of Indiana’s consistent presence during the event. “I’ll visit and see how it goes. They talk to me every day. It’s going pretty well.”

There’s plenty to like for Indiana regarding the 200-pound guard. Known for his aggressive style and ability to get to the basket, Dort is one of the top scorers in the adidas Gauntlet circuit, averaging 19.4 points per game.

Of course, showcasing that scoring prowess on a high-profile summer circuit means increased competition for his services.

At this point, Dort says he wants to visit Miami, Baylor, Oregon, Indiana, and Big Ten rival Michigan State, who was two-deep for Brookwood Elite’s final game with both head coach Tom Izzo and assistant Dane Fife in attendance.

He also holds offers from a host of other schools including Louisville, Florida, and UConn and says he has no timetable for a decision, but wants to start scheduling visits sometime in August.

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  • TomJameson

    Really like Dort. Seems to be a perfect example of the type of player Archie wants for his system. Big, aggressive shooting guard.

    As an aside, when reading the list of schools recruiting Dort, I was struck with the thought that there really is no basis for “negative recruiting” against Archie and IU. I think there was a ton of that going on against the previous administration, to the harm of Crean’s recruiting efforts.

    I think this clean slate is fantastic, and Archie is doing a real bang-up job.

  • N71

    I was wondering what our strategy should be with regards to backcourt recruiting if we don’t get Romeo. We’re loosing Rob and Josh and have Devonte, Curtis, and Al. The bulk of the talk here has been on a “point guard” but wouldn’t another combo like Curtis, Al, and Devonte be more in line with Archie’s interchangeable pieces approach? Or, is a traditional point really what we need? I wonder also if Anderson will play the 2 or be more a wing. Not having seen how Archie’s system works its a little difficult to project what we need.

  • BannerOrBust

    This dude is stacked. Would love to see him dominant in some Candy Stripes.

  • BruceA

    Kid can straight up ball!

  • Arch Puddington

    Interesting, isn’t it, that many of Dort’s highlights are of him scoring at the rim, whereas many of Thompson’s, Anderson’s, and Hunter’s are of them shooting threes. Today’s players are just so versatile.

    And naturally he is a very physical player, something that is apparent over and over with CM’s favorite recruits. Whatever else is true, IU is going to be a physically imposing team under Archie Miller.

  • Kelin Blab

    I really like this aggressiveness….he is a big guard and would be a GREAT addition.

  • KyleM13

    I had the same thoughts when watching his highlights. Had visions of him penetrating and then either getting to the rim or kicking it out to a knockdown shooter. I like his game and it would suit CM’s philosophy and style well.

  • sarge

    WOW! This guy is definitely an athlete. I would love to see more of his shooting touch. Is he just as aggressive on defense and rebounding on both ends? I love his handle and he is very quick. It seems like he runs the court in 7 strides.

  • stuart j fultz

    This guy is a beast. That jump step off the left baseline was sick, he covered about six feet of space on that. He was one of the players that was sticking out to me when I was looking at the updated recruiting board the other day. He has a real quick cross over too, seems to be an aggresive player, gets in the lane good. I hope we get him. I don’t thing we’re gonna get Langford, I think him and Garland will probably go to Duke. Give Coach Miller another year or so and will start getting those 5 star players like that. I love what were getting though, i’ll take those players that are gonna be here 3-4 years any day. Go Hoooooooosiers!!!!

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    kid plays fast. maybe not TW breakneck fast, but pretty darn fast. and with a bit more control. like i said yesterday, CM and crew have to reel in some of the top 25-30 players to complement the solid top100s they got the other day, and i think they will. exciting times indeed for me and my fellow ITHers

  • stuart j fultz

    Good observation on the physicality of the players we’re getting. Anderson and Thompson are big strong kids too. I’m getting the feeling Dort could be that tough nosed, in your face type of defender too. I’m getting a good feeling all the recruits thus far are gonna be like that. I really do love what Coach Miller and his staff are building so far, love the type of player. To be honest I didn’t know Coach Miller brought that reputation of recruiting physically imposing players. Feel like I should’ve known that, lol. Go Hoooooooosiers!!!

  • stuart j fultz

    I like that point you made about negative recruiting. So true. How long has it been since we can say we’ve had a “clean slate” in that category. With Coach Knight I’m quite sure negative recruiting was used, just based on his temperment alone. Also with Davis with all the drama surrounding Coach Knights firing, we lost so many in state players in those six years. And Sampson came in under recruiting violations, that’s an easy one to play the negative recruiting on. And really Coach Crean went through the same thing after 2013 when everyone turned against him, do you really want to play for a coach whose whole fan base acts like they hate him? With Archie we have none of that stuff. Great point, that’s something I’d not considered with Coach Miller. He gives up something in the recruiting department that we haven’t had in a long time. Go Hooooosiers!!!!

  • BC Hoosier

    When I watch his highlights, I see a game that resembles Rawles Alkins or a young DWade.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    they won’t be a finesse team going forward, that’s for sure. and i’m all for it

  • Hardwood83

    How would one pronounce “Luguentz”?
    Lou- ghents? Luh- jentz?

  • 5 Banner Btown

    His last year Dayton team that made it to the tourney didn’t have a player taller than 6’7. To win as many games as they did without any size shows u how physical CM teams have been. In the past all of us IU fans repeated the phrase yr after yr “how did we lose to this team with the talent we have” and I think we r going to start saying the opposite in “how did we beat this team with the talent they have”. At least for another yr until we start having just as much talent as anyone else in the country.

  • Guyton25

    Every time I get on here and read about a new recruit someone is asking how to pronounce their name, lol. I’d say either Lou-gents or Lou-gwents.

  • VOXAC30

    My observations are the kid is legit but is it Dort or Romeo then round out with Phenese? It’s just me but I prefer a true PG over a combo. Is it really possible to get all three?

  • Lance76

    Dort is listed as 100% lean on 247 for Louisville. Does that have influence on Langford or Langford’s decision on Dort? Not sure I can see them both at the same school.

  • Corey Dunigan

    Always nice to have a guard as a defensive weapon to, take opponents primary scorer out of equation. Like Oladipo