• Jay Skibbe


  • Nate Ingles

    Awesome news! Looks like a great addition.

  • SilverAtlanta

    He has a lot to his game! Strong down low, nice mid range and can shoot a 3!

  • Arch Puddington

    Wow! Unexpected, but welcome news. It has been apparent for weeks now that CM has a “type”, and this kid is it. Physical at both ends of the court, excellent sensibility, and can shoot — the type you can build a program around.

    As a bit of an aside, I wonder if this has any bearing on Musa Jallow’s recruitment. He, too, wanted to re-classify, but Alex reports CM had “cooled” of late. Perhaps the point is that CM’s priority was Thompson, and he couldn’t assure Jallow of a 2017 spot since we now know that Thompson was looking at re-classifying. Just speculation, but seems reasonable. My guess is that Jallow was told he had a 2018 spot for sure, but as he himself said, OSU told him he could come this year and that was “all (he) needed to hear.”

    Anyway, thrilled with Thompson. Archie is building a team that can play in March, and kids like this are at the foundation.

  • Bill Graham

    This post really isn’t relevant to Race or this article but I’ve always felt ITH is a fairly good place to air out a rant or two…Most of you know that I am mostly logical and composed (mostly). But anyway here goes something that has been frustrating me:

    Our football program seemingly has offseason issues every single season. What is going on with the program?!?!? Now I understand that football teams are huge and therefore there is a stronger chance for incidents but seriously it seems like every stinking year we have issues….Cobbs apparently just got arrested. Last year it was Antonio Allen. Before that the Crimson Quarry made D. Booth sound like a god send and he ended up rallying the troops to get Wilson fired (which is utterly and entirely ridiculous).

    Can we please just have an offseason for once where nobody goes to jail or gets fired???

    Sidenote: we better see some action from Patrick this year because last year they quoted Wilson as saying he was our best player but yet when he finally got healthy we saw him catch a grand total of 2 passes for the whole stinking season??? Is he really our best player? Was he really actually healthy?? Does the man even exist???

    Basketball gets me hyped but as we are honing in on the fball season my frustration is growing.

    Sidenote I think Race would be a very good (not great) but very good pick up. He’s probably a four year player and if he grows he has a shot at being an NBA stretch four. But honestly the kid has kind of a strange build (I dont know how else to put it)….and he’s not the quickest guy out there.

  • I’m thinking you’re probably right about Jallow, and it’s testament to the fact that there’s lots of stuff going on that we know so very little about. Makes it hard wait, but this commit does make things a little easier.

  • Arch Puddington

    A good 11th hour pickup. At least on paper, he provides some short term depth at a position where we need it, and some long term stability around which CM can build a team that plays his style of basketball. He (Thompson) will have to prove it on the court like anyone else, but at the outset it seems promising.

  • VOXAC30

    Did I miss this, will he be playing this year? So we picked up 6’8″ top 100 forward in a very thin class of BIGS and he can play this year? OMG nothing short of unbelievable! Awesome Awesome Awesome! Race was the guy really wanted as well!

  • inLinE6

    Great news! But why does everybody want to reclassify a year earlier? Why would Jallow reclassify to go to OSU that he’d be lucky to play in tourney by his senior year?

  • iugradmark

    Lots of comments in the earlier post about redshirting but not seeing anything from ITH so where did folks hear he is redshirting?

  • Mark Bando

    The perfect first committ by archie. “I’m tough, and i dont take anything from anybody”

  • It’s covered in the Q&A post, as an update at the very end.

  • Yeah, just looked up that story about Cobbs. Looks like that awesome receiving corps is going to be one short again…

  • Ole Man

    Talk is he intends to red shirt, so he won’t be playing this season.

  • Ole Man

    OSU had nine players before Jallow committed, so he will play immediately.
    Race, apparently, intends to red shirt and use that time to heal, grow his body, grow his game, and acclimate to college.

  • TomJameson

    Alex has confirmed that the redshirt is true. Shows a lot of maturity, and forward thinking, on Race’s part to go that route. IMO

  • iugradmark

    The comment about “heal” caught my attention…is he hurt?

  • Ole Man

    According to him, nicks, scrapes, and bruises. Nothing serious.

  • Donnie Vick

    Thompson is Miller’s highest rated recruit at 86 on 247. I think our recruiting for 18 will be just fine.

  • AndyCapp

    Race seems to be the prototype of the kind of player being recruited by Coach and the staff – intelligent, and hard nosed players who don’t take crap from anybody on the floor. I know he is going to red-shirt his freshman year but I think his attitude is going to pay BIG dividends in practice this upcoming season.

  • AndyCapp

    Was until an hour ago, lol.

  • stuart j fultz

    I really like how we got this kid reclassing!! What great move by the coaching staff and the others involved in helping this kid make that decision. I always liked the idea of redshirting for certain situations. This gives Race a whole nother year of practicing with a big time college team and to grow physically and mature emotionally. I can see him being around that 235 pound range when he suits up for some real minutes the year after next. There’s not a lot of front court players in this class, so I think Race is a pretty nice pick up.