Through three games, Troy Williams is dominating the NBA Summer League

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Former Indiana forward Troy Williams doesn’t have a guaranteed contract for next season in the NBA, but he’s looking to change that with his play in the NBA Summer League.

Williams, who left Indiana in the spring of 2016 after his junior season, was not selected in the 2016 NBA Draft. But Williams played his way onto the opening day roster last fall for the Memphis Grizzlies and then signed with Houston later in the season.

The 6-foot-7 forward is spending this summer with Houston in the Vegas Summer League and is third overall in scoring through Monday’s games.

Williams, who scored 27 points on Monday in a 99-94 win over Phoenix and No. 4 pick Josh Jackson, is averaging 25.6 points for the Rockets. He’s shooting close to 47 percent from the field, 38.5 percent on 3-pointers and 85.2 percent from the foul line in 26.4 minutes per game.

The Hampton (Va.) native is also averaging four rebounds and 1.7 steals per game.

With the recent trade of Sam Dekker to the Los Angeles Clippers, wrote early Tuesday that Williams may be setting himself up for a roster spot in Houston next season:

The Rockets surrendered a young, athletic wing player this summer in Sam Dekker but perhaps will replace him with Williams, who’s making a strong impression in Las Vegas. His latest was a 27-point, six-rebound effort against the Suns. But what made it more impressive: This came against Josh Jackson, the Suns’ lottery pick who’s recognized as a solid defender. Williams played only 30 games last season as a Rockets rookie, a victim of depth. Yet, after a summer of major moves, Houston will look to elevate someone such as Williams into the end of the rotation.

In addition, The Houston Chronicle is bullish on the former IU forward’s chances of making an NBA roster next season:

Troy Williams described his first half on Monday as “terrible.” For a player that could feel as if he is playing for a contract, that can be a different sort of summer league pressure. Williams probably should not feel that way. The Rockets were not going to judge him just by summer league, much less a half of one game. But Williams has seemed to attack the summer league schedule as if determined to prove he belongs. As a player that does not have to rely on his shooting touch to produce, Williams got going with his customary energy plays and then got his shooting going, too. Williams went from making 2 of 10 shots in the first half to 5 of 8 in the second half when he scored 20 of his 27 points. Through three games, he has averaged 25.6 points. He looks the part of an NBA player putting in summer league work. He might not have realized it, but he looked that way even when he was missing.

Houston, 2-1 in the Summer League, won’t play again until Wednesday.

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  • Indiana_Banners

    I’m very happy to see Troy playing his way towards a secure roster spot with the Rockets. I’m also very glad that the contingent of IU fans here aren’t like the ones that comment on IU Basketball’s facebook posts, the amount of negativity they express towards players that have been gone for years is astounding…

  • Facebook is a cesspool. No matter the topic (Crean’s firing, Archie’s hiring, wins, losses, doesn’t matter) there are more negative comments than positive. It’s something about Facebook that seems to bring the worst out of people.

  • inLinE6

    I think that’s internet in general, not just Facebook.

  • Probably so, and Twitter is right there too. Probably takes a site like this one with a generally more savvy audience to get anything remotely like civility. It’s too bad, though, because it’s the general internet sites that players are likely to see and not this one.

  • Sherronhasaheadache

    good job, TW! not a suprise at all as his game is tailor made for the NBA. I could see him as a 10 year guy in the pros

  • IdahoHoosier

    I know we IU fans appreciated Troy’s elite athleticism at IU, but some doubted it would be elite at the NBA level. I have to say Troy looks plenty fast with plenty of hops against these other dudes. Keep it up TW!

  • John D Murphy

    TB also had another nice game for the Lakers yesterday. 20 min. 10 pts. 4-7. 0-3 3pt. 2-2 FT. 2 AST. 0 TO. 8 RBD. +8
    Looks like they are encouraging him to develop the 3pt.

  • sarge

    You know the players read these articles MC! We can be the internet oasis of b-ball truth. I took your comment as a compliment too.

  • HoosierBballNut

    You go Troy, his shot is getting better and better.. I think he can set his own ceiling if he continues to play with a chip on his shoulder and keeps improving. I think he is pretty far from hitting his ceiling !!

  • inLinE6

    His percentage looks much better but I still think he releases too late, but maybe he’s just comfortable that way.

  • inLinE6

    What happened in that altercation? I rarely see Troy going after anyone ever. Searched but couldn’t find more details on YouTube.

  • HoosierBballNut

    Absolutely, couldn’t agree more. If he can improve his handles a lil more, and get his shot is more consistent he will be great dual threat and collapse defenses all day long 🙂

  • The Lights Go Down

    The people who know what they are talking about post here, all the celebrity wanna-be’s post to FB/Twitter.

  • Brklynhoosier

    Get it Troy!

  • TomJameson

    I think that one guy put his hand on Troy’s chest, and Troy slapped it away. Then the big guy started at Troy. I think I heard the announcer say something about the hand (or elbow) in the chest.

  • TomJameson

    Mark, it’s the anonymity of the online experience. It’s like the filters are off and people say things they wouldn’t normally say. In a nutshell, it’s the anonymity.

  • TomJameson

    Yes, the players read this public forum. I’ll not ever believe that in this age of online society that a player is oblivious of this site, at least the IU players. I have to believe that these players/recruits “google” their names to see what folks think of them.

    Now the premium forum may restrict some of them, but I wouldn’t doubt that there are a few memberships out there that have a few IU players connected to them.

  • Ah, but Facebook isn’t anonymous. In fact, this site is far more anonymous than Facebook. So, that’s not always a hard and fast rule.

  • TomJameson

    I disagree. Anything online is anonymous to a degree. How many of your “friends” do you really know. How often do you go out with them for a beer, or a round of golf, or go out to eat with. How many from this site have you physically met with?

    We, you and I, could argue about every little thing on this and the premium site, but if we actually met for a beer we could become the best of friends. Or the opposite could happen equally as well.

    There are virtually no filters in an online venue, once you hit the send key you are pretty much locked in. No tone, no body language, great misunderstandings all around. Can’t get much worse than that. So yeah, I disagree that Facebook isn’t anonymous.

  • I think “anonymous” is simply the wrong word. On Facebook, people are (supposed to be, by Facebook policy) personally identified — you own what you say and do, and it can and does come back to bite people. That doesn’t stop everyone from being idiots and worse, of course, just like in real life. But, for anyone who’s worried about their personal reputations and relationships, it has something of a mitigating effect.

    That’s not the anonymity that we experience in, say, forums where you’re not personally identified (like this one, except for you and I who use our real names).

    I think it’s more of a disconnectedness, maybe, that you’re describing. Everything’s at a distance and isn’t highly personal like it would be face-to-face. And then there’s also the very poor means of communication that you describe that’s so linear and easy to misinterpret.

  • TomJameson

    It sounds a lot like you’re spinning words around to support a side of an argument that I will never believe, just splitting hairs. It’s like Clinton when he said that .. “it depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is”. 🙂

  • a·non·y·mous
    (of a person) not identified by name; of unknown name:

  • TomJameson

    Perfect example of losing the conversational tone, unless you were shooting for being condescending and or patronizing.

    con-de-scend-ing (adjective)
    ** acting in a way that shows a superior attitude
    ** showing condescension; esp., patronizing
    ** assuming a tone of superiority, or a patronizing attitude

    Patronizing (adjective)
    ** displaying or indicative of an offensively condescending manner

  • No, actually, you lost the “conversational” tone with the Bill Clinton comparison and the accusation of “spinning words.” So I thought it would be simplest just to make certain we’re talking about the same term here. I was making the point that Facebook isn’t anonymous because its users are identified, you kept arguing against that point (which seemed pretty straightforward to me), and so the only thing.I could think to do was reinforce the meaning of “anonymous.”