Yahoo! Sports report: IU athletics ranks 41 of 65 power five schools in overall success

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According to a study published Thursday by Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports, Indiana’s overall athletic success over the last five years ranks 41st nationally.

Using Learfield Directors Cup standings, which rank athletic departments each year based on their overall success across all sports, Indiana came in ninth among Big Ten schools over the last five years.

The complete order of Big Ten schools, according to Yahoo’s study:

7. Michigan
8. Penn State
9. Ohio State
21. Wisconsin
24. Minnesota
27. Nebraska
37. Michigan State
38. Illinois
41. Indiana
43. Maryland
44. Northwestern
47. Purdue
54. Iowa
65. Rutgers

The report also lists IU’s trajectory as “down,” even though IU was at No. 61 in the Learfield Directors Cup Standings in 2014-15.

Trajectory: Down. Hoosiers haven’t cracked the top 40 since 2013-14, although they’re better off than the bottom-out of 2014-15 (61st).

Additionally, USA Today released athletic department revenues and expenses for 2015-16 on Thursday and Indiana ranked 32nd nationally with total revenues of $95,216,762 and expenses of $94,190,256.

In terms of total revenue, here’s how USA Today’s numbers ranked the Big Ten schools nationally:

3. Ohio State – $170,789,765
5. Michigan – $163,850,616
11. Wisconsin – $132,788,726
12. Penn State – $132,248,076
16. Michigan State – $123,034,495
19. Minnesota – $113,506,279
20. Iowa – $113,249,020
22. Nebraska – $112,142,961
31. Illinois – $96,249,500
32. Indiana – $95,216,762
36. Maryland – $94,101,697
40. Rutgers – $83,974,159
47. Purdue – $78,699,976

Northwestern, a private institution, was not included in USA Today’s figures.

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  • TomJameson

    Wow, just don’t know what to say about that. Obviously the football programs affect the overall standings. Wonder what a representation of those numbers would look like, if separated by sport.

  • HoosierHillbilly

    Well it’s pretty easy to know that the only way we move up in these rankings is to win in football and basketball. Those are the 2 biggest revenue makers at a university. IU’s athletic dept is generally pretty comparable when you take all the other sports into consideration. The fact that our football program is a bottom dweller is inexcusable. Anyone can see that the top 5 in the big ten are top 25 football programs year in and year out. But they have to spend the money to make the money(i.e. Go after big name coach).

  • Kyl470

    One thing is clear. Football really really matters.

  • Indiana_Banners

    It’s really easy to say inexcusable, it’s much, much more difficult to address the structural problems that factor into Indiana football’s relatively poor performance historically.

    The same things that advantage our basketball program are disadvantages for the football program. Basketball is much more popular than football at the high school level in this state. Football gets a smaller percentage of the athletics budget than it does in most other Big Ten programs because the bulk of our fans prioritize basketball.

    I love Indiana football. I’ve watched every game for over a decade, but it is what it is and until more Indiana fans care there’s no reason for an AD to stick their neck out and divert funds from basketball to football.

  • Indiana_Banners

    Most would be surprised to hear this but football still generates more revenue than basketball at IU. If IU could average even 7 wins a year it wouldn’t even be close.

  • Hoosier Hall

    Football still dominating pretty much everything. The only positive from this is that Purdue is still worse than IU.

  • VOXAC30

    Soccer is going to change it and we rock in soccer!

    Soccer is cheaper. Athletic budgets are pretty tight right now, and football gear is very expensive. If a player’s injured, the coach, school, and the equipment manufacturer can get sued for millions. On the other hand, you need very little gear to play soccer.

    MLS has experienced a surge in interest in the recent past, with double digit growth across a variety of metrics, including local sponsorship, season tickets and attendance. In 2014, MLS had ninety-eight night games televised. This past year, MLS had all of its 340 games on air.

    As you can tell you don’t need a good football program because in 2118 we will be up to number 1! 🙁

  • N71

    Agree. Has me thinking women’s football could be something for IU but the focus would be on really good looking women versus the thick boned, eastern european, facial hair type. We could have first mover advantage, corner the market, and see a bump in revenue with little costs. Pads and helmets for example would not be used, it would inhibit spectating.

  • N71

    I think fans care but there’s such history to overcome to get over the “hump” which by the way is a .500 winning percentage in the Big Ten I’m thinking. Being surrounded by OSU, UM, and ND the state gets picked over and adding insult to injury we have to play UM and OSU every year. Throw in MSU, PSU, and let’s say Nebraska and what the hell, how do you do it? MSU for example took the route of thug players and its done ok but we don’t seem willing to go that route so now what, SEC recruiting leftovers? Our football puzzle is a difficult one for sure but I think we’re slowly starting to suck less.

  • N71

    Anyone have an inside track on where Musa Jallow is going to declare this evening at 8pm? Sports247 says Ohio State over Indiana but that would be a head scratcher I’m thinking.

  • John D Murphy

    The USA today data is very confusing. I read the methodology footnotes and it appears state funds supporting the athletic depts are included (although this isn’t crystal clear). A truer comparison would be to compare only the organic revenues (which I think is how some other lists do it) which shows the great disparity between the “haves” and “have nots”. For instance 20/32 million for Utah State is allocated from the state of Utah (I looked at them specifically because living out here in SLC I have heard them discussed on the radio). Even some of the B1G schools (Rutgers) receive fairly substantial state support. IU is in a very solid place considering the tenuous nature of our football team. Also, the renegotiation schedule for the B1G vs SEC network contracts favor the SEC right now but they are locked in long term and B1G revenues will jump again before the SEC.

  • SCHoosier

    Down here in SC..both Clemson and SC had big surpluses. Then again they have “athletic club boosters” who generate big contributions. Those clubs haven’t seen a f-ball, basketball or baseball project they wouldn’t $uppport.

  • Not so much of a head-scratcher, maybe. First, IU hasn’t been recruiting him very hard lately, or really at all. Second, OSU has a place for him — he could probably get tons of playing time there, maybe even start. And Holtmann isn’t exactly a bad coach to play for.

  • I’m actually pretty confident about the direction of the football program. I happen to like the Allen hire and think he’s going to do a great job. I’m more excited about the Archie hire, of course, but I think Allen is another up-and-comer that IU is lucky to have gotten at this point in his career.

  • N71

    At one point he had a list of elite academic schools, Stanford for one, and then decides on OSU, presumably. I’m not sure what OSU gives you that IU doesn’t unless he’s specifically identified a lack of playing time at IU due to some player we have or we’re recruiting. Maybe he’s wanting to stretch his legs a little and get away from his hometown. I’m now scratching my head.

  • Okay, I hear you re: the elite academic schools. But again, IU hasn’t been recruiting him very hard if at all. That might be the answer right there.

  • BannerOrBust

    This really has nothing to do with just basketball, which is why we come to this site… but in the overall sports at Indiana, it makes sense.

  • John D Murphy

    I’m not really upset by this.

  • iugradmark

    I don’t know enough on why we backed off on him but by all accounts we did. I want to get the right players at IU but would like to get a solid signing early (primarily for my benefit not the team’s). I will say that Holtmann did a nice job of getting a solid player and getting him so quickly after being announced at OSU. He will be a thorn in our side moving forward as I am sure he will work his relationships in the state.

  • John D Murphy

    Agree with all the above. I will just trust Archie for now.

  • Outoftheloop

    The best comparison is income from sports revenues only, less expenses, less state/school support. IU has consistently been in the black for many years with $0 in state/school funding. Let’s keep it that way!

  • Outoftheloop

    I was hoping that Phinisee and Jallow would be Archie’s first two recruits, then a big guard, a big forward, and one top 25 guy. We shall see!

  • N71

    That’s where my head is as well.

  • david r

    Indiana University is still the best damn school in the country to me. And Indiana is the best damn state in the country. They have numbers, we have Hoosiers!

  • GHG

    How is it possible minnesota ranks so high? bc of hockey?
    Dont we have a very good soccer/baseball program, plus as good a football and hopefully better basketball program