Tuesday notebook: Miller set to visit five-star Romeo Langford

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Archie Miller talked in-depth at his introductory press conference last month about bringing an “inside-out” recruiting approach to Indiana.

Less than a month into his tenure, Miller is quickly making the class of 2018 in Indiana a top priority.

On Friday, Miller visited McCutcheon point guard Robert Phinisee. Monday, he visited Tindley guard Eric Hunter. And today, he’ll make the trip to New Albany to visit five-star shooting guard Romeo Langford.

It will be Miller’s first trip to New Albany to see Langford, the No. 3 player nationally in the 2018 class according to the 247Composite.

On Thursday, Indiana will host Bloomington North wing Musa Jallow for an unofficial visit.

Phinisee is the No. 92 player nationally according to the 247Composite, Hunter is No. 106 and Jallow is No. 143. All four players are core Indiana Junior All-Stars.

IU has not signed a top 100 player from the state of Indiana since James Blackmon Jr. in the class of 2014.

Draft Express praises Clifton Moore

Clifton Moore, who reaffirmed his commitment to Indiana on Sunday, drew praise from DraftExpress.com for his play in the Jordan Brand Classic regional game last Friday.

Here’s what Mike Schmitz and Jonathan Givony wrote about the 6-foot-10 IU signee:

The Indiana signee stood out as the most interesting long-term prospect in the Jordan Brand Classic Regional Game. At 6’10, he has the size and length to play some five down the road once he fills out, and the agility to play the four. It’s hard to find bigs with Moore’s tools and shooting potential, which is likely the key to unlocking his long-term upside. Given the nature of the game we weren’t able to get an extended look at Moore’s defensive intensity and decision making, but we were able to identify him as an NBA prospect worth tracking. Moore elected to remain committed to Indiana despite the coaching change, and is a major building block for Archie Miller and his staff moving forward.

First April evaluation period tips off this weekend

The first of two April evaluation period tips off this weekend with several notable events across the country.

The adidas Gauntlet series will take place in Dallas, Texas. Nike’s Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL) will be in Hampton, Virginia at the Boo Williams Sports Complex. And the Under Armour Association will be in New York.

The April evaluation period dates this year are April 21-23 and April 28-30.

It will be the first opportunity for the new Indiana coaching staff – Miller, Bruiser Flint, Ed Schilling and Tom Ostrom – to evaluate prospects at NCAA certified events.

Several of the notable in-state prospects for 2018, including Langford, Phinisee and Hunter, will be playing in the adidas Gauntlet.

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  • BannerOrBust

    That’s what i’m talking about! Go get’em Archie!

  • Donnie Vick

    I’m glad he’s already going after these guys, but especially like he’s already developing relationships with coaches in Indiana.

  • TomJameson

    What can I say that hasn’t been said already. It seems like IU has been stuck in third gear and just couldn’t quite keep up with the field. All I can hope for, is that Archie really does get IU going, and starts to pull away from the pack.

    He’s rejuvenated my optimism, and renewed my hopes for deep runs in the NCAA, and I can only hope he can do that same turn-around for the team.

  • IU_theoracle

    Great to see Archie’s dedication to recruiting the state of Indiana. Romeo would be a homerun but even if he can’t land Romeo it would be Robert Phinisee, Musa Jallow and Eric Hunter who looks to be a majorly underrated future star in college. Good luck Arch, go get em.

  • Surferelm


  • ’11Hoosier

    This is excellent news to hear. I’m a big believer in the “Inside Out” approach. It is more important to me to consistently get in-state talent than it is to land highly ranked recruits. If Indiana is consistently able to recruit the best players in the state, the talent level will take care of itself due to depth of talent in the state.

    Archie can then focus on recruits out of state when there are certain needs that he can’t find in the state. Keep it up Archie!

  • N71

    Romeo would be great to have at IU but the odds are low for everyone involved because everyone is involved. More importantly is the groundwork being laid for better longterm success with in-state talent. Literally, we haven’t had that since 1994, 1995, 1996-ish window? Not sure when things started to drop off with Knight exactly but I always thought the first kink in his armor (recruiting wise) was the loss of Eric Montross.

  • pcantidote

    Get all 4 Archie and show the other in state colleges/coaches that IU is THE destination school in Indiana!

  • Arch Puddington

    This is even more interesting than it seems at first glance, at least to me. All we have heard for some time now is that Romeo to Duke is a done deal, and if not that, then Louisville, and if not that, then Kentucky. But if he is still accepting visitors, then there is no done deal. Just the fact that he hasn’t signed makes the point. If he was as set on Duke as we have heard, he could have signed long ago. Doesn’t mean that we’ll get him, or that this is anything other than a pro forma visit, but given the alleged certainty of his commitment to Duke, the fact that he is seeing CM at all is surprising. “Slim” is not the same as “none”, so hopefully Archie brings his “A” game!

  • adam

    well, im going to guess that the coaching change had a bit play in the decision to at least talk to IU. Miller is one of if not the up and coming guy now at the reigns of an old school blue blood. cant hurt to talk to the guy.

  • pcantidote

    So you’re telling me there’s a chance?

    As best as I can tell, Romeo has been very tight lipped about how he might be leaning. For some reason, self important blowhards with ZERO inside information love to spout nonsense about what 17/18 year olds might be doing. I choose to ignore them unless they can provide sources, and thus, like you, believe there is a chance. Besides, what is Arch (the real Arch ;)) batting now? Like 4 for 4? Dude is on fire.

  • IU_theoracle

    I agree and I really think things changed after Damon Bailey and Alan Henderson. I have no idea what caused Montross to pick UNC over IU but as an outsider on the situation I think a lot had to do with Montross always being in Damon Bailey’s shadow and wanting to make his name somewhere else. It worked out for him as they won a National Championship but had he gone to IU they may have won 2 or 3 NCAA Championship with that talent. I know in the early 1990s Knight turned over his recruiting to his assistants and things went South fast. Then at the end of his tenure at IU, Knight took over recruiting and loaded up on Indiana talent with guys like Jared Jeffries, Tom Coverdale and Jarrod Odle and we see how things worked out. If Knight had stayed at IU I firmly believe IU would have also landed Sean May.

    Archie is doing all the right things to this point, you have to lay the groundwork and build the foundation to recruit the best players in the state of Indiana to succeed at IU.

  • TomJameson

    I think there was zero chance that Romeo was coming to IU prior to the coaching change. That boat had sailed. But with Archie in charge, the situation has changed pretty dramatically. The Langford’s would be foolish not to re-visit IU and give Archie a chance to make his case, and it’s a really good case. So while I think there is a chance to land him to IU, I actually think there is a pretty good chance.

  • BannerOrBust

    Schilling has a great relationship with Romeo’s coach.

  • Lance76

    All of these guys are great, but we may also need a big in that class to anchor the paint. As the comments stated above and below, at least I feel we are in a position of contention with Indiana players.

  • nnmns

    There’s a very good chance Coach K would not be there if he wanted to stay around a while, and there’s every chance Coach M will be there.

  • Ole Man

    Arch is doing his thing and doing it well.
    The next key is IU’s performance on the court next season.
    They don’t have to have a breakout year, but if they have a really solid year which demonstrates their potential under Arch that could seal the deal with a lot of recruits.

  • IUBizmark

    Love everything about this post. First, we see scouts actually do care about defense as they related that Clifton Moore wasn’t able to show much there due to the nature of the game…which I’m guessing they weren’t thrilled about.

    Second, we see Coach Miller continuing to put in work as he said he would on the recruiting trail. I’m expecting that as the new staff gets a chance to see more kids in action, they’ll start adding PF and C targets. They’ve got a ton of targets at other positions, so I’m hopeful we’re solid there. Plus, we’ve already got quite a few guards from the last class.

  • JC

    Agree that Montross would’ve helped bring a few titles to those teams, and Sean May likely could’ve added another. BUT I think the loss of that kid from French Lick back in ’74-’75 also cost Knight a few (more) championships. Admittedly, it’s nearly impossible for me to consider that the ’75 or ’76 teams could have been more talented…

  • Sherronhasaheadache

    Ed Schillng could be more instrumental in recruiting Langford than Archie. GO HOOSIERS!!

  • IU_theoracle

    It’s scary to think about the 74-78 Indiana teams adding in Larry Bird but also you have to wonder if Larry Bird would have became the Larry Bird of today had he stayed at Indiana. It’s possible that leaving IU and taking the year off changed his prospective on things as well as his father’s death.

  • IU_theoracle

    I know that Montross would have fit in perfectly with the early 90s teams as the only position we really were missing was a Center and that was because of Lawrence Funderburke and Chris Lawson. The loss of Alan Henderson lost the 1993 NCAA Championship. Add Montross to the team and the loss of Henderson isn’t nearly as significant.

  • Caleb Moore

    Good to hear he’s prioritizing the state early in his tenure. Doesn’t necessarily mean any of these kids end up at IU, but you have to lay the groundwork for future years. You want to be able to get the top end talent out of the state most years, though I am not as caught up on “IU has to get every big time Indiana kid each year” as others are. There’s other things at play with some of these kids sometimes. See the Trey Lyles recruitment. You want to establish a good balance of having a shot with most Indiana kids, and still getting talents you need from other areas of the country. Crean recruited well enough to win a championship at IU. That wasn’t what was holding us back…..that we didn’t get enough Indiana kids.
    Great to hear the NBA guys talking up Clifton’s potential as well. Sounds like a Watford type player but better mobility and bigger.

  • BKLock

    The coaching game will always be a “What have you done today” situation. What I like about Archie is that he came in with a plan, laid it out for the fans to see and has been working that plan from day one. “Inside out” is his plan for recruiting and he has been working this plan since his feet hit the ground on the IU campus. The prospects for long term success seem very high.

    As a fan I must keep my excitement in check. However, every time I read an ITH article like this one it’s really hard to do.

    Coach M just keep working the plan and the success will come.

  • Hoosierkamp

    Get ’em Archie!!!!!

  • Lelan P

    I believe getting in state kids is the best option because we all know how deep the the state is in talent. I also believe that having in state kids on the team that they will show how much it means to be playing for INDIANA instead just being here. You saw that in Yogi a couple years ago and some of the players in the past. They just have more passion for INDIANA than any out of state kids. We just need to land a few good recruits and fill in the gaps with good out of state kids.

  • Gregory J. Haggard

    It’s good to see you posting again the last couple of articles.
    If you had posted prior I hadn’t noticed.
    Yep. you were always one of the more optimistic people here, so it’s good to hear it’s coming back.
    I am personally excited at our prospects!

  • VanPastorMan

    Great Point. If he went to Duke he is just one of many. At IU he has a chance to be a star.

  • Larry Brown

    No way Larry would have becoe Larry Legend at IU. One behind the neck pass or fade away 30 footer would have landed him on the bench. Just my opinion. He needed a situation where the coach put the ball in his hands and let him do what he wanted, besides the fact that his skills didn’t really blossom until he was 21 or so.

  • Larry Brown

    and those 2 guys left because they couldn’t stand Knight. Knight’s teams went south because of Knight and nothing else.

  • Larry Brown

    Knight’s recruiting went south in large part because guys didn’t want to play under somebody who’d be berating them all the time. I recall an SI reporter once counted his profanities in a halftime speech to the players, and it was something like 120 or 130. What player wants to deal with that every day? And recruits and their parents do read that stuff. Or the time (in Bailey’s book) Knight gets up in the airplane and starts hurling fruit at a player. Regardless of the intention, I think his reputation caught up with him

  • marcusgresham

    Sadly, you can’t count UNC out either. Roy Williams has been to New Albany at least 2 or 3 times–including right after the championship game. Carolina should have the death penalty and they’re still going about their business like nothing has or will ever happened.

  • marcusgresham

    Just saw some video of Watford’s little brother, Trendon. Wonder if he’s still an option? He’s class of ’19 and just won Alabama’s 7-A POY.

  • Arch Puddington

    My son goes to UNC and I STILL can’t root for them. Our program got blown up because of text messages while they win multiple national championships during nod after the biggest case of academic fraud in D1 basketball history. What we did isn’t even a crime anymore; what they did strikes directly at the heart of what the NCAA purports to stand for. They are worse than Kentucky.