Reports: Indiana sophomore OG Anunoby will hire an agent

  • 04/10/2017 9:37 am in

Last month, Gary Parrish of CBS Sports reported that Indiana sophomore forward OG Anunoby was leaning towards entering the 2017 NBA draft.

According to multiple reports published on Monday morning, Anunoby has decided to enter the draft and hire an agent.

Both Jeff Goodman of and Jon Rothstein of Fan Rag Sports reported the news early Monday.

Anunoby was injured in Indiana’s 75-72 win at Penn State on Jan. 18, but details of his injuries were never made public. He underwent season-ending knee surgery on Jan. 31.

The Jefferson City (Mo.) product averaged 11.1 points, 5.4 rebounds, 1.4 assists, 1.3 steals and 1.3 blocks in 25.1 minutes per game last season.

Anunoby is still widely considered a first round pick, despite the injury. Chad Ford of ranks him as the 15th best prospect for June’s draft while has him No. 14.


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  • Rob Mullins

    I wish OG luck.

  • Sherronhasaheadache

    good luck to you OG!! i hope you have a great NBA carrer!

  • So_Cal_Hoosier

    I totally understand why. Still a bummer though. Good luck, OG!

  • INUnivHoosier2

    Obviously wish him the best of luck. As a fan, I’m disappointed because we really didn’t get to see him at full strength this year. Wish he could stay one more year.

  • Patrick T O’Sullivan

    I think OG is super talented, I just wish we could have seen him play with some real passion.

  • Fifer39

    Not a surprise. He’s going to get a contract, he be silly not to grab it and having an agent probably gives him the best chance to get the deal and location that fits. He’s got to be one of the least proven to be taken in the top 20 but possibly one with the highest ceiling. Good luck OG.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    quality kid, loved his silent assassin style of play. on the other hand, i’m excited about the direction of the program. we’ll be just fine without him.

  • inLinE6

    This is the best decision he could’ve made and I’m glad the people around him told him the truth. High character kid with sky-high potential. Whoever drafts him will be pleased for a long long time. Too bad we didn’t see enough of him this past season. We could’ve been a different team with him.

  • Mark Bando

    Smart decision by OG, but there is no way I would spend a 14th or 15th pick on OG if I was an NBA team. Maybe late first rounder at best. He will be a good player but I don’t see him being an all star.

  • Hoosier Hall

    Bummer. Totally the best decision for him though. He will still be a 1st round pick even with the injury. I think the Kawhi Leonard comparisons are a little lofty but he could certainly be a 1st team all-defense type player in the future.

  • iugradmark

    The right comment. The injuries for OG were odd this year and there is no reason to risk guaranteed money. Seems like a nice kid. I wish I could have seen him reach his potential at IU but again, this is the best choice for him now.

  • HoosierBballNut

    Well Kawhi wasn’t heralded coming out of College.. and I think OG’s ceiling could get him there.. Hopefully he remains injury free, gets drafted to a great organization, and continues to out-work everyone !!

  • YoungHoosier

    Happy for OG for going to get that money. Sad that we only got to see a glimpse of his incredible talent.

  • BannerOrBust

    Proud to call you a Hoosier OG. Go Get That $$$$$

  • IULore

    OG, we hardly knew ye.

    This guy was once the emblem of the future for IU, his chapter in candy stripes was too short.

  • Zora Clevenger

    We don’t know the extent of his knee injury, so we also don’t know his recovery schedule. That said, it’s hard to imagine he’ll be solid enough to participate in pre-draft workouts. I agree that he is making the right decision – some team will draft him based on potential, but if (BIG IF) he had come back and had a monster junior year he might have been looking at a high lottery pick. As is, probably mid-to low first round. Still that would be a heck of a gamble.

  • adam

    landing a productive player that plays starter/heavy rotation minutes on an NBA team with the 14th-15th pick is a good pick in an organizational view. i mean, sure, everyone wants to ‘hit’ on the next all star with every pick in the draft, but that isnt always the case.

  • John D Murphy

    If you pick an eventual starter with a mid-round pick, that is a home run. Think about how few all stars there are and how many years each of them play. Almost all of them are lottery picks. Who do you think you can get with a mid-round pick. I doubt he’ll go in the top 15, but he’ll definitely go in the first round.

  • Zach

    Best of luck OG go kill it in the league! This was absolutely the right move for him. The risks FAR outweigh the rewards of coming back to IU next year. When you suffer a bad knee injury and are still in the lottery pick discussion, you go. Another injury in college and that could all change.

    For those who cry “he isn’t ready” and “horrible decision” (no one on here, mostly twitter), who the heck are you to decide what’s best for this humble young man? Are his skills and offensive game still extremely raw? Obviously but an NBA team is going to pay this guy millions of dollars to realize his potential with the best coaches and resources on the planet. Go make some money OG. We’ll always be behind you.

  • cbags05

    Good for him. Not enough time in candy stripes though. At least he helped us beat kentucky last year.

  • Shaggy_C

    I get the feeling that one day people will look back and wonder how a college team with OG on it didn’t win it all. Incredible defensive player and really looked like a man amongst boys out there (physically, at least – still some work to do on those skills!) Best of luck at the next level!

  • Outoftheloop

    Good luck OG. We hardly got to know you, but we sure liked what we saw. You will always be a Hoosier!

  • Wish OG all successes in the NBA!! Thanks for the thrills, you’re always a Hoosier!

  • PreKnight

    I agree with everyone else on this forum. Wish we could have seen him this entire season, but he is making the right decision in entering the draft. Wish you well at the next level and we will always consider him a Hoosier. Good luck, OG!

  • Chuck Wanager

    He’s not ready, but good luck. Has work to do, especially ball handling.

  • marcusgresham

    That also means he has the potential to land on a really good team and be a contributor deep in the playoffs.

  • SeeingRed

    No doubt — best of luck and have a great career, OG.

  • SeeingRed

    It’s a crazy, shark jumping reality that the NBA now puts so much stock in ceilings. You can work your tail off, stay healthy and be an excellent known commodity, but the downside is your total game gets exposed and weak spots held against you (eg. Swanigan). Or, you can flash that special “something,” not really put up any meaningful numbers, and go higher based purely on those flashes. Nothing against OG at all, wish him all the best, but he is fortunate to be profitting from this paradigm.

  • Larry Brown

    Well.put. The injuries stunk but when he did play this year, too often he didn’t seem altogether there. His D was especially disappointing at times.

  • Fifer39

    Yes, good point. It’s a trap TB might now be wishing he’d avoided by staying for his sophomore year.

  • Neil

    I get that he wants to turn pro and I have no issue with that, good for him but why hire an agent? I’d leave the door open in case you see you are not going to be drafted as high as you thought and have other options. This draft is real deep this year, if he came back one more year he would for sure be a lottery pick barring any injury. If he is worried about an injury he can take a loan out and get insurance for that, so he can’t really lose. Actually I believe he will get drafted late in the 1st and make a few million but I think that is his lowest payout option he has here. Getting insurance and playing another year would pay more if he were to get injured (Take out a $30M policy). Playing another year and not getting injured would net the biggest return in next years draft sure to have less talent and not be as deep with him refining his skills and being a better player and over all talent which woul be far more attractive to any NBA team. JMO

  • Neil

    There is really no wrong decision here but I still believe he taking the fastest payout with the least amount of $$$. If I were him I’d take out a huge insurance policy come back for one more year and go next year when there are less questions about you and your injury and in a draft with less talent.

  • Neil

    I think one could argue if this was a smart move. If you take out a large insurance policy there are no risks. This draft is deep, I beleive he will go late in round one with a payout of $2-$3m. If he took out an insurance policy for say $10m he would make more if he came back got hurt. If he didn’t get hurt he would surely be a lottery pick in next years draft. So to sum really no wrong decision here but he is taking the least amount of $$$ option IMO and hiring an agent any way you cut is makes little sense. It just limits your options. I wish him the best of luck but if I were him I would have taking a large insurance policy and come back for one more year. I know these kids want to get to the NBA as fast as possilbe but good things come to those who wait.

  • Neil

    Take out an insurance policy and there is no gamble here.

  • Neil

    Kawhi is a great comparison. Good call.

  • Neil

    I don’t know which games you watched but OG was one of the ebst defenders at IU in a long time. I think as someone else correctly put he could be like a Kawhi Leonard type player.

  • Brad

    OG has to go. He’s one injury away from not getting drafted at all. First round is guaranteed money. If he’s projected at 15 he will at least go in the first round. Wish he was coming back here, but he made the right choice.

  • SeeingRed

    No question about it. Unfortunately, rather than build on what did well as a freshman and create a real niche for himself, Crean allowed and probably encouraged Thomas to completely get away from what he does well and Thomas definitely lost NBA traction. I believe if that nonsense had not happened all year, Bryant would be sitting right next to or maybe even ahead of Swanigan right now.

    The ironic upside is IU might get him back for one more year because Crean horribly mishandled him. Like all these kids, I hope Thomas does what’s best for himself and family.

  • TomJameson

    Don’t want to offend Forever by saying something that is close to something that somebody said somewhere (yes, I was told about it) ….. but here goes anyway. lol

    OG will be drafted in the first round on his potential, like a ton of first rounders before him. The injury isn’t a huge deal because, for one thing, the NBA is used to those type injuries and knows how to handle them. Plus, I seriously doubt that OG will be playing the first year because whoever drafts him will bring him along slowly to make sure the knee is fully rehabbed. Probably play in the D-League first as well. So… he’ll be brought along slowly, integrate him into a team slowly, and then he’ll start kicking tail.

    The NBA can pay OG the millions, and still take it slow and careful with him, simply because there is a bunch of money in the NBA. It’s that simple. They can afford a few millions to take a chance on a talent that could possibly be great, as I feel OG will eventually be.