Report: OG Anunoby leaning towards entering 2017 NBA draft

  • 03/22/2017 9:15 pm in

Indiana sophomore forward OG Anunoby, who missed the final 15 games of the season with a knee injury, is reportedly leaning towards entering the 2017 NBA draft.

Gary Parrish, a national basketball writer for, reported late Wednesday afternoon that Anunoby is leaning towards entering the draft.

Anunoby was injured in Indiana’s 75-72 win at Penn State on Jan. 18, but details of his injuries were never made public. He underwent season-ending knee surgery on Jan. 31.

The Jefferson City (Mo.) product averaged 11.1 points, 5.4 rebounds, 1.4 assists, 1.3 steals and 1.3 blocks in 25.1 minutes per game last season.

Anunoby is still widely considered a first round pick, despite┬áthe injury. Both Chad Ford of and Draft Express rank Anunoby as the No. 18 prospect overall in this year’s draft.

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  • HoosierDom

    Can’t a reporter also actually hear a rumor and want to tell us about it?

  • INUnivHoosier2

    It seems like a fairly big leap of faith to bet on him in the first round given the unknowns, but if he can get there, he may as well do it now.

  • pcantidote

    So if I tweet to a reporter and say that I am hearing rumors that Kelvin Sampson is IU’s next coach then he should want to tell us about it? I’m just saying if you can’t name your sources it is probably because you don’t really know anything. Everyone likes to claim to know things. Rumors are just that.

  • Mark Bando

    I don’t blame OG for going if he is going to be a first round pick. We really missed him this year. Having said that, I’m very surprised someone would take him in the first round. In the games he played this year, I didn’t see a big improvement from his freshman year. He is limited offensively. He can shoot the three a little and is good at the rim, but I didn’t see alot of offensive moves from him. There are a million guys in the NBA just like him.

  • HoosierOne

    If we knew who the coach was going to be next year this would likely determine his decisions. If he know he was going to have a high caliber NBA experienced coach he would likely stay, but if he thinks we’re swapping out TC for someone of a similar caliber then it would make sense for him to go.

  • Koko

    They can re-commit after they find out who the new coach is. Unless of course we don’t have a coach before the deadline for them to commit.

  • Colin Cordes

    You’re underestimating how valuable a guy that can defend 5 positions is in today’s NBA. He’s not going any later than #20.

  • Zora Clevenger

    I think I can speak for all of us who have (or had) kids in college. If somebody offers my daughter several million to skip her senior year to go do what she’s loved doing (music in her case) since elementary school, you bet your butt I’d tell her to go for it. OG, follow your dream, kid.

  • Koko

    Okay name them.

  • Koko

    He can declare without an agent and still be able to change his mind
    once he meets up with our new coach….if that is his consideration.
    Go pro kid if that is what you want.

  • Veritas238

    I think he may choose to play overseas than return another year, but he would most likely get picked by an NBA team and spend some time in D-League.

  • Perhaps your talking about TP, GG, and such?

  • The only games you can/should consider are the ones where OG was 100% healthy. So that’s three of the first four games prior to the UNC game, and then the UNC game before he hurt his ankle. The, I believe it was one or two games before he blew out his knee. Really, OG only played around 5-6 games at 100%, and in those games he was very, very good. One of the last games before his knee blew, he had something like 3 steals and 7 blocks — and it’s principally his defense that makes him so valuable.

  • John D Murphy

    I didn’t say he wouldn’t be better. Just that his DRAFT stock wouldn’t improve. NBA teams know they can fix his inside game. Right now he can’t post guys who are 6 inches shorter and 50 lbs lighter with TRex arms. TB has a huge wing span. An NBA coach would fix that in about 2 weeks. I don’t think he’d be downgraded for that. He individual workouts would have to be off the charts to push him back into the first round though. So it is a question of what he wants. He would make a roster, I think, and spend next yr in the D league on assignment bouncing back and forth. And maybe play a little the year after.

  • I’m fairly convinced that Twitter is the devil’s tool for bringing out the worst in people.

  • John D Murphy

    The only good argument I’ve heard. And true. But I think the dividing line is too big between coming out after your soph season and jr season.

  • Adam

    i would assume that is the case as well. i mean, they didnt play anyway… so…

  • Sandra Wilson

    Did that hurt your ears ?

  • Gregory J. Haggard

    It always amazes me how much we think we know!

  • StudentHoosier

    So now what? What will our season be like next year? I don’t mean just because of this report, but because of everything. Assuming the worst (and most likely): OG, JBJ, TB declare, CH leaves. 4 best players gone and we are left with:

    That’s assuming none of them transfer. Our freshman situation is a mess for next year. GG may prove to be a part of the rotation (hell, he might have to be). I just don’t see many W’s next year. QT will probably transfer too. We have an extremely depleted roster now, and last time we had that, Crean saved us in 3 years (I’m still on board with the firing, I just think it’s ironic that the situations are kind of similar). Oh well.

  • just a fan

    The salary difference between a lottery pick (in salary) and a “later” pick? If he returns, does what he needs to to reach lottery-pick status (same as Victor did), earnings-wise he’s many dollars ahead after a single year. Is there a risk, sure, but O.G. and his doctors can evaluate his chances…same as the team doctors on any NBA team are going to be evaluating O.G. chances. And, conversely, his adverse risk, i.e. never being the same player he was pre-injury. Remember, he won’t be cleared to work out for a team, so you can bet the Pro League team doctors are going to have the most important say

  • vicbert caladipo

    To me OG’s decision is almost(maybe even same) as important as the next coach as far as next years success. He is the biggest difference maker on the team. I know you have to look out for #1, and the money is there for him, but it just saddens me that we never got to see the potential of him playing a whole season. Looks like we will have to see that in the NBA. Suppose if he doesn’t hire an agent, there is always hope he returns. If any of you see OG on campus and he is with an older shady looking dude with a lousy haircut, shoo him away.

  • vicbert caladipo

    I’m usually not like a few others and attack posters who haven’t attacked me first but this post is just asinine. OG will prove you wrong, but I’m sure that won’t be the first time.

  • vicbert caladipo

    Name me a million.

  • Mark Bando

    I agree, it’s his defense that makes him valuable and will probably keep him in the league. And he’s not bad offensively. I just wouldn’t spend a first rounder on him. More like a second round pick to me.

  • Mark Bando

    ideally you want your first rounder to end up being a star player in the league. I just don’t see OG being that. I think he will be a good player because of his defense. But too risky and unproven for a first rounder for me.

  • Molon Labe

    Maybe a little similar, but not very. When Crean came I think we had only 1 returning player and he was a walk on. Your list above has 8 plus GG. I would also argue that it probably took Crean three years to get anyone as good as DD, Cujo, or JM. The new coach will hopefully start with all three of those. I would love to have OG and Bryant stay, but even if they don’t I think we are light years ahead of where we were after Sampson left.

  • Patrick T O’Sullivan

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out… My brother has hung out with OG numerous times, said the kid couldn’t give a care in the world about the IU program (just himself)… That’s not the mentality we need bringing in a new coach

  • Mark Bando

    You may be right, but there is a high premium in the nba on guys that can shoot the three now. And he is a great spot up shooter. I wouldn’t be surprised to see teams give him a try-out like Yogi and Troy got last year.

  • Mark Bando

    hopefully our new coach brings some players with him

  • Travis McGehee

    Can’t blame a kid for following his dream. Best of luck to OG if he declares for the draft but would LOVE to see him back! I wish TB the best as well, but I think he still has a lot to work on and could boost his draft stock. Now let’s go get Billy Donovan!

  • John D Murphy

    A good league overseas earns more than the NBADL. They stay in the D-League if teams tell them they’ll throw them a couple of 10-day contracts, which make up the difference. They also get to show their stuff on the big club and have a chance to sign a 1 or 2 year deal.

  • John D Murphy

    I don’t think so at all. He’s long, athletic, quick, ridiculous wing span. He’s a versatile defender. Has the ability to knock down a corner three if left alone. That all says late first rounder. See Delon Wright.

  • John D Murphy

    There are only about 3-5 stars taken every year out of 30 first round picks. If you get a starter with a pick lower than 15, that is a huge win and a great pick. If you get a player that sticks in the league with 2nd round pick-winner.

  • INUnivHoosier2

    I’m mostly thinking knee injury kept under wraps, surgery, not sure what recovery will produce.

  • John D Murphy

    Not at all. You don’t have to have a deep roster to win. In a lot of ways it hurts the connectivity. Kansas goes about 8 deep. Duke won the NCAA with basic 7 man rotation a couple of years ago. Even if that is our roster (and I think TP gets good minutes under a good coach next year), that can be a winning roster for most of the coaches whose name are being kicked around. Maybe not a B1G winning roster, but top 4.

  • John D Murphy

    They’ll check that out. I doubt it hurts his stock much. First year guys don’t get much playing time anyway until there are injuries. He’ll be fine.

  • Piker

    I will believe the guys that predict this stuff. Top 20 pick looks like a lock. OG will go as he should. Good luck OG your future is bright take advantage of it.

  • pcantidote

    It isn’t similar at all. The last time the leading returning scorer was a walk on averaging less than 1 point a game. We’ll be fine if we get the right coach.

  • cbags05

    I just don’t see it. It blows my mind that somebody would draft him. His ball handling and play making just aren’t good enough. And that’s without a major injury. SMH

  • iubase

    Not so sure he gets drafted in first round. He still needs to develop more and his status post op are red flags. Suspect he would be 2nd round and end up at D league. If we get the right coach I think there is a 50/50 chance that he stays Would be a big difference.

  • kennygeorge

    If I remember correctly, noel nerlens suffered a serious knee injury late in the season and still went in the 6. If I’m wrong, anybody can correct me. I was watching that game when the injury occurred and it was ugly from the get go.

  • David Macer

    OG will test the waters but wait to see who the coach is first. If he was leaving, it would have been announced last week.

  • Wannamaker

    Time to move on from OG. Now, Steven Ruiz of USA Today just wrote a real dis on the IU program and its fans and even ol’ Vic Oladipo. Says Georgetown is much better program than IU’s. Can’t let him get away with that!