A closer look at the new Indiana coaching staff

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Via multiple reports over the weekend, the Indiana coaching staff for next season appears to be set. Archie Miller’s assistants will be Bruiser Flint, Ed Schilling and Tom Ostrom.

Bill Comar is expected to be the director of operations and Clif Marshall is expected to be the strength and conditioning coach. Here’s a closer look at each of the five additions:

Bruiser Flint, assistant coach

· Bio: The 51-year old Flint, a native of Philadelphia, played at St. Joseph’s from 1983-87. He went on to serve as an assistant coach at Coppin State (1987-89) and UMass (1989-1996) before taking over as the head coach in Amherst when John Calipari left for the New Jersey Nets in 1996. Flint was the head coach at UMass for five seasons and then spent 15 seasons as the head coach at Drexel.

· The fit: Flint brings extensive experience – as both an assistant and head coach – and should improve Indiana’s recruiting presence on the east coast. Adding a coach with the level of experience Flint possesses is a major coup for Miller. He won multiple Colonial Athletic Association coach of the year awards at Drexel and is the all-time winningest coach in that program’s history.

Ed Schilling, assistant coach

· Bio: A Lebanon, Indiana native, Schilling was on the UMass staff with Flint in 1996, the season the Minutemen went to the Final Four. Schilling played at Miami (Ohio) from 1985-1988 and had three different stints as a high school coach in Indiana – Western Boone (1989-1991), Logansport (1992-1995) and Park Tudor (2009-2013). He’s also been an NBA assistant – with Calipari in New Jersey and a college head coach at Wright State. His two most recent college assistant coaching jobs were at Memphis under Calipari and the last four seasons at UCLA under Steve Alford. Schilling has also spent time training multiple NBA players as he worked with the St. Vincent’s Sports Performance and its NBA readiness program. He’s also coached with adidas Nations and at Champions Academy in Indianapolis.

· The fit: Schilling is well respected around the state and his experience is vast. He was Yogi Ferrell’s coach at Park Tudor and guided that program to two Class 2A state championships. He will be a major asset for Miller and Indiana as the program looks to reclaim the state in recruiting.

Tom Ostrom, assistant coach

· Bio: Ostrom was a major part of Miller’s staff at Dayton and has experience as an assistant coach at the high major level at both Arkansas and Florida. A 1997 graduate of the University of Minnesota, Ostrom worked in the Gopher program as an undergraduate under Clem Haskins. He spent seven seasons at Florida under Billy Donovan, two in which he served as an assistant coach. Ostrom also worked as an assistant coach under John Pelphrey at South Alabama and Arkansas before joining Miller at Dayton at 2011.

· The fit: Ostrom was a major force on the recruiting trail for Dayton and recruited successfully at the high major level at both Florida and Arkansas. Given that he knows Miller and his system very well, he should be able to hit the ground running immediately in Bloomington.

Bill Comar, director of basketball operations

· Bio: Comar was one of Miller’s first hires at Dayton and spent the last six seasons at the program’s director of operations. He also worked at Dayton from 1997-2001 under Oliver Purnell. Two of those seasons were as director of operations and two were as an assistant coach. He also was director of operations at Xavier for seven seasons, first under Thad Matta and then under Archie’s brother, Sean. Comar also worked as an assistant coach at Loyola (2008-09) and was the director of strategic development for Pro Camps Worldwide. A native of Wilmette, Illinois, Comar attended Kenyon College, where he played three seasons.

Clif Marshall, strength and conditioning

· Bio: Marshall has trained over 250 NFL players as the performance director at Ignition Athletic Performance Group. Prior to that, he was a strength and conditioning assistant coach for the Cincinnati Bengals. He also worked as a strength assistant at the University of Louisville. He is a graduate of the University of Louisville, where he earned his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Exercise Science & Sports Medicine and his Masters of Arts in Teaching of Physical Education.

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  • BruceA

    Sounds like an awesome staff!

  • Archie wasn’t lying when he said he wanted to put together the best coaching staff in the country. This has got to be one of them, at least.

  • John D Murphy

    Wow! Archie is hitting bomb after bomb into the upper deck.

  • John D Murphy

    I’m also guessing that part of Archie’s negotiation was the budget for assistant coaches.

  • HoosierBballNut

    Great stuff Alex and team. Cannot wait for the official presser, cannot wait for Hoosier Hysteria, Cannot wait for the first game .. Ohh my ohh my …

  • Jimmy Johnson

    The head scratcher here is the S & C guy. No basketball strength training experience. Are we going to now play that ugly brand of basketball like the Knicks of the 90’s

  • Brad

    Much better than the previous staff that’s for sure. Now we have more of a focus on Indiana recruiting and with the addition of Bruiser Flint, we don’t lose our east coast presence.

  • iugradmark

    As information comes out about Archie’s efforts, it is very clear that he has put a lot of thought into what he would do when he finally decided to accept a top-tier job like IU. Every day he seems to make progress on his announced plans.

    First, he was spending time to get to know the current roster and he has made a strong effort to keep as many kids on board as possible. Only after spending time with the current kids has he started to do some recruiting by going after kids that had already committed to IU but in some cases were waffling and beginning to work on his “inside out” coaching focus for the future.

    Finally, he is putting together his coaching team that represent a mix of familiar resources and new players that can help him deliver on his recruiting and coaching strategies. Everything he does seems to have a purpose and is in alignment with what he has been saying since day one. He is a very impressive young coach.

  • Brad

    Louisville has a top notch Sports Science/Medicine program. I have no worries at all.

  • Kelin Blab

    Ed Schilling will have a huge impact in player development. I know his work when he was here in Indy and his Champions academy. He is outstanding in that area and I think he will connect well with our players.

  • calbert40

    I didn’t realize that Schilling was on the staff at UMass back then. Maybe this has been covered by someone else, and I just missed it, but who was at fault with the Marcus Camby situation that caused UMass to have to vacate their FF trip?

  • rob salway

    Curious to know what the salaries will be for these guys in comparison to other staffs across the country. Feel like Marshall has to be getting paid handsomely to be pulled away from the NFL in any capacity.

  • Burt Macklin

    As I understand it (from ITH comments), Camby accepted a gift from an agent. The situation did not involve anybody on the coaching staff

  • thefro

    He does, he and Ignition have worked with Dayton & Xavier basketball amongst other schools in the off-season.

  • Bnkepner00

    Our last two S & C coaches came from football and it’s worked out well so far. Just because it’s football doesn’t mean it’s brash. A lot of the focus for them seems to be hand eye coordination and quickness.

  • N71

    Dakich seemed a little sour on the staff today insinuating guys 51 years old won’t be willing to do the recruiting hustle. Lost a little I think is Archie being 38, Archie can be the point hustling from location to location knowing the mothership is in good hands with the staff he’s pulled in. Having the head coach stop in on a visit versus an assistant would seem to be the preferable scenario from a recruit’s perspective.

  • Indiana_Banners

    Dakich is a toad and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Flint has been a college coach for decades, he does the recruiting hustle. There are assistants throughout college basketball that’re older than 51, they all do the recruiting hustle. There are head coaches older than 51 throughout college basketball as well and the vast, vast majority of them do the recruiting hustle as well. Every college coach does. Dakich is pulling something out of his backside yet again, ignore him.

  • IULore

    Being at Memphis under Cal is worse, imo, I’m not sure if that was during Rose’s season or not.

  • HuntinHoosier86

    I second that! Can’t stand listening to anything he has to say, but especially with regard to Indiana basketball. He’s just a “know-it-all” and it’s annoying.

  • Lance76

    All assistants are important. Each can contribute in different ways to create the total effect. I guess I did not realize the importance of Ed Schilling to Indiana recruiting since being out of state for decades.

  • He’s convinced that IU shafted Alford, and I imagine he’ll remain sour on the program for a long time.

  • thefro

    Crean had 2 assistants over 50 (Buckley & Judson). I like having a couple former head coaches on the bench when you have a 38-year old coach as the head guy.

    Neither of them are fossils and Izzo/Williams/Coach K are geezers comparatively who do well in recruiting.

  • SCHoosier

    Looks like Miller has assembled a solid staff of recruiters. Not sure what their assignments in Cook Hall, scouting and game planning will be. Strength guy is a big of a mystery given his NFL connection. Maybe we’re gonna run a 3/4/4 defense? (purple)

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    dak is always going to be controversial, sometimes merely for the sake of being controversial. it’s the formula for ratings, you better be loved or hated. so if age is the worst he can come up with, i ain’t too concerned.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    my response to that is, so what if they did. coaches don’t routinely leave programs high and dry? happens all the time.

  • LeeTimmer

    Screw Dakich. I loved him as a player but can’t stand him on his show.

  • Lance76

    I always wondered what importance the age of recruiter has with parents. In a few recruits case, winning the parents over may help make a difference.

  • Yep, that’s my understanding as well.

  • IULore

    gotta run that 4/3, get more pressure on the quarter back

  • IULore

    Dakich is a great analyst.

  • LeeTimmer

    I agree, which is why I didn’t mention him as an analyst.

  • David Schwind

    My son went to his Champions Academy for a year back when he was there, I was very impressed with his teaching of skills. Very diligent.

  • Brad

    I’ve never liked or disliked somebody as much as I do Dakich. I like his brash here’s what I think, take it or leave it attitude, but he also gets a little hypocritical. He always takes shots at Bob Knight and what went on. He played there for 4 years and coached there for 12+ years, he can’t act like he’s above it all when he was there so long.

  • PreKnight

    I would like to know what IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83 has to say about the coaching staff. Where are you, Steve?

  • Ms hoosier

    I have gotten to the point where I don’t care what Dakitch thinks!!

  • pcantidote

    Another high school Indiana all star team announced, and another year with no one bound for IU. Unreal. Arch has his work cut out for him.

    Speaking of which, if no one other than OG leaves, and all 3 recruits stay, predictions on what happens with the roster to get down to 13 scholarships? It seems like Priller and Gelon would be the 2 you have to think about, but isn’t Gelon untouchable because he’s from Indiana? How are you going to cut him if you are trying to own the state recruiting wise? Interesting times for sure. I suspect we still have more defections to suffer through so at least Arch won’t have to make these tough decisions.

  • IUfanforever

    Let’s remember Dakich also said that anyone other then a IU alum would not be fit as Coach for IU. His quote was 17 years without a Bob Knight disciple or an IU alum proved to not be a winner…but when Coach MIller came on his radio show he praised him about how great a hire he was. Dan Dakich is all about himself. He learned from the best about being all about himself. This is the “A”team of assistants. Coach Miller is knocking it out of the park every day! Great Job!

  • domtakis

    Absolutely could not be happier with new staff, especially Ed Schilling who I considered a dark horse for the head coaching job. The guy knows the state and will be integral for Archie to lock down the best talent. In a few years we are going to be stacked and I truly feel with confidence we are heading into the next great phase in Indiana basketball. You can already see the early seeds of a great culture and approach being implemented and everyone seems to be buying in.

  • inadvertentelbows_stillhurt

    This recruiting “Indiana” is overblown hype machine. It gurantees nothing. Kids can stay at home and play in B1G (Purdue,IU) ACC (Notre Dame) and Big East (Butler) but still choose elsewhere.This recruit “Indiana”mantra would not have saved CTC, only wins would’ve .. Saying you will lock up the state leads to not getting guys that fit your system to please thr fans. I’m tired of the stationary Indiana open jumpshot shooter who can’t get his own shot,can’t and wont rebound and defend at a high level and rarely attacks the rim. #tiredOfsweet16

  • Dunkin’ Depot

    Loved the Knicks in the 90’s! They were winning. Still have flashbacks though of Charles smith not finishing under the hoops against the Bulls…that was their championship…

  • N71

    I don’t thinking its all one or the other, more a tilting the scale towards having more Indiana kids at IU. I’m not sure if you’re an alumni or not but there is a dynamic that occurs on campus when a Collin Hartman for example is on the team with 3 or 4 years of Cathedral kids being students at IU. Kids from Chatard, Brebeuf, Broad Ripple, Fishers, HSE, Carmel, LN, LC, Warren, etc. are also familiar with him. Its a pretty cool support system if you ask me, a type of family for an Indiana player. The flip occurs for the students, they feel connected to the team because of Collin. When a Collin arrives he may know 100’s of people versus just a few. There is also game time support for the “hero” from Washington, Connersville, or New Castle where large numbers from a particular town travel to Bloomington to watch a kid they’ve known since grade school. I get your point from purely a talent perspective but there’s a stew of intangibles with an Indiana kid that are difficult to replicate with someone from far away state X. We’ll still have out of state guys, just a little more of a balance, that’s all.

  • Arch Puddington

    Congratulations on a fine straw man. Neither Coach Miller nor anyone on this board has argued in favor of Indiana players to the exclusion of others, or of filling up the roster with guys who don’t fit the system and can’t defend. In fact, just about everyone involved has said just about the opposite. What HAS has been said is that we are now four years into what could be a 5 year stretch in which NONE of the best players in Indiana have come here.There were four players ranked in the top 40 last year alone, and none of them matched your imaginary player “who can’t get his own shot, can’t and won’t rebound and defend at a high level and rarely attacks the rim.” One is a better Troy Williams, two are athletic rim protectors, and the other is a guard who is almost exactly the opposite of they player you describe — no outside shot, but great attacking skills and physical, on-the-ball defense. The year before that we lost CJ Tucker to Florida State, yet another top 100 guard who makes his living as a penetrating guard, and Kyle Guy, a McDonald’s All-American who was recruited by arguably the best defensive coach in the country. And oh yeah, the #3 recruit in the country for 2018 in just down the road, a player who is among the most talented to ever come out of the state.

    Getting talent like that is critical to our success not because they are Indiana kids, but because they are immensely talented players with whom we should have some natural advantage. Take a look at the ESPN top 60 for 2018. I didn’t count, but roughly a dozen have committed so far, almost all of them to a school in their home state. Geography matters, and the flagship program of given state has to capitalize on that advantage. Maybe Kentucky and Duke can win with 5 stars from other states, but IU cannot. If the best talent leaves the state, we are doomed to the Sweet 16’s you say you are tired of.

  • Clint Johnson

    Sounds like an exciting staff! I think Fred Glass made a super hire by choosing Archie!!!

  • TheFailingNYT

    I think Archie has learned a lot more from Coach Knight than most other good coaching options. John Miller is a Knight disciple from a distance and I’d find it hard to believe he wasn’t watching those Indiana games with his son.

  • Outoftheloop

    Nowhere in the “inside out” strategy did Archie say “only” Indiana. This is a bogus criticism! Coach Archie will recruit the US and Abroad for “his type of player”, however, he will have a relationship with every nationally ranked high school player inside Indiana! That is my kind of Coach!

  • Outoftheloop

    “Great” and “analyst” when used together is an oxymoron! Dakich is what he is paid to be, a colorful commentator, with some basketball knowledge.