Report: Indiana coaching staff to include Bruiser Flint, Tom Ostrom and Ed Schilling

  • 04/09/2017 4:22 pm in

It appears Archie Miller’s coaching staff at Indiana has been finalized.

The Hoosiers coaching staff will include Bruiser Flint, Tom Ostrom and Ed Schilling as assistant coaches, according to a report on Sunday afternoon from Jeff Goodman of

Additionally, Bill Comar will be the director of basketball operations, according to Goodman.

Ostrom was an assistant under at Miller at Dayton and Comar was Miller’s director of operations at Dayton. Ostrom was also an assistant at Arkansas and Florida.

Schilling, who coached Yogi Ferrell at Park Tudor, was an assistant coach at UCLA the last four seasons. Schilling has extensive ties to Indiana and his addition to the staff should be significant for Miller’s “inside-out” recruiting directive.

Flint was most recently the head coach at Drexel for 15 seasons and was the head coach at UMass for five seasons. Flint was also an assistant coach at UMass under John Calipari.

An IU spokesperson said recently that the expectation is the complete staff will be announced at once.

The first April evaluation period – when college coaches can watch prospects at certified NCAA events around the country – begins on Friday, April 21.

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  • TomJameson

    All this talk about how great Archie’s staff is (which it really is), how recruiting in-state should pick up (and it probably will take off like a rocket), and how we even have a chance at Romeo now (which is a very faint possibility). But remember, the first recruiting class for Archie and staff is really convincing this years returning players and commits to continue with IU.

    The 2018 class should be a very large one, probably 6-8. Plenty of chances for Archie to start recruiting his type of players. While it would be fantastic if IU had an amazing 2017-18 season, and then pulled in Romeo and a couple of other star players, don’t count on it.

    2017-18 season and the 2018 recruiting results will be just the start of the Miller Era. I don’t expect perfection, but I expect things will be done right, and I expect Archie will take IU to the next level. But it could take 2-3 years to get there. I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the ride.

  • William Stephens

    This all sounds good to me. Everyone has a job to do and must get started. Coaches may not be household names and remember Bob Knight was a nobody in 1971! Recruits have to be talented in what the team needs, not who the fans think. One and done is nice if the other pieces are already present and preferably experienced. I hope Romeo is open to IU however I believe Duke or UK will get him. If money is what he wants UK will, if education is what he wants it’ll be Duke or IU. If loyalty matters then IU is the place. Now for the other athlete’s they go after, they must replace with depth for players we now have. It is great if they can keep the depth at the front line because you can’t teach size and injuries happen. Then we must find a point and a leader. If Indiana had a strong leader and an experienced point this past season could have been much different. Hartman will lead very nicely next year if he can stay healthy. Injuries can change everything, remember this past season! Giving our freshmen a year to add weight, workout and eat properly will help. Their confidence will grow, and their talents will surface. Everyone knows…turnovers must vanish and defense must improve. GO IU!

  • ArghSonOfOhCrap

    Did you see what LaVar said? He is the Archie Bunker of college basketball, not interested in him at all!

  • ArghSonOfOhCrap

    Amen Marcus… I bet Steve Alford is like; I really like his kids, but that guy is nuts..

    On a side note I do like what he says because he is so funny at times. I just don’t think he know he is being funny.

  • ArghSonOfOhCrap

    So many of our best player have been out of state. If your talking from a talent level, yes it is important because Indiana is rich in D1 talent. I also concede we have missed on a lot of really good Indiana talent but I just do not buy in to recruit Indiana because it’s Indiana. Recruit what’s best for the program you are building.

  • ArghSonOfOhCrap

    “Told IU was going after the UCLA coach!”

  • StudentHoosier

    Oh Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

  • SlickMahony

    I don’t want to be that guy, but I’m going to be anyway. This is a line taken from the context that Juliet is questioning out loud why Romeo must be from the Montague family (a rival of hers) and not from a different one so that they may have a normal courtship and life. Nevertheless, it would be nice for Romeo Langford to suit up for the Hoosiers.

  • calbert40

    Actually, I completely agree with you. I want us to recruit the players best suited to our program regardless of what state he calls home.

    That said, most schools have a foundation of in-state recruiting…or at the very least in-region recruiting. Look at UNC’s roster. Six players from North Carolina, including Meeks, Hicks and Pinson. Indiana doesn’t *have* to recruit Indiana to be good, but if we recruited Indiana better than we currently do, we probably wouldn’t have the inconsistency that plagued the Crean era.

  • Craig Mitchell Ha’o.

    Nice post Tom. You mentioned that the 2018 Class prob a large one. Wondering..if numbers dont workout exactly and all 3 Freshman recommit and want IN-if prep school might be a poss. for say a guy like the 6’10” Penn.

    Stretch F Clifton Moore who might be a bit of a late bloomer and really slim. If he wants to come aboard another year of adding muscle and maturing playing a full prep school slate still gives him 4 to play 4 as a incoming 2018 Frosh-where rides will be aplenty.

    Looks like OG. Definitely Gone to the NBA…guessing both JBJ and Bryant will be back as Hoosiers and Grant Gelon might end up transferring.

  • RoycePowell

    UCLA is happy to send Schilling to IU and I understand they are throwing in Steve Alford along with the deal. Good luck!

  • PacerFan

    I just hope we can get some top recruits that want stick around a few years… Leave the 1 and done crap to UK!

  • TomJameson

    Thanks for the link. Saw this about 2 minutes after I asked you how you knew. Hahaha


    You are probably oh so right. lol Got a mental picture of Alford’s face when he would be saying that and the obvious anguish all over it.


    Agree and for what it’s worth I will back AM and root for him to be a very successful coach at IU…..but he wasn’t my first choice even when one took out the two top obvious choices from the NBA. I feel somewhat better about the hire since I now know more about him, but not to the point that I think I was wrong and that others would not have been a better hire. It appears that he has the right coaches in place and it would appear like he has enough pieces in place, player wise, to be successful right away. I was willing to give TC more than a season or two to get things back on track, but the situation that AM inherited does not resemble what TC walked into in no way, shape or form. He will have no more than a couple of seasons to convince me that I was wrong and that he was the best hire. Maybe it is unfair for me to not give him the option of having the amount of time that it would take for him to have a team full of players that he has recruited himself, but that is where this IU fan is. And for the record for those that might think I was one of those that thought TC should still be here…I’m not one of those. Oh, and I also think the chances of us getting Langford are slim and none.


    No one would like to see him in the Candy Stripes more than me, but I just don’t see it happening. All the top coaches have had too much time to build a relationship with him and his inner circle and if I was a player of his caliber I would have to think awful hard before jumping into a situation where a lot of the biggest intangibles related to IU bball are still only talked about and are yet to be proven.