Study: IU basketball is nation’s third most valuable program

  • 03/31/2017 8:25 am in

The value of Indiana basketball is on the rise.

After coming in fourth nationally in Ryan Brewer’s annual rankings of the country’s most valuable college basketball programs, IU moved up one spot in this year’s study.

The study was published in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal.

Brewer, an assistant professor of finance at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus, valued Indiana at $277.8 million, a 14% increase from a year ago ($243.8 million).

In 2015’s study, Indiana was eighth nationally at $199 million.

Kentucky, valued at $342 million, was No. 1 in the valuation study and Louisville, valued at $320 million, was No. 2.

The values are assigned using factors that determine what a program would be worth on the market if it could be sold like a professional team. Among those factors: expenses, revenue, cash-flow, risk assessments and growth projections.

Here’s how the other Big Ten programs came in on the list:

6. Wisconsin – $178.9 million (down 13.5%)
7. Ohio State – $177.9 million (down 26%)
8. Maryland – $154.6 million (up 24.8%)
11. Purdue – $140.4 million (up 28.2%)
12. Illinois – $127 million (up 28.2%)
16. Michigan – $97 million (up 18.5%)
17. Northwestern – $93.3 million (up 14.5%)
18. Michigan State – $92 million (down 27.3%)
27. Minnesota – $77.9 million (down 21.9%)
32. Penn State – $64.3 million (down 6.3%)
33. Iowa – $60.8 million (down 3.3%)
50. Nebraska – $48.5 million (up 17.5%)
80. Rutgers – $28.7 million (up 10.9%)

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  • Brad

    No, I think you are right. It would go back to the loyalty thing that I discussed a few comments down. Anyone who would remain on that staff and in Davis’ situation take the job, would be deemed disloyal. I distinctly remember Knight saying they were thinking about firing Davis and couldn’t believe he got the job.

  • David Schwind

    He didn’t wish Archie dead. Anyway, I guess good job at hitting the minutia, bro.

  • Andy Trus

    Cool to see, but any list that has Northwestern as a more valuable program than Michigan State can’t be all that credible

  • Bk39

    Yet would IU be 3 rd most valuable program if not for CTC?

  • TomJameson

    Hi Tony. Yes, the value of the basketball program using factors which include: expenses, revenue, cash-flow, risk assessments and growth projections. I only made a point about attendance and how it affected revenue.

    So, if you’re talking about stadium size and a$$es in seats, I’m saying that the more in ticket sales (and concessions, merchandise, etc) Paying for the seats AND filling them, not just paying for season tickets and not going to the games. That all speaks to revenue.
    Calbert (above) showed what 3,000 seats more per game would mean in revenue. 1.62 million per year, and pretty sure the revenue from concessions and merchandise would triple that amount.

    Is that what you’re asking when you say “like what?”

  • The Lights Go Down

    These days if a previously fired employee shows up, people are gonna run for cover. Companies/Employers don’t treat the employee the same way they did 50 + years ago. Now everyone is just another number to earn the shareholders or CEO more money, while they get nothing but a pink slip and those turds walk with millions when the company fails. Employers demand loyalty of employee’s, but there is no loyalty of employee’s by employers.