• vicbert caladipo

    Doesn’t sound like someone leaving to me

  • Exactly what I posted in The Minute After story. Either he knows he’s staying, he’ll be really shocked when he’s fired, or he’s posturing.

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  • SCHoosier

    Alll year long we heard post game “we’re getting better”. They weren’t !Yes we need more and better shooters..yes we need a commitment to better defense and ball protection. But as long as we have a coach/team that can not put an effective half court offense on the floor..nothing good is going to happen.

  • Steve S

    Gotta agree with that, and especially in the Big 10. Look at the success of Wisconsin and Michigan St, and look at how they play. Even Purdue to a lesser extent. These are physical teams that win the half court battles enough to have some consistent success in the league. We have to hope guys are going to be able to create their own shots and knock them down. The inside game looks slow and you cringe when they put the ball on the floor. When they took an open 3 there was never any confidence it was going down and long rebounds turned into fast breaks. “We’re getting better” always turned into “We gotta get better”. It was a long and frustrating season.

  • HoosierOne

    Sounds like someone making a case that they should stay. I’m not sure I’m buying it, but in reality you have to have a replacement before you make a move.

  • Jack Nolan

    I only watched for a minute and what I saw was kids not trying very hard. Not sure a new coach would change that.

  • disqus_qZBK7SROvl

    This obsession with running and gunning kinda drives me nuts. How about finally learning a strong half court offense that doesn’t require a once in a decade PG like Yogi to work.. Basics Basics Basics.. it stings to say this but there’s a lesson to be learned from Wisconsin. Fundamentals and strong defense will beat athletes almost every time. Why not get really good at one defense rather than set up these hybrid man zone mid play switches that really haven’t worked. I’m so tired of this team looking lost when they are slowed down. Enough Is enough.. In today’s college game, a team with exceptional fundamentals really stands out. It used to be the opposite years ago, when teams with exceptional athletes stood out. They need a complete revamp of everything, a new philosophy entirely. From recruiting a different type of player to changing drills and practice regiments.. new coach or not.. just my opinion..

  • John D Murphy

    After seeing several comments about TC’s comments regarding the former Ga Tech coach I had to watch. How bizarre was that. Just a man disconnected from reality sometimes.

  • Lawless

    After listening to this, did this team do anything well? Sounds like a ton of excuses…how can you practice all those things well and be so bad in practice. Shows how out of touch he is with this team…

  • Fifer39

    There’s a lot of words and theories coming out as usual, but you don’t come away from that thinking he has a clear vision about how to right things. And if I hear ‘What we’ve got to do is we’ve got to get better’ once more, I will scream.

  • Todd McAlister

    Too many rad coaches on that bench, and still have no clue as to what’s up with the strength and fitness character. He’s motivated, but where’s the coaching. They play and don’t seem to care about turnovers, the tap their chest and say, my bad ! No accountability in practice, because the players run the asylum, not coach, it’s so obvious !

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