Film Session: Iowa

  • 03/10/2017 5:34 pm in

Up just three at this point, Indiana looks to break Iowa’s full-court pressure. Devonte Green passes the ball across the court to Blackmon Jr.:

Blackmon Jr. advances the ball and all of a sudden has the angle and some space inbetween the defense. Nicholas Baer notices this and starts to come over to meet Blackmon Jr. and Davis begins to move to the hoop off the right wing:

Blackmon Jr. gets through to the left wing and Davis now has more room to work with with Baer rotated over:

With the Iowa defense inbetween them, Blackmon Jr. throws the lob up to Davis:

Davis catches and scores:

Nice bit of playmaking from Blackmon Jr. here. And this was an example of how much better Indiana handled Iowa’s pressure than last time around in Iowa City.

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