• iubase

    Great game. Lots of iu fans. Other than a poor end to the first half they played great. Looked like JBJ had his hops back. First time seeing him live and he looked solid. If they continue to play like this they will be a tough out. Davis is unstoppable down low. Looked like Curtis found his strike back. All in all well played. Still undefeated when attending games live

  • vicbert caladipo

    A few things. First what a great group of kids, all great interviews, saw some personalities, no arrogance. Second, thanks to ITH for giving us these interviews so promptly. I heard Alex’s voice on many of the interviews asking great questions working his butt off for fans like me. Hopefully he gets to bunk with Jared Saturday night and enjoy a few cold ones in celebration. In the Morgan interview…..poor Zach. He looked like the kid at the school dance that no one would dance with hanging his head, figeting at one point pulling out a magazine.

  • IULore

    Alex does work very hard

  • Lance76

    Go to the game against Wisconsin. We owe them an early trip back home.

  • Thanks guys. Glad you like the content.