Showtime releases trailer for Perfect in ’76

  • 02/16/2017 5:03 pm in

Showtime Sports released the trailer for “Perfect in ’76,” a documentary that will chronicle Indiana’s perfect 1975-76 season on Thurday afternoon.

The documentary, set to debut on Friday, March 10 at 9 p.m. on Showtime, was produced by Ross Greenburg and narrated by John Mellencamp.

Here’s the trailer:

And here are some additional details on the project:

The film includes interviews with key players from the ’76 team, which won 18 Big 10 Conference games by an average of 23 points. It also reveals exclusive practice footage, photos, and audio recordings from Knight’s coaching mentors, all-time greats Red Auerbach and Pete Newell.

In the 1975 season, the Hoosiers lost just a single game when they were eliminated in the “Elite Eight” of the national championship tournament, losing by just two points to the University of Kentucky. Knight began the ’76 season stating to his team, “Your goal is not winning the Big 10 Championship. It’s not winning the National Championship, but going through the entire season, from first game to NCAA Championship game, undefeated.”

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  • mharv2631

    Looking forward to seeing it. Will Gonzaga match it this year?

  • Ms hoosier

    I’m not saying the Zags are not a good team, but there schedule ain’t even close to what the 76 team played!!

  • Ole Man

    Can’t wait!

  • Ohio Hoosier

    What a great team, they could play defense.
    The 75-76 team was even better with Green and Laskowski.
    Would have been back to back titles if May had not got hurt.

  • lisa_echevarria

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  • PS IU

    Inside The Hall–PLEASE remove the lisa post. Not IU news.

  • Koko

    I don’t think so….they are good but will see how they fare
    in the tourney….they will of course face better teams than
    in their conference.

  • HoosierOne

    I doubt it but they’ve had an entire season of confidence building with their schedule and as they saying goes “if you believe it you can achieve it”. I can see them ending up in a week bracket to keep the story line going and to keep a team in the northwest relevant.

  • Gregory J. Haggard

    That was the year I started watching IU basketball.
    It was all over the TV during the 74-75 season, so of course we jumped on the band wagon and never got off.
    Then we had the 76 undefeated season, and then Larry Bird and Magic Johnson match up in the NCAA championship, and then Isiah and the 81 team, right on through to the 87 team, and then Calbert and crew, and then the 2002 team was good.
    Well, we were really spoiled!

  • AndyCapp

    Man is THAT an understatement! The Zags usually flame out on the big stage and I suspect if they play(ed) even half of the level of competition we had to play in ’75-’76, both in the regular season and then the tourney, they won’t make it beyond the elite 8 this year

  • AndyCapp

    IU is the first and ONLY college bball team I have ever loved. My dad is a Hoosier and got me watching them in ’73-’74… not a bad year to start to follow them ;)Tourney in ’74-’75, I was heart-broken. The fact they went undefeated the next year was a testament to how great a team and coach we had. Don’t believe that we will ever see again in college bball that level of consistent excellence. Always proud to call myself a Hoosier but especially in the context of what this group did!

  • Ole Man

    Good story, Andy.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • AndyCapp

    Backatcha Ole Man. Usually enjoy your insight too because you are WAY more knowledgeable about game’s x’s and o’s than most posters, myself especially included. Sometimes us old farts gotta remind the young’uns the lineage that is IUBB. Especially since it’s been such a LONG time since we have been relevant on the national stage. It sounds like this Showtime special will re-introduce us to the legacy that still can be IUBB

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  • AndyCapp
  • AndyCapp

    Yeh, I recall vividly counting the years after ’87 thinking, well it’s been 5-6 years since our last banner… we are due! Man were we spoiled

  • Ole Man

    Thanks, Andy; but trust me when I say I’ve forgotten much more than I can remember about the game! Wish I had the knowledge of some of these folks!
    Good insight on reintroducing the legacy. Sure hope that happens.

  • kaponya44

    Haha don’t buy this line from Ole Man.He knows more about the game than most people forgot .

  • IU84

    awesome photo. That team was a beautiful creation, absolutely Perfect. I love that Wilkerson used to jump opening tip. Boom!

    we can’t ever give up being IU Basketball. Look at Kansas before Self went there. Things were not great.

    We need Glass to become a recruiter and get us a top shelf coach. If he can’t sell IU basketball to a potential coach we need to find someone who can.


  • Ole Man

    You are too kind. I appreciate it, however.
    But I am beginning to forget the names of some basic drills and fundamental plays.
    Uh oh!!

  • Ole Man

    Thanks for sharing that! WOW! The memories come flooding back.
    I’ve probably said this before, so excuse me, but I was at both games in Philly that year! Incredible to be able to see them take the title.

  • AndyCapp

    LOL, maybe you can join THIS squad! 😉

  • AndyCapp

    I don’t, and I absolutely agree. Maybe he’s baiting us 😉

  • AndyCapp

    Yeh, man could Bobby W fly! Although shorter, Keith Smart was his reincarnation, both had mad vertical’s.

    Kinda on the fence about next coach being top shelf vs. hungry up-and-comer. If it’s the former then they BETTER have a passion for what it takes to wear the cream and crimson. Obviously with our fan base and expectations it’s not a job for the feint of heart.

  • AndyCapp

    That deserves a WOW too! No, I don’t think I ever saw you post that.

    What an amazing experience that must have been! To be able to watch *live* IU vs. UCLA (uh, didn’t they have an okay program too) and then Michigan (3rd time that year and first time two teams from same conference playing in championship)… while we are all happy for you we are secretly jealous as heck!

    Over the years since we have seen a few other schools come close to replicating, but never to the level of perfection of that year’s squad. Just a special group.

  • AndyCapp

    Yeh, I think they will get a favorable draw just too. Not sure WHY the Zags get so much love other than to make a somewhat compelling story to follow in the tourney. Very good team, not a great one. I think their confidence is going to be shaken by a squeaky tight game, maybe even overtime in Sweet 16, followed by a bow out in Elite 8. The Magic 8 Ball has spoken…