Film Session: Purdue

  • 02/11/2017 7:30 am in

Bryant got a bucket on Indiana’s end to pull the Hoosiers back within two. Out of a Purdue timeout, here’s the Boilermakers’ set play. Edwards hands off to Mathias on the left wing. Caleb Swanigan comes up for the ball screen:

With the ball now in Mathias’ hands, Swanigan keeps approaching:

With the rest of Purdue’s offense spread, Swanigan slips the screen and has Bryant leaning towards the perimeter:

This frees him towards the hoop and the pass comes:

Morgan comes over from the weakside to help on Swanigan, but he finishes through contact for the bucket:

Swanigan hit the and-1 attempt at the line to put Purdue up five in this possession that pretty much sunk the Hoosiers’ shot at a victory.

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