• eville87

    I would run 2 coach. Aggressive defense? 50 percent from the field? Ignore the slow start question? Your time has to be close to being over.

  • eville87

    No Indiana kids in your next recruiting class? Isn’t the state loaded with talent? I wonder what 18 year old saw/know to not go with the big program close to home? Nobody has been talking about this. But it sucks for our program.

  • Steven Brown

    Congratulations to the Wolverines. They deserved to win. This is coming from a 60-year fan of IU basketball. In my memory, this is one of the worst defeats that we have ever had. After 60 years, I think that I have some right to list my “takeaways’ of the game:
    1) Michigan’s defense was awesome. They extended their man-to-man defense and took away Indiana’s ability to move the ball from one side of the court to the other. The center of the court was open for 15-17 foot shots, but no one on the Indiana team recognized it, Tom Crean included.
    2) Michigan also took away Indiana’s ability to get transition baskets.
    3) Indiana was not mentally prepared to play. Watching the game on TV, many IU players came off the court with smiles on their faces, or a look akin to a deer staring into a car’s headlights. This is Tom Crean’s responsibility.
    4) Thomas Bryant has tremendous potential, and you see some “flashes” of it from time to time. However, he seems to have more enthusiasm rooting his team on from the bench versus making a difference on the court. At the start of the season, everyone was talking about the fact that he was an All American and bound for the NBA draft. If I was an NBA General Manager, I would not draft him.
    5) Indiana’s loss was not a result of Anunoby’s injury. Something is seriously wrong with the leadership of this team.
    6) Indiana’s defensive intensity is directly influenced by their work attitude and their willingness to play together as a unit. I don’t see either one of these things in this team. Surely someone on this team wants to play. The players that don’t want to play this way should sit. Yes, Tom, you may have to piss some of your dream NBA draft babies off!
    Other than these small deficiencies, this team should be fun to watch: Fun to watch Purdue wipe up the floor with them, and fun to hear the Mackey Arena crowd shout “IU Sucks” again. I can’t wait.

  • dennis powell

    IU starts its 2nd best option at point guard and at center. It’s no wonder they can’t win. IF Blackmon isn’t hitting 3’s he might as well be on the bench. This team is a mess. I’m ready for crean to go