Film Session: Michigan State

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After a Kenny Goins dunk pulled Michigan State within four with 5:03 to go in Saturday’s contest, the Hoosiers needed buckets and stops to maintain the lead and emerge victorious.

They¬†got ’em, as¬†Indiana received contributions from a number of players down the stretch to seal the victory. We’ll look at some key final moments from Saturday’s win in the latest edition of Film Session:

Up four, Devonte Green passes the ball to James Blackmon Jr.:

Blackmon Jr. dribbles in a bit off the perimeter and attracts Joshua Langford over. This leaves Green open. Blackmon Jr. makes the pass:

Green fakes the shot:

Which helps him get a sliver of an advantage on Langford. He drives left to the paint:

Green puts up a one-handed runner in the middle of the paint over Langford’s outstretched arm. It banks in for two to put the Hoosiers up six:

This was a tough shot from Green. But his play over the last several games has dictated more trust in crucial moments and he delivered here.


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  • KingofKentucky

    I really enjoyed the second video of Bryant working on the left block. Not only did Bryant have great technique but the spacing from the 4 guards was terrific. He had time and space to work and passing lanes to throw into incase he was double teamed. Maybe I’m wrong but the play sequence was simple and effective.

  • TomJameson

    The first clip showed the one shot in those last five minutes by Devonte, that worried me as it went up. Replaying it at home, and watching this clip, showed that DG was in control and it was actually a great shot.

    Pretty intense 5 minutes!

  • TomJameson

    Ryan, these film sessions are great! Hope you never stop doing them. Thank you.

  • SCHoosier

    Need to see a lot more of one side of the court cleared to work TB down low in the post.

    Bryant also needs to be aware of where his 3pt shooter is if he has to kick it back out. TB should score or get fouled inmost of those situations.

  • IdahoHoosier

    I have been very critical of JBJ, and probably still will be. However, as the team has changed due to necessity, I have been impressed by JBJ. His defensive effort overall during the MSU game was “good” and even “great” at moments. IU needs him to score and play “good” D if they want moderate success this season. I’ve been really impressed that JBJ has not forced his shot but is still getting his. Great team showing against MSU.

  • Lance76

    Agree completely, but we will need more balance scoring moving forward. It is hard for me to believe that MSU gave him as much space as they did. MSU is young, Cater & Schilling out with Deonte Davis leaving last year has left them at risk.

  • MSU gave JBJ some space at times, but he also made some contested shots. When JBJ wants to score, he can score, which is why his improved defense (and I think it’s safe to call it that at this point) is so important. As long as he’s not an outright detriment on the defensive end, which he’s rarely been lately, then his points will probably determine how well we do from here on out.

  • Agreed, and I really, really hope we see more of that from TB and the team. I think it’s what TB was doing more of last season, and with OG out we’re going to need it along with JBJ being a scoring leader if the team is going to be more than just decent from here on out.

  • Kwang

    MSU knew JBJ was gonna be our scorer, still couldn’t stop him.

  • Austin Alexander

    Love TB’s banging down low, his footwork is incredible…I hope he keeps it up, he’s a beast in the paint.