Film Session: Rutgers

  • 01/17/2017 9:51 am in

In Indiana’s win over Rutgers on Sunday afternoon, the Hoosiers racked up a season-high 14 steals.

While they came in a variety of ways, there was a consistent theme of jumping Rutgers’ wing handoffs with strength to steal the ball.

We’ll take a look at how Indiana was playing these handoffs — as well as another steal from Devonte Green — in the latest edition of Film Session:

In the first half after Indiana had erased Rutgers’ lead, a handoff is coming on the right wing. OG Anunoby starts to pursue:

On the delivery, Anunoby punches through to knock the ball loose:

He’s off to the races:

And dunks it home as he’s fouled:


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  • Lance76

    If the team continues to show defensive abilities like above, they can stop the bleeding of this season. ZM has been discussed at length on this and other forums, but he brings toughness to defense. We miss CH this year for the same reason. With CH out and loss of seniors we are showing too many changes in team to be a smooth transition. Game with PSU will be interesting.

  • TomJameson

    Ryan, good job as usual, thank you.

    I like the last video, if for nothing else just shows that there is more effort from Blackmon. Hope that effort translates to better defense on a more consistent basis, but then again, I hope that for the entire team.

  • A highlight reel of all the steals and knockaways would also be cool to see.

    That said, as one of the inveterate optimists, I’ll break character to say that a lot of this good defense was due to really crappy play by Rutgers. Most of these steals won’t be available next game, or for the rest of the season really. There were just a lot of really bad passes by Rutgers, just plain gifts to OG. I’d be surprised if he gets more than 3 steals in a game again this year. (I’d also like to be proven wrong on all of this).

  • TomJameson

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with this. I think Gregory Spera said this, the next two games will tell us a lot more about the direction of this team. (paraphrased, of course)

  • BigRed74

    I agree with that. Rutgers was not smart with the ball but if you look at the first steal O.G. had he looked like the O.g of old switching screens in your face guarding off the ball his intensity on that end definitely picked up this game and looked more like the O.G. from last year.

  • BigRed74

    Ryan I love this thread and look forward to seeing it every week keep em coming.

  • Not to be contrarian (although it might seem like it), OG was much better at these sorts of steals last season than he has been this season. I’m really hopeful that this was a breakout game for him and that he continues to assert himself defensively. I just saw more of the old OG and I hope he keeps it up.

  • Just posted almost exactly the same thing before I read your response. I’m with you–this really did remind me of the best of OG from last season.

  • I’ve been a ZM supporter all season, and I was very, very happy to see him take and hit those two shots. He becomes a legit player and not just a scrappy defensive asset if he presents even a mild threat offensively.

  • Chi-Town Hoosier

    Agreed. I am a supporter as well and do prefer him in the lineup over FM.