• IULore

    nice to hear that the red shirt is open to Colin if he wants it. I still hope he can get back into it for the second half of the BIG schedule and March.

  • Interesting how RJ is the only player in the presser. Says something about where CTC sees the team.

  • Austin Alexander

    All I can keep thinking is….Nebraska….

  • Outoftheloop

    It is amazing to see a team lose it’s direction, it’s identity, it’s unity. That is why most excellent programs are built on defense, rebounding, high assists/TO’s ratios and unselfish hustle and hard work! Go back to the basics against WI! GO IU!

  • vicbert caladipo

    Is it me or does it seem CTC is more forthright with injuries when the team is losing? The last 2 pressers I’ve learned more about team injuries than I have all season. DG may or may not play tomorrow. JM and CH updates. Best presser this year. If we can just implement his words on the court. It almost makes me think we’ll win tomorrow. One thing I disagree though. He says we need to make the extra pass. I have seen more passing up good looks than shots too early.