Film Session: Louisville

  • 01/02/2017 3:30 pm in

In Indiana’s New Year’s Eve loss to Louisville, the Hoosiers again struggled with turnovers — particularly in the first half when they racked up 11 of them.

“Our turnovers at the beginning of the game were ridiculous,” Tom Crean said after the game. “I mean, they weren’t even forced.”

While that was true of a few of them, Indiana’s decision making — as well as Louisville’s length — doomed them on a number of others. We’ll take a look at six such turnovers in the latest edition of Film Session:

Indiana knocks the ball loose and Thomas Bryant recovers:

Bryant comes down the court with it:

He passes ahead to James Blackmon Jr.:

Blackmon Jr. goes up for the shot against V.J. King:

But perhaps worried about his length, Blackmon Jr. makes the last second decision to turn around and pass to Robert Johnson:

It’s a slow pass that’s intercepted by Quentin Snider:

On the other end, Snider gets a ball screen from Anas Mahmoud:

Bryant sticks with Snider, which allows Mahmoud plenty of space. Snider makes the pass:

Indiana brings no help defense and Mahmoud easily jams it home:

Rough sequence for the Hoosiers here, started off by Blackmon Jr.’s poor decision to pass.


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  • SCHoosier

    Went back and looked at the game tape again today. My advice to you is..don’t..enuff to make you heave. the TO’s were horrible..the defense even worse.

  • Yes, I’ve been deleting the games from the DVR pretty much immediately.

  • CreanFaithful

    In regards to Josh Newkirk: “He currently has a 25.8 turnover percentage.” Where are you pulling that from???

  • pcantidote

    The defensive sequence on page 1 perfectly illustrates my frustration with CTC’s defense. What the heck is Bryant EVER doing way up there? He needs to stay home. Of course we are going to get gashed in the paint with our bigs out there. Enough!

  • IUBizmark

    I rewatched the first 30 minutes. I was hoping the film session would be on our defense since I was trying to figure out what killed us in the last 6-8 minutes of the first half. What I found was our guards getting torched on pick and rolls. No one owned the ball handler and they cut hard to the rim and then made an easy pass to an open big. Our guards have let other guards have career days. Frank Mason: 30 points, Kelan Martin: 28 points, Glynn Watson: 26 points, Donovan Mitchell: 25 points (off the bench). Any bets on how many Koenig goes for tomorrow?

  • cbags05

    Not in assembly hall. See Joel Berry.

  • IUBizmark

    If Glynn Watson can drop 26 on us in Assembly Hall, Koenig definitely can.

  • cbags05

    You asked for bets…I’d bet he stays under 20. Now….Happ I believe may get his career day instead because we will overcorrect our perimeter D and leave the block vulnerable and focus OG and JM on Hayes. Happ will absolutely feast on single coverage from TB and DD.

  • cbags05

    I agree with the general distaste for our defensive approach, but in that sequence at first his man was above the top of the key and he was sagging down pretty far into the lane off of him.

    I just like how we ripped him for dribbling up the floor at the end of Nebraska, then in this case he makes the right decision only for the guards who are supposed to handle this task immediately turn the ball over. Stellar.

  • cbags05

    Well, nevermind on that defense. I watched it again and he should have hedged lower to help on the pick and roll. Easy dunk if that pass gets through.