• BannerOrBust

    I’ve never been more disappointed in a team in my life. This team has no heart, hustle, energy, defense, attack mode, and on and on. Newkirk is a decent back-up point guard, but definitely not a starter. TB got out worked every which way by Morrow. JBjr, if he’s not hitting shots, then he’s getting worked over on Defense. RJ can’t stay out of foul trouble to save his tail. OG looked like it was his first game in Assembly Hall, the kid doesn’t look anything like he did at the beginning of the season. JM played good, but he’s definitely no PG. DD needs to play more, as does CJ. What’s the story with McSwain, that kid should be more seasoned than a freshman, but he doesn’t even see the floor. McRoberts is good for about 5 minutes a game. Tom Crean needs to shake this teams line-up, because Newkirk running the show is pathetic. If you don’t play defense, you shouldn’t play! I’d rather see Tim Priller play and hustle than our starting 5 limping around the court like their afraid to touch anyone. This is pathetic on every level, from the bottom to the top. – Ok, I’m done.

  • cbags05

    I would have liked to see a 5 man substitution at the 16:00 mark in the first half. It was clear at that point that nobody had showed up.

  • eville87


    You have a very talented team once again. You also have some good wins again. But do you mean to Tell me that Nebraska just came to assembly hall and beat you? Could it be that our defense has been terrible under your coaching tenure? I believe you have the tools now for a run in the tournament. I don’t believe you will ever get past the sweet 16. Your most talented teams live and die by the three ball. We can beat any team in the country and we can get beat by any team in the country. And I believe it is due to your lack of defense year after year.

    Thank you