POTB 155: Big Ten play coming, where does IU stand?

  • 12/20/2016 10:12 am in

Podcast on the Brink is back for a new episode with host Jerod Morris of The Assembly Call. The show is now available weekly during the season.

In this edition of the show, Morris and Inside the Hall editor Alex Bozich are joined by Ryan Corazza of Inside the Hall. Among the topics discussed:

· Indiana’s 3-point shooting
· OG Anunoby’s performance against Delaware State
· Anunoby finding ways to play through adversity moving forward
· Whether it is fair to hold Anunoby to a high standard
· Things that jumped out in the film from the Butler loss
· The roles of Josh Newkirk and Robert Johnson
· Indiana’s offense and what’s missing
· Defensive improvement and shot blocking
· Bench play and IU’s depth
· Where Indiana stands after 11 games

And plenty more. As always, feel free to drop the show a note at [email protected].

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  • Sherronhasaheadache

    the way this bunch is playing at the moment they will be lucky to finish in the top 4 or 5 in the BIG unless the turnovers come down as well as JN’S minutes

  • Arch Puddington

    I have been arguing lately that turnovers don’t matter as much as other things, but I will say this: the Hoosiers can win if they commit 15 or even more turnovers per game, but not if they force less than 10. Turnovers by themselves are not a very revealing statistic. Turnover rate is a more useful statistic, and since the Hoosiers play at a relatively high pace, we can get away with more turnovers than some teams. Turnover differential is arguably the most important statistical way to look at this issue, and in that sense you and others are quite right: we are hurting our chances for success by not controlling the ball more effectively. We are currently ranked 333rd in TO differential, averaging 4.3 TO’s more per game than our opponents.

    We are unlikely to reduce the number of TO’s we commit, since CTC’s teams have always committed lots of them. That puts extra pressure on our shooting, rebounding, and defense. You can have a bad night in one of those categories and win, but not two. We had 7 more TO’s than Butler, and shot 6-21 from the 3 point line. We also had 7 more TO’s than IPFW, and shot 40% from the field, 29% from 3FG, and only 58% from the line.

    Bottom line: we can commit a lot of TO’s and we can have an off night shooting, but we can’t have both.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Arch, great point. The timing of IU turnovers was brutal against Butler. When we were down 5 and making a run,,,boom,,, another turnover, then another, then down by 11 points again. I was shocked to read that they had 13 turnovers but the timing was critical.

  • Piker

    Exactly so reduce TOs. Ranked 312 out of 347. Want to win it all fix it. I think we can.

  • cbags05

    Not just turnovers. There was poor shot selection at critical times as well…especially in the first half. As good as a turnover in my book.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Agreed. I think they had 2 air ball shots.

  • Outoftheloop

    The last 2 games were 13 and 12 TO’s respectively. Enough said!

  • Outoftheloop

    I think that IU had 13 and 12 TO’s in the last 2 games! Enough said!

  • Michael Whelan

    Newkirk is a jerk, lets play Curtis Jones more

  • Greg M. Bailey

    What is it exactly that makes him a jerk?

  • ForeverIU

    Is your life so empty that you would consider the basketball performance of a college kid an injury to your petty ego?

  • vicbert caladipo

    WOHHHHHHHHH!!! Easy there trigger. Troll #2. Won’t be long before you turn into a deleted “guest”

  • ForeverIU

    Who has the honor of being Troll #1???!!!

  • vicbert caladipo

    I just saw where Indiana’s RPI is 81. Are you serious? So playing some really good teams and getting 2 really good wins gives us an 81?? Guess for every cupcake we play we get docked. I wouldn’t even mention this, if RPI wasn’t looked so heavily upon by the committee. In contrast Butler is #6, which doesn’t surprise me cuz what I keep saying. Butler is a really good team. Maryland top in BIG10 at 15, Peeyoo 35 and Rodents 47. Wonder if one day kenpom will replace RPI? Years ago there was no kenpom…Just don’t get how the best big ten teams in RPI have played soft schedules.

  • vicbert caladipo

    Our strength of schedule is 244 even though only Baylor has more wins vs the top 25. Obviously from logical thinking, computer rankings weigh heavily on punishing teams that play a lot of really bad teams. This can’t be new news. I don’t understand why we don’t play all teams in top 250. Still get the easy wins, but don’t suffer so much in rankings. Maybe if we scheduled more games like FW then we wouldn’t lose to teams like that. I would never recommend going through a gauntlet like MSU did, but to schedule 6 games or more against sub 300 teams kills us in the rankings.

  • IUBizmark

    Agree that TO’s are not enough to look at. What you’re really saying is possessions matter. TO’s and Rebounds, then steals, etc. are important. One can make up for the other, but possessions matter. Which is why the high turnover rate over the years really perplexes me. If we could get it down and improve it as the year goes along, we’d dominate a lot of quality teams. Instead, we play how we play, keep the rate the same and when we shoot well we win and when we don’t, we don’t. It seems like wasted talent to play this way.

  • IULore

    Name 4 teams that van finish higher than IU in the BIG….

  • vicbert caladipo

    hahaha…I told him he was going to become a guest…and show nuff…poof….one more strike and the troll boot will come….Merry Christmas forever and Happy channakuh

  • Bankshot

    Indiana’s schedule has been extremely weak. They got beat by IPFW. They got outplayed and outcoached by Butler. Pay attention much!

  • vicbert caladipo

    Hey Bozo! I pay attention to more in one day than you a lifetime. Obviously you’re one of those clowns that only posts when you wanna be an ______. Get with the program.

  • Bankshot

    That’s laughable. Name calling is the best you got! BOY, you don’t tell me when or how to post. What program? The sheeple program! You would never call me those names to my face! Your problem is that I am right!

  • vicbert caladipo

    Bozo is kind. I’m saving the good stuff for your face. You didn’t say anything I didn’t already say. Let’s see. Your reply to me. IU’s schedule is extremely weak. My original post says. IU is 244 in strength of schedule. We got beat by FW. Gee Einstein how’d u find that out. We got outplayed and outcoached by Butler. Benn saying that since last Saturday. So you come on once in a month and spout stupidity. I called you out on it. Like I said…I’ll save the good stuff for that meeting. What a buffoon.

  • Bankshot

    You have diarrhea of the mouth but don’t have anything worth saying. Now you got your panties in a wad! Called me out! How? My knowledge including basketball dwarfs yours! There won’t be any name calling, but school will be in session. You whine about RPI when it is accurate. What an embecile! That’s French by the way. HAHAHAH

  • vicbert caladipo

    it’s spelled imbecile. Keep telling yourself that and maybe your insecurities will go away. Happy Hannakuh

  • Bankshot

    I said it last November, last March and I’m sayin it again now. Where have you been? In your mama’s basement! So by your logic you have to post everyday. GET REAL ROOK!

  • Bankshot

    Now look who’s getting deleted.

  • Bankshot

    Hey Vic, it’s all good. I was redundant and brash. I respect your passion! GO HOOSIERS

  • Jeff Bryant

    Reducing turnovers is great, but we won’t make a deep tournament run until we know how to play half court ball. Butler beat us the way anybody can and that is shut down the running game. When that happens, we pass constantly, (increasing the odds for another turnover) then our shot selection becomes horrible. Unfortunately, CTC appears as lost as the players in that situation, and we become ripe for defeat. When our 3’s fall we can play with anybody, but put some good D on us, slowing down the game, and a better coached team with considerably less talent can beat us.