The Minute After: SIU Edwardsville

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Thoughts on a 83-60 win over the Cougars:

An inevitable sluggish start from the Hoosiers quickly turned.

And by game’s end, Indiana had completely dismantled the Cougars, dominating the contest in impressive fashion. In terms of guarantee games, Indiana’s defensive performance tonight ranks first. The Hoosiers’ talent, size, and length simply overwhelmed SIUE. They entered the contest averaging 5.2 blocks per game. Indiana had eight swats tonight, tying a season-high.

After a breakout game against North Carolina, De’Ron Davis continued his growth in the cream and crimson. Davis notched a career high 14 points while flashing an array of moves down low. The Overland (Colo.) product plays with a maturity uncommon for a freshman who missed crucial time in IU’s system this summer. More often than not over the last two contents, Davis takes his time, makes a considerable move away from his initial post position and puts it in the hoop over his defender. He finished the night 4-of-6 from the field and a perfect 6-of-6 from the line, continuing to show great footwork and a smooth free throw stroke.

Though he had just one of Indiana’s blocks this evening, he’s showing why he left the state of Colorado as the all-time blocks leader. Davis is an intimidating presence on defense with good instincts.

Elsewhere, Juwan Morgan played his best game as a Hoosier in racking up his first double-double in an IU uniform (18 points, 10 rebounds) on a perfect 8-of-8 performance from the field. With OG Anunoby sidelined, the freshmen are going to get more opportunity for minutes before conference season hits. But Anunoby’s absence may benefit sophomore Morgan the most. He entered the season to high praise from his teammates and coaching staff about how much better he’s gotten from last year. Morgan now has more room to spread his wings as a do-all wing in Crean’s system.

Butler and Louisville, two teams above the Hoosiers in the KenPom rankings, loom later this month. With Anunoby’s return date uncertain, players like Morgan and Davis stepping up could be huge.

Tempo free wise, Indiana held SIUE to just .87 points per possession. But that number is even skewed a bit as the Cougars kept in their best players and Tom Crean emptied his bench earlier than usual. Tim Priller entered the contest at the 9:18 mark. Grant Gelon and Quentin Taylor also saw action. Indiana started strong with the ball, but faded a bit as the game went on. Even still, Indiana’s turnover percentage of 18.9 percent was a season low. Offensively, the Hoosiers posted a strong 1.20 points per possession and shot 87 percent from the line (20-of-23). But even on a night when the offense was high level, the Hoosiers are still shooting it below what we’ve come to expect from distance, hitting just 31.8 percent for the game (7-of-22).

This grueling stretch of four games in eight days comes to a close Sunday afternoon as the Hoosiers welcome Southeast Missouri State to Bloomington. Indiana then gets a full Monday-Friday of non-game action before hosting Houston Baptist next Saturday.

It’s been an interesting, up and down week and a half for the Hoosiers with the Fort Wayne loss and UNC win, but the overall trend line continues up.

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  • IU Cal 1809

    I know that the stat sheet doesn’t show how well ZM played. But I absolutely loved the way he played tonight! His D was great and I would say he lead the team in deflections. And if can keep growing I can see him getting a scholarship one year.

  • cbags05

    1-JM looks ready to take on more responsibility with OG out. Max effort tonight and very efficient.
    2-McBob is not your typical walk on. He is a very heady player. If he develops lateral quickness some I see a CH replacement.
    3-TB confuses me. Sometimes he looks great around the basket and others like tonight he displays very little body control, mostly when playing with his back to the basket. He really needs to stop getting swatted by smaller, weaker players.
    4-CUJO will be great eventually. Often out of position on defense tonight. Needs to work on that.
    5-McFly looks lost, except when he receives a lob.
    6-First good look at GG for me. He is too slow laterally. Really hope he improves quickness, because he looks like a smart player and doesn’t look afraid.
    7-Team free throws much improved. Keep. That. Up.

  • IULore

    Shouldn’t it be McBobs?

  • cbags05


  • VanPastorMan

    I wish we could have seen a little more of Green. He needs more playing time. Sure he looks lost on D and sometimes on O,but he has lots of upside. I’d think in a game like this he could have gotten some of Priller the Thriller’s minutes. Though it was good to see Tim out there.

  • cbags05

    I’ll be honest, I don’t get a kick out of Priller. Hard to see a scholly get wasted.

  • Austin Alexander

    We hit free throws! I can’t say one person in particular looked like Shaq tonight.

  • Austin Alexander

    He apparently brings something worth hanging onto. Even if it’s not play time or skills. Played with a few guys like that in AAU ball. Great guys who everyone loved but didn’t get minutes. They still were the heart of the team however.

  • Bruce Clark

    Great few games for JM to get more confident (and good game tonight). GG is more athletic than I have seen him; wouldn’t be surprised to see him more. McSwain is very athletic but doesn’t seem as confident in his game yet; hoping this run of games helps him also. Give us more Green!

    CuJo is going to be a star: very quick, no fear. Starters looked relaxed and I expect when OG returns he will have fresh legs for the Butler game.

    Expect to see a vastly improved DD by the end of the year; still looks like he needs to work on his conditioning, but great instincts.

    Onward and upward!

  • I dunno. He plays hard and I’m sure he practices hard as well, so he’s valuable there. Plus, nobody gets the student section fired up like he does–and we were reminded of the student section’s value the other night. Nothing wrong with keeping them happy.

  • Funniest moment from the game: JM backing out from the post, nonchalantly to the corner three point line like he was just getting ready to set the offense. Then he goes straight up for the three. Sneakiest play I’ve seen in awhile.

  • pdhoosier

    Legs maybe. … ankles though? ?

  • pdhoosier

    I’ve found myself the last few games thinking how wonderful everything he did was but just kept (barely) not finishing the play. Now the question need not be asked! Just great.

  • TomJameson

    I agree with you about ZM, love his energy and hustle. Seemed to do a little of everything last night. But unfortunately, I don’t see a scholarship, just because of all the recruits we want in the next couple years. Not saying he wouldn’t deserve one, just that there are only so many to pass out.

  • TomJameson

    Hi cbags.

    1- The whole team has been saying all summer how big of a jump JMo (DD coined that name earlier 🙂 will make. I think he’ll get even better!
    3- I saw the same thing tonight and I’m puzzled as well. Confused as to why he doesn’t just DUNK the ball when he’s that close. Too many blocked shots.
    4- I think CuJo will have a break-out season next year. Excited about him.
    5- McFly will come around, just needs to concentrate on his defensive stuff now (where he shines), and the offense will get there.
    6- GG has had better games, and he’ll improve with minutes as well. Same as Devonte Green. DG is better than he looks at times, and next year will shine as well.
    7- Yes!!!
    8- Great team job keeping the TOs down, especially in the face of a good SIUE defense. Please, keep that trend going. 🙂

  • Ms hoosier

    I love TB he’s the kind of player Hoosier Nation really loves having at IU. He plays hard, plays with emotion and passion, he’s always team first, and he loves being a Hoosier!! But Man…. Can De’Ron play the post or what!!! I think with the way TB can shoot the three he could play the 4 and play DD at the 5 if needed at different times

  • Chi-Town Hoosier

    DD is really impressive. He is so under control as a freshman in the post and he really takes his time. I know a lot of us were initially worried given the extension of the fouls and going straight up, but this could benefit us with DD and TB’s free throw shooting. Really excited to see him develop even more under our strength program…i feel like he is going to be a swat machine next year.

    I know we all get frustrated with TB getting blocked by smaller players sometimes, but man that guy is just awesome. He is such a good leader and he really communicates well with the guys. He and DD seem to have some good chemistry and he believe it or not seems to be the best at feeding the post (surprise!).

  • Totally agree on Green. He still has a long way to go, but I’m expecting a lot out of him. He’s going to blow up sooner or later.

  • sd chuck

    Hoosiers are for real! Watched the NC game again yesterday so Just a few thoughts. Starting four that are a lock, TB, OG, JBJ, RJ as long as they are healthy.
    Guys the next spot should go to: JN, JM, and DD depending on the team we are playing
    Next up CJ, and DG these kids are going to be stars
    Doesn’t matter what game, when any of the above are in the game, not much drop off!
    That’s nine deep. Next two are ZacMac, and FreddieMac.
    ZacMac: love the kid plays hard, from Indiana. IMO has spot places to play 2-3 minutes at a time, not going to be much of an offensive threat. Should not be starting.
    FreddieMac: a huge upside, crazy athelete very active on boards, again challenged on offense. Again 2-3 minute spurts.

  • I beg to differ on this one. Priller gets the crowd going after the game’s mostly over. Some of Green’s plays have been highlight reel spectacular. Like that dunk a few games ago. That certainly got the crowd going. And this doesn’t take anything away from Priller, who I think will be contributing more this season. But Green needs more minutes in these cupcake games. We might really need him in a few months and he’s not ready yet.

  • Well, okay, I won’t argue with you there. But DG is a guard, and Priller is a forward. So, they’re not really competing for playing time, are they? I mean, even in CTC’s “positionless” concept I don’t think he subs Priller for DG–and of course can’t watch last night’s game again.

  • Only difference I have with what you’re saying is I’d call us 11-deep. The two Macs aren’t at the same level as the previous nine, but they bring something meaningful and aren’t just filler. We can play lots and lots of kids and by the time the B1G rolls around — assuming OG is healthy by then, and it’s sounding like he will be– we’ll be able to really wear most teams out. It’ll be the rare team that’s deep enough to keep up with us.

  • TB is getting blocked more this year than last year. He’s just taking an extra step or motion on some shots rather than going straight to the basket. He’ll get over that, I think, especially as he continues to bang against DD in practice. And agreed, DD is developing faster than I expected — we’re starting to look _really_ tough with both of them in at the same time. DD as more of a true center and TB as a forward is a nice combination against certain teams.

  • kaponya44

    Generally speaking everyone is competing for the same 200 minutes per game..With that said ,from a situational standpoint the competition for minutes becomes role specific ..Neither of you are necessarily right or wrong..Good thoughts from both!

  • Koko

    DD is going to be a swat machine this year….he is that good.

  • David

    He also had Yogi getting him the ball last year. I don’t want to take away anything from the guys on the team now, but there’s something different about getting the ball from an elite point guard that lets you catch the ball comfortably and get into your shot more quickly.

  • Hmmm… That’s a good point. Even so, I still see him hesitating at times and the defender has a chance to respond, compared to when I see him go stronger and score. But I’ll keep an eye out for that–it’s definitely something that can be improved, which is a positive.

    Part of the reason I wonder if that’s really what’s going on is that DD doesn’t suffer from it. His moves are stronger and he isn’t getting blocked the same way.

  • Chi-Town Hoosier

    That is a good point. A lot of TBs points last year came from penetrating guards that were able to dish off to him to get an easy slam. Hoping JN can fill some of the void left by Mr. Yogi.

  • Chi-Town Hoosier

    He certainly could. I was just envisioning a year after a strength and conditioning summer in Bloomington….oh boy!